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Balloon School with Joe Montella (DVD Download)

OVER FOUR HOURS of instruction!
Price: $44.95
In stock: Download INSTANTLY.

These aren't your grandpa?s balloon poodles. We're talking about FULL-ON works of art that make people want to hire you and pay you to ?Twist!?

If you love performing--and you're ready to get paid for it--take a lesson from one of the most successful balloon sculpters in the business, Joe Montella!

Grab some 260Qs and your personality, Balloon School is in session!

Who Needs Balloon School?

Hobbyists who love making beautiful art for people? Practically everyone loves balloon sculptures. This is one of the only arts in the world that takes so little time to master and gives so much! If you like making people smile, get Balloon School!

Working Professional Magicians looking to add extra value to their services. Get paid (a helluva lot) more after learning just the basic nine! Imagine doubling your current fees!

Balloon Artists looking for better material. You won?t find a more marketable set of sculptures than the set Joe teaches in Balloon School!

Entrepreneurs looking for a way to make a living doing something fun and exciting! This isn?t just an instructional DVD set. Joe's tips on getting hired, cold-calling, and maximizing your income make it a powerful business tool that has the power to change your future.

Balloon School is excellent for any performer, teacher, dentist, preacher, salesperson, parent, grandparent, uncle, big brother, big sister (the little ones too), magician, manager, presenter, boyfriend, girlfriend, scientist, doctor, pediatrician, or clown... anyone who was born to perform!

Get ready! School is in session!

You'll Learn:

The Tools:

  • The Balloons - How to select the ones you'll use, properly blow them up, tie them efficiently, and care for them in between gigs.
  • The Pump - How to select one that works for you.
  • The Apron - Design a performance apron to comfortably transport all of your gear!
The Techniques: The Basic Building Blocks of all Balloon Sculpture
  • The Bubble - The starting line. Just latex and air. It doesn't get any simpler than this. But if you don't know how the pros do it, even the bubble can be a challenge.
  • The Match - The secret to making two bubbles the same size.
  • The Lock - The key to locking two bubbles together so they'll hold position.
  • The Loop - A very useful tool because you can make it pretty much any size you want.
  • Pin Hole-ing the balloon - Technique to deflate the balloon mid-sculpture, this gives you tremendous control.
  • The Pinch-twist (The Teddy Bear Ear) - Joe says this is the most valuable of all the fundamental techniques... In fact, Joe's GIANT Penguin is 70% pinch-twists!
  • The Heart Manipulation - Who says diamond's are a girl's best friend? This technique gets a lot of use--especially on Valentine's Day.
  • The Poodle Tail - This technique is fun and easy, and it makes your poodle look like he just won a dog show. Also makes antennae look great!
  • Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Nose, Headlights, Spots, Etc. - How to add the finishing features to your balloon sculptures.
The Basic Nine Balloon Sculptures:
  • Dog - Quick and easy to make, you'll master this popular sculpture in no time!
  • Giraffe - An easy variation on the dog, highly recognizable, and great for kids.
  • Sword - The easiest balloon you'll ever make.
  • Flower - Pretty simple, great looking, and fun to give! Does not require water.
  • Airplane - A little more difficult, but you're ready for this GREAT giveaway!
  • Heart - Love is in the AIR!
  • Butterfly - A beautiful, impressive, and lifelike sculpture. A very popular request!
  • Teddy Bear - Slightly more difficult, but worth the effort. This is a CROWD PLEASER.
  • Cat (Tiger) - Great for kids. No litter box required!
Advanced Balloons: These are Joe's Most Requested Advanced Sculptures
  • Palm Tree - A cool and impressive sculpture on it's own AND a great sculpture to build on. Can sit on a table!
  • Monkey on Palm - Great for men, women, kids, EVERYONE!
  • Teddy Bear on Heart - If you're working on Valentines Day you'll make this sculpture hundreds of times!
  • Man (Man with Sword, Baseball Player, Hockey Player, Golfer, Soccer Player, Basketball Player) - One of the most requested and versatile balloons. Great for boys!
  • Mermaid - This is a favorite with the ladies! It's a highly detailed balloon and it comes with Joe's highest recommendation.
  • Baseball Cap - Adults and teens LOVE hats. This will be one of your most requested sculptures!
  • Jester's Hat - This crazy cap gets HUGE laughs. Especially popular at birthday parties!
  • Advanced Butterfly - Women LOVE this one.
  • Ladybug (Turtle) - Women LOVE this one EVEN MORE!
  • Motorcycle (Woman on Motorcycle, Man on Motorcycle, Monkey on Motorcycle) - Here's another fantastic balloon for the guys. It's a MUST-HAVE for you as a working professional.
  • Penguin - Our favorite!
  • Diamond Ring - One of Joe's most frequently requested balloons. Couples ask for this one all the time!
  • Chicken - This is one people will challenge you with all the time. Joe's chicken looks AWESOME, and yours will too.
  • Rose - This one makes a GREAT opener!
  • GIANT Five Balloon Tiger - This one blows people away!
Please note: All advanced sculptures feature an in-depth, over-the-shoulder recap from the Penguin Cam.

How to construct GIANT SCULPTURES

Joe regularly gets hired to create life-size promotional sculptures. Where do you start when you want to make a life-size 57 Chevy out of balloons? How about a LARGER-THAN-LIFE Penguin? Joe breaks it down step-by-step and helps you get started creating these unique and EXTREMELY MARKETABLE works of art.

Steps to Success: The Business side of Balloon Entertainment
  • How to Make Money as a Balloon Artist - If you're ready to GO PRO, you'll love Joe's advice on restaurant work, the difference between working in corporate owned restaurants V. "mom and pop" shops, birthday parties, what to charge, and a few words on agencies.
  • Once You're Making Money, How to Maximize your Income! Creating a buzz, generating positive word-of-mouth, networking, building rapport with your clients, customer service and sales tips, LIVE FOOTAGE of Joe making cold calls, and Joe's book recommendations.
  • Dealing with Rejection - Joe gels to it naturally, but here's a pep talk and some tips that make sure you don't let rejection get you down.
  • Dealing with Hecklers - It's gonna happen. Here are Joe's guidelines on how to handle the situation. No one-liners here because every situation is different.
Bonus Material:
  • Inserting Objects into your sculptures (Ladybug) - Imagine giving a prospect your phone number this way!
  • Performance Montage - See Joe live in action as he becomes "The Balloon Guy" and works the Las Vegas Strip. See how he interacts with the kids, the parents, and everyone in between!

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One sculpture is worth the price (and the rest is valuable too) Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 29th, 2016
Penguin has a habit of misplacing my negative reviews an I hope this one sees the light of day.

Anyway, Joe presents most things in excruciating detail, and I guess on balance, that is mostly better than not enough. Still, the man loves to talk. Then there are the annoying gaps. My favorite so far (I haven't made it all the way through and my not for a while... more on that later) is at the beginning where he describes "the perfect air pump". He shows some bad ones and provides reasons why. Then he shows you hand pump he has determined based on extensive use, to be the best around. Then he... talks about something else. No clue about where to get one. (Not to worry, I use a Filbert Pump, and that *is* the best.)

Some of the information is a bit "dated". For example, he talks about Sharpie's being the best for drawing on balloons. I think the current trend is to use dry erase markers. But, I digress.

I ordered the DVD download to save a few bucks. That means I don't have the benefit of an index which might appear on the DVD. However, as I've gone through the video, I've noted the crucial times and would like to share them with you.

The presentation starts out with basic info, how to inflate a balloon, tie a not, select a pump (if you can figure out which he's recommending, and types of twists.

Then, the sculpturing begins...

0>35 - Heart
0;53 - Plane (That's a long gap, maybe I missed something?)
0:59 - Heart redux
1:01 - Butterfly
1:04 - Bear
1:11 - Cat
1:21 - Palm tree with a monkey (now we're getting someplace!)
1:37 - A heart with two bears
1:37 - Basic Man (aren't we all?)

The Basic Man is as far as I've gotten. It is a sculpture with amazing potential. Joe expands on it a bit, showing all the different figures you can create starting with this and making a few simple additions/changes. This is the "worth-the-price" creation, and it could be the topic of an entire video.

Once I get past it and finish the video, I'll edit this review to complete the index. That is, assuming Penguin chooses to post it in the first place.
Did this review help you? Do you want to respond to this review?
Helpful Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 9th, 2015
In all fairness, I have no other products to compare this to. I used this DVD to learn 7 basic balloon animals and I do them for money at restaurants on a regular basis. You only need to learn a few basic balloons and you can make your money back.
Did this review help you? Do you want to respond to this review?
Wonderful Learning Tool Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 1st, 2015
I purchased this one week before a wedding reception I was booked to work. I did this because I found out that day over half the guests were children. I am SO glad I did. I learned all of the balloons he taught in a few days and made at least one of everything. Additionally, I made several other requests based on the techniques he taught. HIGHER RECOMMEND
Negative: The Diamond Ring is hard to follow along with. However, he does tell you that this is the case.
I wish there had been a complete walk through on a small sculpture, but I can understand why there wasn't. That wasn't the purpose of the dvd.
Did this review help you? Do you want to respond to this review?
Mediocre Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 29th, 2013
When it comes to balloon twisting, there's no doubt that Joe Montella is good. He's a great performer, but an awful teacher. There are literally thousands of free tutorials on balloon twisting on youtube, and hundreds of sculptures that are better than the ones Joe teaches. His sculptures are nothing fancy but he does do them well and they are well liked sculptures. He also never once gives you any guidance on how much to inflate the balloons for each sculpture.
I bought the DVD solely for the business lessons that the description gave as well as the information on giant centerpiece sculptures. Neither of those two things are actually discussed at length in this DVD. Joe simply tells you to go out and market yourself (duh) and that giant sculptures take work and planning (duh).
Overall, I was sadly disappointed with this DVD. If I were a true beginner, this DVD would have some value, but again all the beginner information is available for free elsewhere on the net (i.e. youtube).
Save yourself some money and don't purchase this DVD unless you have $45 bucks that you can burn without consequence. You'd be better off buying supplies with that money and teaching yourself.
Did this review help you? Do you want to respond to this review?
Great skill to have !!!! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 24th, 2013
I have the down load version for about a week and i have Been doing crazy stuff with it i cannot stress enough you learn how to make the differnt types of flowers, and the mermaid those are great for picking up girls, the other ones are cool for little children, you can use a regular pump, it takes a different kind of training and energy to learn how to do ballon shapes, it is not like a magic trick be patient and do not be afraid of the ballons even if they pop up, i recomend ( just like Joe says) using the pump but it is worth it that you learn how to blow up the ballon with your mouth, and you may be able to make shapes on the fly ( like impromptu ballon sculpturing) i hope i write another post soon telling you how this works on the field
Did this review help you? Do you want to respond to this review?
Nice DVD Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 7th, 2013
After watching the entire DVD I feel I learned a great deal of new balloon art for my kid shows. I'm not a balloon artist, but just wanted to learn more than the 5 I was doing for my kid shows as an added bonus.
Be prepared to rewind as Joe goes pretty quick through each one.
Did this review help you? Do you want to respond to this review?
Get it if you wanna do Balloon Art Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 25th, 2012
Joe did a FANTASTIC job with this DVD. He gave full details from start to finish explaining how to do Balloon Art. He even went into important things like how to make money in the business and how to handle customers, etc.

I highly recommend this DVD if you have any interest in making things out of balloons. GREAT !
Did this review help you? Do you want to respond to this review?
Awesome Teacher Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 19th, 2012
Joe really takes the time to teach. He has passion. Was clear in his teaching. Very good dvd to have to start off for balloon sculpturing.
Did this review help you? Do you want to respond to this review?
Excellent resource Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 9th, 2010
This is the best balloon sculpture dvd I have found. It really takes you from beginner to pro. I had never been that interested in balloon sculpture until i realized that I could make money at it. This dvd shows you how. The business section is probably the most valuable part. I honestly never though I would ever be able to make anything better than a weiner dog, but every time I make the mermaid I actually impress myself. This stuff is too cool.
Did this review help you? Do you want to respond to this review?
Good skill to have Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 7th, 2010
Most people like balloons. Twisting as an artform that deserves more attention outside the children's performer Arena. This DVD has most of what you need to get started. You can add balloons to many different routines in situations. Incredible performers such as John Cassidy a world recordholder blow people away with high-energy balloon routines.
Did this review help you? Do you want to respond to this review?
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