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100 Units of Your Custom 10 Tricks Magic Kit

You're the star of the show. Now you can be the star of your own magic kit! We'll manufacture your custom kits along with ours so you don't need to order thousands!
Price: $299.95
Out of stock.

Being the star of your own beginner magic kit sets you apart as a serious professional, builds your brand, builds your celebrity status, helps increase show fees, and helps increase repeat bookings.

Penguin Magic is proud to announce we are now manufacturing custom magic kits for many of our top performers. We would love to manufacture your kit too! Normally, you need to order 1000 units or more in order to get custom kits manufactured. If you order with us, you can order as few as 100 kits and get the same great price you'd get if you ordered 1000 kits! And you'll save on shipping too! We'll ship your kits from India to our warehouse in California at no cost to you. You only pay shipping from California to your final address.

An incredible marketing tool for magicians!

  • Sell them after your shows!
  • Sell them in your local toy/hobby/magic shop!
  • Give one to the birthday boy/girl!
  • Include them in your show package price... one for each child at the party!
You provide the artwork, we'll do the rest!

Your custom kit should look exactly how you want it to look. Your logo. Your name. Your contact information. You can get as creative as you want with the design, or you can go with a more classic magic kit design. Just give us your box design and we'll take it from there!

Submitting your Artwork

Box Dimensions: 13cm x 13cm x 5cm

Please use our box template to design your artwork. The template is available as either a pdf or an Adobe Illustrator file. Custom Kit Template (pdf)
Custom Kit Template (Adobe Illustrator file)

If you know you want custom kits, please go ahead and submit your order now even if your artwork is not ready. This will allow us to schedule production and start preparing your kits. After ordering, submit your artwork as an email attachment to maxwell@penguinmagic.com

If you'd like to hire one of our designers to design your box, we offer custom box design for $ 150.

Each of your kits will include 10 great tricks!
  • Ball and Vase
  • Obedient Ball
  • Star Paddle
  • Equal / Unequal Ropes
  • Number Vision
  • Cups and Balls
  • Coin Vanishing Pedestal
  • Thimble
  • Pyramid Puzzle
  • Acrobatic Cards
Each kit is packaged in a custom box and shrink-wrapped.

We recommend you sell your kits at a retail price of $ 10. At that price your kit is an amazing value and an easy sale after the show. The instructions (included) teach how to use each item plus an additional 15 tricks with everyday objects. The total number of tricks taught is 25 (10 physical tricks + instructions for 15 tricks with everyday objects). You can market the kit as containing 10 Tricks (just the physical tricks supplied) or 25 Tricks (including the 15 tricks with everyday objects taught in the instructions).

Manufacturer Says

Our custom kits are manufactured in India and shipped to the Penguin warehouse via ocean container. Please allow 8 - 16 weeks for delivery.

The price of shipping your kits from India to the Penguin warehouse (California) is included. You will be asked to cover shipping charges from California to your address. The cost of shipping 100 kits from California to addresses within the USA via UPS ground is approximately $ 20 - $ 50.

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