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Creme de la Creme by Joel Givens, Gregory Wilson & David Gripenwaldt (Instant Download)

Cream and sugar vanish from your hands and mix themselves into an ordinary cup of coffee!
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"Gripenwaldt independently conceived a similar creamer revelation that I created back in the 90s, but what Greg added to it really makes this the Crème de la Crème!" - Joel Givens

"You will savor the aroma of Crème de la Crème and the Joel Givens time-tested idea is as fresh as the coffee." - Justin Miller

"For a casual performance this is a miracle status level effect. Easy to do and yet so clean. You will be performing this within minutes of picking it up!" - Craig Petty

"Wow! What a powerful impromptu miracle to perform with something most people love — magic and coffee!" - Carl Andrews

"Gregory is a master of creating real magic from seemingly impromptu situations. Creme de la Creme is a perfect example." - Jon Allen

"With Creme de la Creme, Gregory Wilson combines two clever methods to create a clever caffeinated cup of creatively constructed conjuring." - George Tait

"This trick is so good that I gave it an equally good title, but Greg sat on his 'Dairy Air’ too long to make the change." - Raj Madhok

Sugar and cream vanish from your hand and mix themselves into your cup of coffee. Your audience gets an unbelievable moment and the perfect cup of joe. This is Creme de la Creme by Gregory Wilson & David Gripenwaldt.

Here’s what happens:

You set down a black cup of coffee, a pot of cream, and a couple of sugar packets on the table. You have your audience use their phone to take a picture of the coffee. Then, you pour the sugar and cream into your fist. With a magical gesture, the cream and sugar vanish. Your hands can even be examined because there are no extra special finger look-alike devices in play! Then you stir the coffee, and it visibly mixes with the cream and sugar as they reappear in the mix as if from nowhere! Literally, it’s a black cup of coffee one moment and then perfectly mixed with sugar and cream the next, and they have a before photo to compare it to. The best part? Everything is immediately examinable, and more importantly, the coffee is drinkable.

Creme de la Creme is an incredible coffee house trick that will leave your audience stunned. The small amount of preparation required for this effect is worth the big reactions you will get. Everything you need to perform Creme de la Creme is easily found at any coffee prep station, and armed with this knowledge, you can perform one of the most astonishing effects possible with just a cup of coffee. No special gimmicks are required; the secret is just as pleasing as the perfect cup of coffee you finish the routine with. Use your powers for delicious when you perform Creme de la Creme by Gregory Wilson & David Gripenwaldt.

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