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Generation Extreme with Brian Tudor (DVD Download)

The cutting edge in the development of VISUAL card magic.
Price: $44.95
In stock: Download INSTANTLY.

Warning: Don't buy this DVD. Almost no one can actually do the stuff you're about to see. It's aggressive, showy, complex, impossibly fast, and freakish. Once you master it, your spectators may notice only one tenth of what they're supposed to see... and only one one-hundredth of what is actually happening. That's no way to live... pick up a svengali deck and be happy.

This is an instructional card magic DVD featuring routines that have won Brian Tudor International recognition as one of the leading card manipulators in the world. There are no camera tricks and everything is shown at actual speed.

Prepare yourself. You're going to have to watch each explanation hundreds of times before you start to get it. You'll have to practice even more before it looks good in your hands. In the process you'll drop tens of thousands of cards. Throughout your training you'll destroy five or more decks per day.

When Tudor performs, he just kinda does it. Like an Olympic athlete, he's performing a routine that's been practiced thousands of times leading up to this moment. When he's on stage his mind goes to a place where individual moves become instinctual... he doesn't have to remember to do a Riffle Pass one moment and a Throw Change the next, any more than he has to remember to breathe or flex his heart muscle sixty times a minute. Sports psychologists have a word for this place--they call it THE ZONE.

If a stranger walked up to us and asked if we'd recommend this DVD, we'd say no. We'd say he'd probably hate it. We'd guess that he's probably nowhere near skilled enough with cards, or devoted, or focused enough even to appreciate it. You have to earn this DVD. It's not for everyone. It's probably not for him, and it's probably not for you.

But if you are one of the few who MUST be at the cutting edge in the development of visual card magic, there is nothing we can say to keep you away from this DVD. And that being said, this is probably your best resource for what's new with cards.


  • Born to Perform Card Magic with Oz Pearlman
  • Pyrotechnic Pasteboards with Gregory Wilson
  • Card Stunts with Gregory Wilson
Minimum recommended daily practice time: 4 hours.

Six Full Length Routines:
  • Show Off
  • Triumph 3
  • Follow the Queen
  • The Man from New York
  • Hypnotic
  • The Politician
Cuts, Sleights, Flourishes, etc:
  • Turn Over Cut
  • YTBN Cut
  • Castro Cut
  • One-handed Revoultion Cut
  • One-handed Revoultion Cut False
  • One-handed Revolution Cut II
  • One-handed Revolution Cut III
  • Bad Habit Cut II w/ Split fans
  • Swing Cut
  • Speed Cut
  • Sible Cut
  • What the Hell... (happened to Sible?) Cut
  • The Tudor Cut (the finest cut in the world)
  • Strip Cut
  • Hot Shot Cut
  • The Perfect Riffle Shuffle
  • False Count
  • The Waterfall
  • Upside-down Spring Pressure Fan
  • One-handed Pressure Fan
  • Top Palm with Production
  • Third and Fourth Finger Palm with Production
  • Brian Tudor Right Hand Production
  • Double Production
  • One-handed Double Lift
  • Dribble Pass
  • Riffle Pass
  • Paul David Muck
  • Throw Change
  • Terry LaGerould Flick Change
  • Spring Change
  • Paul David Revolution Change
  • Middle Nostalgia Center Pop-out
  • Aaron Fisher Pop-out
  • Ambitious Sandwich
  • Center to Bottom Control
  • Terry LaGerould Swingset Control (plus 2 variations)
  • Steve Forty Blackjack Turnover
  • Double DL Turnover
  • Brother John Hammin Turn-over move

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unrefined, rugged, badass Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on August 19th, 2010
(I'll start by saying I already have already been able to perform about 70% of the sleights and flourishes on this video before purchasing it)

Let's not beat around the bush, this video is a challenge for magician more so than actual usable material - we buy it to see if we are on par with Mr. Tudor. The entire video, both performances and the explanations are unrefined, as if Brian Tudor is just practicing in front of a camera and explaining as he does (during which time he makes a multitude of mistakes like calling his left hand his right or a middle finger a pointer, etc.).

This lack of refinement isn't necessarily bad! The way he performs is a great way to practice: fast, rhythmically with music, and repeatedly. If you can do that, you can definitely slow it down and perform with patter if you wanted to. Not that performing with music is bad, but I'm saying you will have options.

He doesn't teach precisely what he performs, but that's not really a problem. If you're at the level where this stuff is in reach, you can just make up your own fancy cuts to fit your style based loosely on what he teaches or performs.

If you like a challenge, go for it. You'll find a time and a place to insert some of this in your act, but I would recommend against trying to take this material at face value. It's a high speed manipulation training video. The only reason I didn't give it 4 stars - quality wise I would - was that it costs a little too much for what it is.

And no disrespect to Mr. Tudor. He is, after all, 10 times more badass than I will ever be.
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Hard work Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 6th, 2010
This is not for the light of heart or someone wanting to learn some quick flourishes. Select the ones you like and work on them one at a time until you get it down. Do not feel bad if you don't Tudor is a freak and not everyone can do his moves. He is amazing to watch even if you may never perform his moves. Enjoy.
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I like it! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 2nd, 2010
This dvd is good, but as they say in the warning, it's not for everyone. This guy is not michael ammar who takes everything slowly and makes you understand right away, but it goes very fast. Get prepared to drop a lot of cards... And love doing it!
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Awesome... Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 29th, 2008
Everyones been mis-rating this (obviously its opinion) but let me atleast tell you what to EXPECT....

There are several Routines: SHOW OFF is the hardest (and its just to show off...this is the one thats tough if you have small hands, yes you may not do a few of the moves (I can't)....but thats about it.

Who cares if you can't do a FANCY one handed cut? There is a HUGE aresenal of sleights that you CAN do regardless of hand size, and you'll learn em in here. Oh, and dont expect to do the 1 handed double lift if your hands are small either. Other than that, it was still definitely worth the purchase. ADD TO CART
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DVD gets the job done. Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 31st, 2008
Only buy this dvd if you are willing to contibute hours upon hours of pactice, and are willing to pick up about your deck of cards about a billion times. I bought this dvd with no previous experience in extream flourishes and after lots of work achived the vast majority of the material. I can honestly say that I use peices of this dvd years and years after purchase, and encorporate many moves into nearly every trick I preform with cards.

It would have gotten 5 stars had it not cost . I can't believe I paid that much money for a dvd! but if any dvd should cost that much it's this one.
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