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Allan Ackerman: Easy to do Stunners, Sundays 2p (PST) / 5p (EST), Dec 5 - Dec 26, 2021 (4 Week Class)

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Class Dates: 12/5, 12/12, 12/19, 12/26 Day: Sundays Time: 2p (PST) / 5p (EST) Duration: 1 HOUR
Only 20 Seats Available

Really Easy Card Effects that are Really Amazing

We will be doing four workshops on what I call real easy card effects.   The problem with most self-working effects is that they often look mathematical, taking away much of the sense of wonder.  Over the years, I have figured out you can eliminate this problem and turn the effect into something good if you use a simple, straightforward sleight to eliminate the part that looks mathematical.   For example, get rid of a counting procedure.

So the really easy skill set for our four workshops will be the following, to be able to do an overhand shuffle, and to hold a break, and to be able to do a slip shuffle.   We will cover a couple of my favorite effects that use a setup deck, Si Stebbins, and a stay-stack, but the skill set will remain the same: do an overhand shuffle, hold a break, and be able to do a slip shuffle. We will go over a couple of easy-to-do deck switches to allow you to bring your setup deck in and out of your performance.

Here will be some of the items I will be covering

  1. Our three moves – how to hold a break. How to do an overhand shuffle and how to do a slip shuffle while doing the overhand shuffle.
  2. Tell all Gemini (Las Vegas Kardma)
  3. Gem-Money Mates (Las Vegas Kardma)
  4. A New Game (Las Vegas Kardma – slightly improved)
  5. Over-Kill (An early trick of mine that I gave to Paul Harris back in the seventies for one of his earlier books)
  6. Two easy deck switches (Joker deck switch, sense of feel deck switch)
  7. What is Si Stebbins’ and how to setup
  8. Son of Tetradism (an update of an old Peter Kane using Si Stebbins, but we will remove the second deal)
  9. What is a Stay-Stack and how to setup
  10. Finally Matched (from my Classic Handlings lecture notes – but we will take out the faro shuffle; it will now be a moveless routine)
  11. Self-working forces (Crisscross force, Clock force, Preconfiguration force)
  12. Lucky one  (Unpublished item)
  13. Lucky too (Unpublished item)
  14. Technicolor Splits (From my Cardjurer notes)
  15. Ultimate GM (from my linking ring parade)
  16. Doc Tarbell on Out of this World (from my Wednesday night lecture notes)
  17. The Indicator by Al Leech
  18. The spectator cuts to the four aces from my first book, Magic Mafia effects.
  19. Elevator nines (A sleight-less version of Marlo’s Classic Elevator Effect)
  20. Logical Princess from my Las Vegas Card Miracles DVD.

Class Policies

Classes are not recorded and thus no video is available after class even if you miss a class. These classes are intended to be a personal safe spaces for all ages, that foster trust and confidence, where you can ask questions and demonstrate magic without fear. The drawback to this is that if you miss a class, it's not available after. Notes may be available, but not guaranteed.

It is mandatory that all students have a working video camera and leave it on for the duration of each class.

These sessions are not to be recorded. Please do not use Zoom’s recording feature, or third-party recording software to store these classes for later viewing.

Registration can be cancelled or changed until 5 days prior to the class start date. If you are purchasing classes as a gift, it is your responsibility to inform us of the recipient’s name during checkout or by emailing Late cancellations, transfers, name changes cannot be accommodated after the cancellation/change cutoff date.

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