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10 O'Clock Hour by Scott Alexander (DVD Download)

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Who the hell is Scott Alexander? Why haven't I heard of him? The answer is simple...he's been working. Scott has been a top pro for many years and one of the busiest professionals in the world. His credits include Denny & Lee, Malone's Bar in Boca, cruise ships all over the world, Caesar Magical Empire, and now he's starring in his own show at Fitzgerald's in Las Vegas.

His style is simple...comedy that goes right to the center of the audience's brain. His choice of material is always professional, practical and easy to perform. His methods are easy so that he can spend his energy on entertaining but the effects are all blockbusters. The included routines come right from his working repertoire. They are not pipe dreams. Real workers that are easy to do. Soon everyone will know the name Scott Alexander!

Effects Included:

The Hat
Scott has taken an ancient bar bet and turned it into a closer. You'll learn professional grade choreography, presentation and the absolute best methods for handling whiskey filled shot glasses. Unique, funny and astounding.

Sense Of Color
How many color changing silk routines have you witnessed that make any sense. Only one...Billy McCombs fabulous half-dyed silk routine. Now there are two. Scott's routine is extremely easy with a blockbuster climax. Good for close up, parlor or stage. This one's a workers dream.

Matches Melt
Now that the universe is "No Smoking" the Cigarette In Coat classic is obsolete. This is Scott's practical solution. Brilliantly framed and yet other surprise finish. Easily worth the price of the DVD.

Jumping Jacks
Wow, a close up matrix style routine with kids jacks...jumping jacks! They do everything from transform to translocate in eye-popping new ways. Scott has developed a logical and extremely easy to do masterpiece that no longer requires coins!

This is a performance piece right out of Scott's comedy mental cruise ship act. It plays big or small, no problem. It's wacky, zany and right from Home Depot!

Diving Fork
If you do walk-a-round magic for money this routine will instantly go into your repertoire. It's Scott's terrific handling of the classic Card Stab.
It's easy to do, but impossible to figure out.

A Short Story
This is off the wall. Scott has written a screenplay. But he's stuck on the last word. The audience decides what the word should be. But they soon find out Scott decided on the same word! Hmmm...

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 25th, 2016
I personally enjoy Scott Alexander and his performance style. I enjoy how he looks at magic and the twist and additions he gives to classic plots. The 10 O’clock show is filled with great useable material. Below I will go through each effect so that you can get a feel for the DVD.

The Hat
A shot glass disappears and reappears under a hat several times and the routine concludes with the production of a double shot glass. This seems like a fun routine and Scott gives the some helpful and interesting methods for the production of liquid. A great routine.

Sense of Color
This is Scott’s take on the classic color-changing silk effect. He says that he created this as his personality couldn’t fit the classic Billy McComb routine. Scott explains everything you need to know for this routine. He builds all the gimmicks in the studio and teaching you how to make the silk fountain for the effect. To answer your question, yes you can use it close up as Scott has.

Matches Melt
This is Scott’s take on the classic and now near politically incorrect “Cigarette in Coat”. Scott has made this effect into a full routine with a production of a glass of liquid from the volunteers coat to end the routine. This one is a crowd please and having used this in performance I can say Scott’s tips breathe new life into this classic!

Jumping Jacks
I loved this routine! For playing card jacks turn into actual jacks, then Scott does a matrix with them. To wrap up the routine, Scott has actually found a justified and realistic use for the Bounce No Bounce Balls. It’s not brain-melting magic but it does make for a fun routine.

Take one part Las Vegas Showman + a Tool Belt + a Deck of Cards and you get this fantastic routine. The cards are fairly mixed, placed into their box and nailed to a board. The volunteers tear off cards and the mentalist or tool man is able to know what cards they have selected. This is great and one of my favorites on the DVD. This is a great parlor effect, I love it.

Diving Fork
A napkin and fork are borrowed, and a card is selected and lost in the deck. After the deck is wrapped in the napkin the fork is thrust through the napkin and the deck and in the tines of the fork is their selected card. This effect is impromptu, uses a little sleight of hand, and has great visual impact. This is a good forking trick!

A Short Story
You show the audience your short story which is written on some blank playing cards. The volunteer, and in this case, fellow writer names any four-letter word, and that same word is the same word that ends your short story. This close-up effect is designed to be done when the performer is seated. It looks clean and is different than a pick a card effect.

The title of the DVD would suggest you will see a full evening show. All though you receive a full show worth of routines you do not get to see Scott perform a full show. The DVD is set up in effect, explanation, effect, explanation format. Personally, I enjoy seeing Scott perform and this lack of show from the 10 O’clock show was a small let down.

The routines presented are shot in the studio; however, some would have benefited from live performance.

I really enjoyed this DVD. Its mix of Close-up, stand-up, and stage material was great and should have something for everyone. All though Scott’s performance style may not match your own (it shouldn’t) I believe this DVD would benefit most magicians. So check out the 10 O’clock show, or don’t, the choice is yours.

4.5/5 Stars
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