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Comedy For Magicians and Mentalists VOL 2 by Nathan Kranzo (Instant Download)

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This time there are THIRTY EIGHT tricks, effects, gags, jokes, bits and pieces of debauchery.

Get the BOOK or the DOWNLOAD. OR BOTH!!!

***Ceck out the FREE SAMPLE. Scroll down to read the RISING WALLET!!!***

VOL. 2

Here is a list of just a SAMPLE of the effects that will be in the book....

Weed Play
ANNEMANN did not pick many losers. " A Cigarette by Proxy," was an effect he thought to be a great opener for any club act. The effect is credited to Orville Meyer, appeared in the Jinx and was reprinted in Jinx Programme No. I.
Briefly, the effect is that of a " trick " rolling of a cigarette. Tobacco is put in a cigarette paper, and paper and tobacco are then popped into the mouth. After a few violent cheek movements, the rolled cigarette works its way out at the lips. It is then lighted, and the performer goes on into his routine. This, as Annemann suggested, might well be the vanish of a lighted cigarette.
I have always LOVED this plot but never liked the handling. One day the presentation finally dawned on me. We've all heard the story about the guy who gets pulled over by the cops and has a bag of weed so he tries to eat it before the cop can find it.
Now we have a great presentation!
Plus its a lot cooler with a joint.
It took me years to figure out the right materials to perform this effect. I will tip the real work on how to perform this.

Perfect Timing
This is a great and VERY visual bit that you can use to loosen up your audience and get them laughing. You'll use it for stage and close up.

Electric Dove
Ever seen a dove fart sparks? yeehaw!!! (you don't need a real dove...)

Diabetic Cigarette
I have 5 ENTERTAINING minutes with this classic magic shop prop the Puff Cigarette. It is a great prop as it takes up no space. The jokes and lines are great and you'll learn how to use this gimmick in a very MAGICAL WAY.

Nice Mellons
This is a great presentatin for the classic Quantimental stand. Five objects displayed on a stand are hidden in five locations (or five pockets) and the mind reader is able to locate all five objects with 100% accuracy. The mechanism is a clever stand/base that holds the objects. You can find the card version still available for only around on the internets.
I've disguised the prop and also use modern objects that are funny, topical and socially hip. You will WANT THIS!!! Packs small plays HUGE.

Tongue Battery
A great piece of situational comedy that involves a classic of magic, you, a volunteer and a 9 volt battery. ; )

Rising Wallet.
An AMAZING transposition. It is a RISING CARD gone wrong effect. Rather than the selected card rising... random items from your wallet, like a dollar bill, drivers license, and credit card all rise from the deck! When you check your wallet... it is now a deck of cards and the deck of cards in your other hand INSTANTLY changes into your wallet. This is amazingly visual.

You guessed it. The selected card is now found inside the wallet.

This effect is amazing and I predict will be one of the most performed effects in the book.

For this effect you will need a couple of existing props that you probably already own. One of them is a rising card effect. While the method can vary I use the Arne Card Rise. This is the version with a piece of sticum and a weight that slides causing the card that adheres to it to rise out of the deck.

You will also need a fake foam wallet. They just so happen to make a fantastic one that was created by Tom Burgoon and is sold by Magic by Gosh. Steve Goshman rocks and he is cool. Order his stuff!

You'll also need a twenty dollar bill (denomination doesn't really matter), a driver license or similar I.D. card, and another item from your wallet like a credit card or picture of your kids or a condom etc.

These three OTHER items must be similar in size to a playing card; at least as big or smaller. If they are bigger, it will be difficult to hide them in the deck. The only thing that tends to be a problem is the money, so I just fold it up and it is still just as effective.

So the idea is simple. A card is selected and lost in the deck. You place the deck into a plastic bag and give it a little shake announcing “the card you are thinking off will rise from the deck!”

Having said that a twenty dollar bill rises, after this false start you try again and this time the credit card pops up, and then the driver license, etc. Finally you say “that’s all stuff that is from my wallet.” As you say this you slowly turn to your side and grab for your wallet. When you reach for it you pull out the DECK of Cards instead... and when you face forward again the deck that was just in your hand is now YOUR WALLET.

And yes, you guessed it. The wallet is opened to reveal the selected card inside.

This BLOWS people away.
The idea is absurd. Visually amazing. Social props doing absurd things. The visual of a CONDOM rising from the deck is really funny and cool.

Shock Collar Gag
A highly visual sight gag that will have you running off to go find your Funkenring.

My name is Mic
Another hilarious sight gag that will get the audience laughing and loosened up. Use it whenever you have a microphone.

Xray Stabbing
A presentation for the classic Card Stab that involves gore and blood and questionable decisions.

Reset Gag
This is just mean. You'll want to perform it as soon as you read it. It involves soaking someone's crotch with water while they are unaware of it. My only regret is I couldn't get you with this gag before you read it.

Harbin's Paper
Based on an old idea from Robert Harbin you apparently hypnotize several people into thinking a piece of paper tastes like a buttery biscuit, a peppermint and finally a piece of shit. Good times.

Card to Tampon
Just like it sounds. A SIGNED selection is lost and then found INSIDE a sealed and freely selected random tampon.

Mushroom from shoe
Foot Fungus got you down? This funny site gag will cheer you up.

The classic Brainwave Card Effect done with EGGS!!! An egg is freely selected from a carton of a dozen eggs. Amazingly they choose the ONLY egg that is NOT ROTTEN...and to prove it you toss the other eggs into the audience! This has become a favorite effect of mine and one of the few effects from these pages I have performed at Magic conventions. It always gets a HUGE laugh. This gag is so much fun to perform.

Condom Psychometry
A test of Psychometry. You are able to detect danger by finding the ONE condom with a hole in it...while blindfolded!!!

Psychic Gonorrhea
You'll just have to wait and see on this one.

The Ejaculation Force
A very cool book test you can perform with a normal book. This really is a great book test......disguised as a comedy revelation that will surprise many and disgust all.

Pepper Spray Roulette
Why use a fucking knife? The audience will be much more interested in the effect if there is a chance the first seven rows will have burning eyes and bloody tears.

Flash Key Gag
A great visual gag you can use ANY TIME you vanish a borrowed object. It is very funny and it uses Fire. Double Bonus.

Card Plant
Whenever I need to borrow a deck of cards I use this gag. Its a gag thats great for stand up and stage. Gets the audience laughing and is quite unexpected!

Pussy Magnet
Great sight gag. You can probably already visualize it! : )

Aaron's Smoking Gag
I use this gag whenever I am performing and need to have a card or a dollar bill signed. Its a great extension of the old "sniff the Sharpie" gag.

Money Shot
A visual and pretty darn magical production gag that involves masturbation and money. Something we all need.

Peanut production
Another side splitting visual gag. The production is so ironic and funny you'll be running to go and tryit!

ME and You Guys
Great comedy bit you can use with a slate or any pad of paper. I use it to get the audience on my side and let them know I'm a fun performer and they are about to have a great time!!!

Tampon Popper
You ever think a party popper kinda looks like a tampon with the little string hanging out? Me too.

Eye Pad
A sight gag that is funny and topical. Everyone either has an ipad or has seen one so this is a great one to take advantage of.

Dollar Bill to fly
A borrowed and signed bill vanishes only to be found in your pants. With empty hands you slwoly unzip your fly and cleanly extract the bill from your pants. There is more where that came from....

Hot Book For Jevoha
Billy McComb would be proud! Have a Hot Book or FIre Book that looks like a BIBLE on hand for the next visit from the local church. As you go to quote scripture light/ignite the book and scream like a little girl as you say "satan is among us". This really sells it.

Gag Finger
A classic piece of Comedy Mentalism spruced up that will fool and entertain. It also is a little gruesome.

Water to wine
This is a great effec to either on stage OR close up. You pour a little water from a bottle of water into your fist. When you dump it back out it is now wine. You offer to take everyone to the nearby drinking fountain to get drunk!

The Invisible Dildo.
Once again. You just have to be there.

Heart is in my throat
Another sight gag and play on words that will be one of those "why didn't I think of that" moments.


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