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COLOR MATCH by Tony Anverdi

The most technologically advanced trick of the year unlocks unimaginable new miracles. Limited only by your creativity, read minds in deeply powerful new ways with Color Match. Limit 1 per customer.
Price: $295.00
In stock: usually ships within 24-48 hours!

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"WARNING: all of your other mentalism products will feel very self-conscious when you add this beast to your arsenal. Amazing method, meticulously well thought out improvements, and endless possibilities; you can't ask for better."

"The Anverdi Color Match is an amazing utility device with literally hundreds of uses. I very rarely add anything new to my repertoire but this ticks all of the technological and handling boxes in order for me to put it directly to use in my new socially distanced theatre show. Highly recommended!"
- Keith Barry

"The technology of Anverdi's COLOR MATCH is so advanced and brilliant, you will use it for much more than "just" an amazing COLOR MATCH routine. I love that you can remove the smart-chip pods and use them for endless creative (unrelated) effects. ANVERDI'S COLOR MATCH IS BEYOND AMAZING!"
- Menny Lindenfeld

"Peeking under the hood of Anverdi's Color Match is like looking at Alien technology. It rids itself of all predecessors' restrictions, flaws and unnecessary props. By far, this is the most advanced and awe inspiriting piece of technology in magic that I've ever seen."
- Lloyd Barnes

"As big fan of the Anverdi products, I am very excited about the release of Anverdi's COLOR MATCH! There are many features in this kit that will make this prop a joy to use and different from the other version on the market. Simple to set up, double cue and fail safe features and of course great craftsmanship. I cannot wait to add this to my show!"
- Luca Volpe

"Anverdi's Color Match has solved all of the problems of previously released versions. The technology used in this official Anverdi version of Color Match is breathtaking."
- Marc Oberon

"I've used electronic versions for a time but found them unreliable and distracting.....not anymore! The new Anverdi high-tech Color Match really is above and beyond anything else out there. Super reliable and with an added new feature that makes it a joy to perform with. No more worries, no more distractions....and no need to take out a bank loan to buy it! Every box has been ticked! It has my highest of recommendations."
- Matthew Wright

"Having played with many versions of Color Match over the years, the built-in safety features alone guarantee that this is the only version that I will ever use in a live performance again!"
- Bro Gilbert

"The world's most favorite effect just got PERFECTED. They've gone and bloody done it"
- Beau Cremer

"The thought and detail put into Anverdi's Color Match is beyond amazing! I cannot wait to own one. This gets my highest recommendation!"
- Peter Eggink

"Anverdi's Color Match is a huge upgrade to an already amazing effect. I love the new features! This is AGT grade material! I can't wait to put it in my show. Murphy's PERFECTED an already perfect effect."
- Manoj Kaushal

"My head is still spinning with how technologically advanced this is. This is by far, not only the best version of Color Match, but a weapon to create multi-layered original effects."
- Titanas

Introducing Anverdi's COLOR MATCH.
DUPLICATE the EXACT colored drawing your audience member has created, plus SO much more! Read minds with a press of a button.

Anverdi's Color Match pens can now be placed in ANY cup, glass or pen holder! You can even have your audience members place the pens in their shirt or pants pocket...or simply lay them flat on a CLEAR glass table.

Read minds with 100% accuracy, 100% confidence and NO FALSE SIGNALS... for unlimited possibilities. Go way beyond the traditional COLOR MATCH effect.
Murphy's Magic has produced the most up-to-date, innovative version of Anverdi's legendary COLOR MATCH effect.

"This is simply the best version available...with so many improvements but beyond the obvious, this is an incredibly versatile tool that simply has to be seen & experimented with to fully understand the possibilities. Yes, it's a fantastic routine with pens, but step outside the box and set your mind free, and it will be in overdrive with ideas."
- Marc Spelmann (X)

Extremely strong signal distance! Anverdi's Color Match uses the New Multi-Directional "Alien" technology so you can perform with 100% confidence!

If someone picks up a pen, then quickly changes their mind, the receiver will let you know of the change! The "original" pen they picked up will remain "Active" so if picked up again you will be alerted! Once a pen has been used by the audience member, it will NOT accidently trigger again!

Duel-Functioning, Multi-Directional Technology allows you to access these safety features in ALL performance settings. (Plus the low battery alert will let you know if a particular pen needs a new battery.)

Easily change your preferences! Choose your signal type (Vibration, Multi-Color LED Light or Simultaneous Mode). Choose your vibration level (Soft, Medium or Hard) and your pen's Smart-Sensitivity level! Plus, customize how you want to use it (includes removable clip and arm/ankle band).


  • 6 Pens (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, & *Black)
  • Built-in Safety Ink Barrier (Prevents Ink from getting into the e-Pod system!)
  • Removable e-Pods (For easy battery change --as well as BONUS effects)
  • Special Locking Key-Cap For Easy Access To e-Pods
  • Easy-Lock ON/OFF
  • Smart Sensitivity Settings
  • Instant Reset Setting
  • Visual, Tactile, or Combined Cue Settings
  • Ankle/Wrist Band options
  • Super Long Distance Signal
  • Multi-Preference Receiver

  • *Black pen does not contain Gimmick.
Includes 2.5 hours (12 routines + BONUS ideas) of in-depth online instructions, which barely scratches the surface of what you can do with it!
  • While your back is turned, your spectator freely colors in 5 different shapes with ANY marker they want. In perfect synchronicity, the colors they chose perfectly match the colors you chose!
  • While your back is turned, the spectator freely selects any color marker and places them in different places on their body. Little do they know, EVERY action they make has been meticulously influenced by you.
  • A Which Hand effect where you'll read your spectators' minds 3 times in a row and finish off with a prediction to prove all their thoughts were predetermined.
  • Engage multiple spectators in a mind-blowing and fooling CAAN that you'll instantly add to your close-up or stage act.
  • Perform a 5, 10, or even 15-minute highly engaging murder mystery act, where you play detective and the audience makes all the decisions. So much fun, your audience will believe you are Sherlock Holmes.
  • While blindfolded, 5 spectators each select a card and keep it hidden from everyone else. They also secretly choose a color marker. Without you ever turning around or taking the blindfold off, you can reveal which card and which color each spectator is merely thinking off.
  • 5 spectators mix and freely select a cup with a secret hidden inside. They also mix, shuffle, cut, and select a face-up card all by themselves. Finally, the entire deck is revealed to be made up of different colored back designs. And, the spectator's chosen card PERFECTLY MATCHES the color of the hidden object in their previously freely chosen cup.
PLUS...BONUS ideas and routines from Titanas, Craig Petty, Luca Volpe, Menny Lindenfeld, and Marc Spelmann (X).

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A Match Made in Something! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 14th, 2022
~Quick Review~

Packaging - 9/10
Makers/ePODS - 8/10
Receiver - 9/10
Instructional Video 8/10
~Long Review~

Upon Receiving the Device you get probably by far the most Over the top packaging. You take the top off the canister, the top lights up and fades through a series of colors, and music plays. There is a switch on the inside of the lid next to the Instructions link/ password along with a micro USB input to charge the lid. … to charge … the lid! (More on this later)

The markers are really well made. They contain an ink well/bladder to keep the markers lasting for a long time and to protect the ePODS (The electronics) (more on those in a second). The markers function like regular markers, but the colors do seem a bit … Weak I guess is a decent way to put it. The color is fine, but the colors are just bland I guess. But no one seems to notice which is fine. In the instructions, we are informed on how to change the nib of the markers but not what to do if the ink is empty/dried up. This means when I am faced with this, I’ll have to get creative with a solution.

The ePods are built into the ends of the markers and can be removed by using the cap of the markers and popping off the ends. The ePods have a pretty long range to them and their settings can be changed through the receiver. Since the ePods can be removed, it allows you to get creative with what you can put them in. From Easter eggs to candy. All are taught in the instructions. (More on this later).
My biggest issue with the ePods is the fact that they are battery-powered. The lid is rechargeable. The Receiver is rechargeable but the ePods take a disk battery. (I understand its most likely to make them smaller, but my headphones are around the same size and are rechargeable. It’s probably to keep the cost down… who knows). The receiver can let you know if the batteries in the ePods are low so that’s a good thing. The ePods are labeled to indicate which side is Positive and what side is negative so you can make sure the batteries are put in correctly. In the instructions, they inform you that if you do not plan to use the markers for over 6 months or so, remove the batteries. The ePods use a gyroscope or Angle sensor to not only power on the ePods but to activate the Markers, which makes using the markers pretty easy and intuitive.

The receiver.
When you first get it, it feels pretty lightweight which was concerning as it can feel a little cheap. It comes with a strap to secure the receiver and a mounting clip. Making it easy to hide on your body. The receiver allows you to change the tilt sensitivity of the makers, the strength of the vibration, and how you obtain the information which is probably my favorite feature. You can get the information by vibration and or by an LED light that changes color to match which marker is being picked up. This makes it easier to identify which marker is being selected. When a marker is triggered there is a 5 cycle kind of timer where it will vibrate the number of times to indicate which color has been selected 5 times. Once the cycle is complete, that marker becomes “Inactive” just in case. But the receiver has a reset button. This will allow you to reactivate all the markers which allow for some pretty interesting revelations (explained in the instructions) Also when the receiver is going through a cycle, the participant can change their mind before the 5th cycle and it will switch to the new marker while keeping the first selection still active. They call it a fail-safe. Which is a pretty nice feature to have

The instructions seemed to have been filmed in a cLog and were not really color corrected or graded. SO the entire video seems muted and low contrast. Which is probably the only negative thing I have about it. That and the timestamp card is seen only briefly. The instructions for the device are thorough except for what to do if the Ink wells go dry and what have you. Not to mention there is no information on whether or not the ePods can be installed into other markers or not. So that’s gonna needs some experimenting on my end. Outside of that, the information offered goes pretty in-depth. Wile also offers a handful of different routines and ideas to be used with the device in general. There are of Course color matching routines, Cards tricks, and much more. Enough material and ideas that almost everyone can get something out of it. The routines offered do get a bit to explain at times (have a lot of steps or explanations to give to the participants) Which is fine for what it is. But this product is most definitely not for everyone. It can be self-working but will still need some creativity to come up with routines that suit your style/shows.

All in all, this is a really great product. You can tell a lot of thought went into the construction of everything to not only give a great product but also a great presentation and a positive opening experience. What I thought would have been dope is if the ePODS were rechargeable and had a wireless charging feature in the base of the markers so when you store them top-down in the case (that’s how they are basically deactivated) the Fancy Pants lid would recharge them like an AirPods case. But then these things would be stupid expensive. Still would be cool tho.
17 of 17 magicians found this helpful.
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Color Match is Exceptional Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 2nd, 2022
This is an outstanding effect. Easy to learn and perform. It has a very powerful impact on the viewer and is essentially impossible to detect. Perhaps the best magic trick I have ever purchased!
3 of 3 magicians found this helpful.
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The best Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 10th, 2022
If you Like mental die/dice you’ll love this set …
2 of 2 magicians found this helpful.
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great magic Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 7th, 2022
The markers look great just like the cheap ones you need to buy to match the gimmick ones. Work flawlessly. Easy to use, no way it can be guessed. Yes, people complain in the website they basically give away the secret BUT no one I have every shown this to has seen this. Those looking area very small number of magicians so that is really not a big deal. This is a great use of electronics and when you add in the electronic die or dice set have a ton of endless routines you can practically make up while on the job. Overpriced, yes but you get what you pay for. I would rather pay more for flawless performances, then wonder if it is working. Great magic all around. Just get these you will not regret it.
2 of 2 magicians found this helpful.
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PHENOMENAL! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 4th, 2022
The tile says it all.

Just buy it!

If you're on the fence......SPEND THE MONEY.


Seriously, in my humble opinion........THIS IS THE BEST PROP I HAVE SEEN IN YEARS!
2 of 2 magicians found this helpful.
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Color Match Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 1st, 2022
I love this. It's easy to do and astounds everyone.
2 of 2 magicians found this helpful.
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Color Match Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 12th, 2022
The main reason I purchased this was the ability to move the "transmitters" to any object that will hold them opening up a plethora of uses!
2 of 3 magicians found this helpful.
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Anverdi Color Match Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 26th, 2023
When I first saw this I couldn't order it quickly enough! After it came I was totally blown away by how fast, simple, and effectively it worked. It went into my shows immediately and will remain as my closer!
1 of 1 magicians found this helpful.
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This is unbelievably good Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 3rd, 2022
I have performed color match for years and I just recently changed methods to this. Highly reliable, easy to use, and with many good routines for this. 2 ways of getting the information to you so you can adapt to whatever situation.
1 of 1 magicians found this helpful.
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Worth every penny! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 6th, 2022
I rarely buy tricks over $50. But this one is well worth it. The amazing effects are only surpassed but the top quality electronics. You won't be disappointed.
1 of 1 magicians found this helpful.
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