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Iris by Lewis Lé Val and The 1914

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Forget palm reading!

The lines, marks and patterns in the eye's iris can tell you more about a person's life than any palm ever could!

(At least, that's what you tell your participant.) Using the remarkable concept of eye gazing, IRIS allows you to divine a specific and important area of life your participant is simply THINKING of.

After giving an impressive psychic reading centered around this area of their life, you proceed to floor them further by revealing a personal piece of information you couldn't possibly have known in advance: their star sign!

The methods are brilliantly devious. There are no cumbersome anagrams and absolutely nothing is ever written down!

In fact, the methods are hidden in plain sight, printed directly onto the two cards you receive. They are so well hidden, your participant could even forensically inspect the cards and STILL have no clue how it was done!

What's more, IRIS utilizes just TWO cards that can be carried everywhere with you, taking up next-to-no room in your wallet or purse.

The IRIS video instructions also contain a wealth of knowledge and guidance for giving unique and individual personality readings from a world-renowned modern mystic.

Beginners in mentalism often shy away from cold readings for fear of misses. IRIS is the antidote to your reservations; it guarantees a bulletproof ending irrespective of how successful your personality reading may be. This built-in safety net allows you to sharpen your cold reading skills without fear of getting things wrong, because no matter what happens in the reading, you'll always be able to hit them with something SOLID that's impossible to explain.

IRIS is a special tool designed to facilitate and enhance your intimate personality readings. It will leave your participant with a deep, personal and meaningful memory that has the potential to leave them with profound new life perspectives.

Gaze into Lewis Le'Val's eyes and master IRIS today.

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Great EDC Mentalism! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 1st, 2021
If it comes from Lewis Le Val, it's gonna rock!

I love the fact that you're only using 2 cards that help your spectator provide (in a very well thought out and deceptive way) all the info you need to get started down a road of a very profound cold reading, limited only by your imagination. And Lewis even discusses how to use that!

If you have been hesitant to taste mentalism cold readings, this is the trick to not only let you enjoy success, but help you understand some subtle truths that can take it beyond an impersonal guessing game to something that is very personal and pertinent to that particular spectator.

The instructional video is very complete and has more than just instructions. Lewis provides so much more than that. He gives you ideas, inspires imagination and creativity that really make this a valuable addition to not only your collection, but to your magic and performances in general.
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SIMPLY GREAT Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 12th, 2021
I'll begin by saying I'm a fan of Lewis and his work. The Art of Knowing (AOK) is one of the best things I've learned from him, but certainly not the only thing. Iris is no exception. If you're looking for some tricky little gimmick to amaze your friends, this probably isn't for you. But if you're genuinely interested in doing empowering readings for others, then you could do no better than IRIS. I really like this, and would recommend it in a heartbeat. If you look at what comes with this, some might say it's overpriced, "for what you get." In my humble opinion, the video alone is priceless, and for only a small sum of money, you'll have a reading system you can use for life. It also plays nice with other reading systems, too. Lewis is the real deal.
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