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PRESTIGE DRY ERASE by Sergey Koller & Hide- Trick

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Why is this effect so powerful? It is the vehicle for you to customize different outcomes for different audiences! Think about that sentence for a few seconds so you can appreciate the value of Prestige.

You can show as many routines as you want because it's erasable! erasing is very simple - you can just use a wipe we provided in the package.

The possibilities are incredible, it can be used for comedy magic to evoke emotional responses or use for create real dramatic moment

One of possible routines:

You ask a spectator to choose their future for the next year; you are showing 5 boards with five numbers on it. The spectator freely chooses any number from one to five. You show to the audiences that spectator's choice was the word "luck", but under all the other numbers there was... COVID-19

If desired you can also perform the effect with all the number off of the boards. You can use either the supplied plastic holders (which gives you an additional effect with the numbers) or any holder at all such as notebook holder. Or if you wish you can simply put the cards next to any object on your table. You can make any single card change, whether they are in the foldable clear plastic holder or on the table next to an object!

The POWER advantage of this gimmick is that you can activate it whenever you want and it is absolutely invisible to spectators. It's "locked" until you've unlocked it! Everything comes in a elegant custom made velvet protection bag to protect your entire set.

"It's clever, it has so many possibilities! I can't wait to integrate it into my show"
- Kevin James

"I'm glad I bought it and will use it"
- Jeff Hobson

"Already implemented this in my shows and it kills!"
- Kevin Li

"One of the best tricks of the year!
- Les French Twins - Tony and Jordan

What are the features?

  • The mechanism has been updated through the 2 years of manufacturing it is masterpiece
  • The plastic is durable and will last you for a long time.
  • You can write on your gimmick as many times as you want, it is simply erasable
  • The white frames are quite large, so the audiences can easily see the text even if you work on the big stage
  • Plastic holders has a half-circle holes which allow you to take a boards out of them much easier
  • Gimmick is ready to go. We've put everything inside the holder for you. Whiteboard marker and a special wipe for erasing are also included.
  • In the tutorial we will provide you with 10 killer routines. You can either use these routines or create your own!
  • You will randomly get one of 5 holder colors: yellow, green, purple, red and grey (they don't vary inside)
  • You will get and access to the private Facebook group and will be able to ask the creators any question

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A lot of possibilities with one weakness Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 1st, 2021
I love the customization possibilities of this version. I really think the opportunity to change out the list is a game-changer and definitely makes it worth considering. It's definitely a good size for stage work and is visible if you are careful with how you write it.

The downside is the fragility of the panels. There is an unnecessary weakness created in all the panels with a product many magicians use but many avoid. If one of these breaks, the panel will not make the switch you need for the trick to work. The problem is that this weakness was not necessary. Simply allowing gravity to do its job would have still allowed the gimmick to work (since it's happening without the audience seeing it work). Yes, you can do this "visible switch" you see in the trailer, but in all honesty most magicians wouldn't want to do that. There is a very obvious flaw in the panels that you can minimize with normal handling, but if you do the visible change the flaw is obvious and gives away the method.

If you handle this carefully and set it up just before your show (not at home before you get there) you should be ok for a while. They do give you a tutorial on how to fix the gimmick once it breaks (and it will at some point) but it's just a pain to do and a completely unnecessary failure point. If they go to a version 2.0 with this, I hope they'll just go with the obvious and simple solution of removing the flaw and just allow gravity to work.

For the price, you're buying something you can customize and it's a nice addition to your act. However, you're also buying something that will at some point break, hopefully before the show when you can do something else and not while you are performing.
5 of 5 magicians found this helpful.
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Fair price Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 8th, 2021
I am really impressed not only by the routine and the magic itself, but by the explanation video that is very, very accurate and with the instructions to repair the gimmick.
I love the concept as it allows for very clean handling with no force!
I had an old version and a new one is much better, the fact that I can try different routines and not worry about what I'll write - makes me happy

The quality of the product itself is very good, the case is convenient so that the product is always with you and will serve you for a long time!

The mechanism itself is neatly made, the trick is clearly visible from the stage, I managed to try several routines, the routine with gifts works best!
1 of 1 magicians found this helpful.
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Not practicable! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 2nd, 2021

It's a "cute" idea that can EASILY, EASILY be accomplished in MANY other full-proof ways.

The panels and envelope material are so flimsy and weak that they will only last a few shows.

This will break many times over and you WILL be sorry that you punched it!

let the buyer BEWARE!!!
1 of 1 magicians found this helpful.
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