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David and Jacob Rangel LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

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"From the moment the Rangels hit the stage, they bring extraordinary and contagious energy. They are original, true to themselves, and work together in perfect and hilarious harmony. It's a double-generational experience like no other, and the magic world is so lucky to have what Dave and Jake they bring to the table." -Mario "the Maker Magician" Marchese

"Finding another father and son magic act as great these two, is almost impossible. They set the bar for future family acts, and for now, they wear the crown!" -Marcus Eddie

"David and Jacob have the unique ability to entertain me while also fooling me. Jacob makes me laugh harder than almost anyone in magic and that old guy that drives him to the gigs is also pretty cool. The Rangel's unique perspective is fresh and fooling." -Brent Braun

"I've literally watched David and Jake workshop their characters and on stage chemistry over the past 7 years into something that everyone can learn from." -Daniel Garcia

"Dave and Jake embark on a show so insightful, so honest, so legitimate that it will fix all of society's problems and lead the way to a new plane of existence." -Alex Rangel

What will they teach?

Thorton Melon- A Comedic Thought Of a Named Fruit

You Call It- A thought of Drink drawing Prediction with a kicker ending

Alpha- Is an effect where a spectator using a set of NATO phonetic alphabet playing cards placed face down, freely selects cards of their choosing. Another spectator selects from a set of random items, only to find the random letters picked form the word of the object.

Inconceivable- A battle between two performers , four cups cover a nail and a comedic battle takes place as they smashes their hands, leaving the final cup with the nail underneath! An comedic display of mentalism!

Backstage- A quick and simple direct change that can be used as an effect on its own or as a kicker ending to an existing routine. David Rangel takes you through the effect and offers his ideas on how use your next favorite card change. Easy to learn and ready to go into your arsenal for your next performance.

Today’s date- A ready to plug a Pseudoscientific experiment where a spectator picks one special card.

Houdini’s Christmas- presented as a Christmas game Harry Houdini gave out during the holidays that has a built in magic affect inside.

Corky Romano- A coin and cork routine when one by one coins pass through a cork

The King and his Godfather- A story which encompasses the whole deck.

Who are they?

Awarding winning Father & Son Comedy Magic Team, Dave "Pops" and Jake Rangel "Kid" both known for their seemingly effortless charisma and self-assurance, have taken their act all across the globe, The Rangels have performed their magic while spinning intriguing tales that are legendary. Endearing themselves with audiences everywhere they go. Dave, was a Winner of TAOM Close-Up award in 2014. Jake was awarded Bob Blau Young Magician's Award for 2018 from the International Brotherhood of Magicians. And both received Houston Community Service Award from the Houston Police Department in 2020.

David also had a radio show voted best in Houston in 2011 by the Houston Press
and is a children's author.

Jacob has 20 different welding certifications. 3 in HVAC, one in electrical and one in accounting.

Strange unknown fact, once was the opening act for "Alvin and The Chipmunks."

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A dynamic duo Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 7th, 2022
Had been hoping from a Penguin lecture from these two performers since discovering them on social media. They have the skills and chemistry that makes them highly entertaining. Interesting to learn about their history together and the detailed choices they make about their act. Great fun!
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A great duo with a mixed bag of material Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 12th, 2023
David and Jacob work really well together and it's fun to watch them work. That being said, it's pretty clear that they were primarily giving us their C level material or material that you almost definitely won't do.

Thorton Melon- Needs two people to perform and the two people need to have a slightly adversarial relationship. Interesting use of instant stooging I've never seen before, but you almost definitely won't perform it. Otherwise, fun to watch. 3/10

You Call It- The look on the spectator's face made it very clear that there was something definitely not-Kosher going on. Maybe they just got unlucky, but I wouldn't risk this. Also can only be done by a duo. 2.5/10

Alpha- The idea is clever, but I don't really like what they did with it and there is no way you're going to get the props you need to perform it. It could be revamped. 3.5/10 with the potential to be a 6/10.

Inconceivable- I love the presentation of this trick, but it needs a duo to perform. This uses a prop that requires serious woodworking skills to make, and I certainly wouldn't recommend performing this. It's a real nail and has the potential to go straight through your hand in bad lighting or if you are not 100% focused. David almost messed it up once, but Jacob saved him. The presentation could be transferred to a safer method, but still would need a duo. 3/10

Backstage- Seems like a nice change, but poorly taught. Could probably be a 7/10 if you can make it work. It's for sale separately for $3 elsewhere on penguin and hopefully taught better there. 4/10

Today’s date- Interesting trick, but there are way better uses for this principle that you already know. Not so much a trick, more just like a little thing to mess people up a bit. 3/10

Houdini’s Christmas- There's a nice shuffling idea here, but the trick is nothing special. 3.5/10

Corky Romano- Excellent trick. Requires a prop available for $10 here on penguin (although you may want a different version of it as the one on penguin has bad reviews and will attract attention for other reasons) as well as an item you could pick up on amazon for a few bucks. Could be a fun thing to show around casually. 8/10

The King and his Godfather- I don't like his story, but the idea behind it is way better than most storytelling decks and hopefully I'll be able to come up with a better story for it. This definitely redeemed the lecture. Until I saw this, I had definitely felt like I wasted my money on this lecture. 9/10
1 of 1 magicians found this helpful.
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Fun to watch Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 13th, 2022
Great to see a father and son act. Best thing about the lecture is the plots are much more original than usual. The methods are also within reach.
1 of 1 magicians found this helpful.
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