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Peter Samelson LIVE: Small Changes make a Big Difference (Penguin LIVE)

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“Peter Samelson in my mind is exactly what all magicians should strive to be. He is clever, inventive and has a keen sense of how to make an audience care. I am proud to call him a personal inspiration and a friend. No matter who you are, you will benefit from listening to him.” -Kevin James

"I've had the pleasure of producing several projects with Peter Samelson and have seen him perform his signature routines at least a dozen times in studio and in front of live audiences and his performances always move me - and I can't tell you the last time any magic performance or performer has ever done that." -Bill Abbott

"Peter raises our art form to new levels. He has an incredible ability to not only leave his audiences in awe, but to emotionally connect with them in ways I never knew were possible." -Michael "Six" Muldoon

“Peter Samelson understands how to amaze. His depth of thought and attention to detail are blended with beauty and whimsy -- a great combination!” -Max Maven

“Peter Samelson is giving an online lecture? I’m THERE! Peter is a master of good magical construction. His sense of theatricality, scripting, and fine-tuning every important detail makes for some strong, memorable magic. Don’t watch this unless you really want to make your magic better.” -Francis Menotti

“The first time I saw Peter Samelson I was blown away at how different he was than any other magician I had seen. He spoke well. He treated the audience with respect. He stood up! At the time EVERYONE was tossing things in their laps. In other words… he was way ahead of his time. Watching Peter CHANGED what I thought of performing and helped shape me into whatever I am today. Thank you, Peter.” -Chris Kenner

“When a magician claims to do ‘theatrical magic’ it often means amateur acting, hackneyed storytelling and badly diluted magic overshadowed by the lame attempt at theater. Peter Samelson does sophisticated, intelligent theatrical magic where the mystery is kept in focus, and the theatrical elements add emotion and relevance rather than detract from the magic. Listen to this man. He knows things.” -Eric Mead

“Peter is one of the hardest working magicians I know, he is never afraid of stepping out of his comfort zone and trying something completely new and perfecting it for as long as it takes.” -Asi Wind

What will he teach?

Everything in Theatrical Close-Up will be performed and most of it explained. All the presentations will be discussed… including:

Cigarette and Thimble

Mat and Thimble

Sponge Ball Snacks

In the Hand-Off
Shoelace with spectator’s ring

Mimetic Slo-Mo
A slow motion coin vanish

Ring of Truth
Ring and rope routine

New York Transpo
Spectator’s selected card ends up as the only blue-backed card in a red-backed deck. This signed red-backed card changes places with the performers signed card while both are under the performer’s hands. The performer’s and spectator’s signatures switch places on the selected cards .

There will also be work on a Ring Flite ending to the two previous Ring & Rope routines with a segment on how to handle and use the Richard Sanders AnyRing, and an ending using the Nick Einhorn Nest of Wallets for two different situations – walk around and formal…

Also, there will be performance and teaching of the Larry Jennings Cup Routine and Slydini’s Coins Through Table to talk about emotional justification…

Peter will explain some theatrical techniques and scripting concepts supported by performances of Body Snatchers, and his presentations of the Gypsy Thread and Snowstorm routines.

And, perhaps, we'll convince him to perform Smoke – his magnificent routine (set to music) with coins, smoke, and a wine glass.

Plus, there are certain to be some other surprises!

Who is he?

Christened the "soft-spoken conceptualist of sorcery" by the New York Times, Peter Samelson has performed atop the Great Wall of China, in the jungles of Bali and the universities of Tokyo. He has performed for Mexican peasants and Grand Prix race car drivers on the World Cruise of the Queen Elizabeth II.

He has entertained Princess Stephanie of Monaco, the jet-set of Paris and the fishermen mending their nets on the beaches of Cartagena. From Kenya to the Magic Castle, from television to trade shows, college campuses to commercials, the New York stage, night clubs and celebrity events, Peter Samelson has distinguished himself not only as a magician, but as an artist.

Peter performs and lectures at colleges, universities, and Theater and Performing Arts festivals. Peter has staged two one-man Off-Broadway shows; "The Magician" and "PaperWork." He also performs and designs for television, film and theater including: "What About Bob," "Whispers in the Dark," for Kraft Salad Dressing, host on a syndicated 13 part series on Magic, CNN's "Sonya Live!", Mabou Mines, The Bermuda Theater Festival, the new musical "Houdini" and the PBS Special, "The Art of Magic."

If you could ask ONE question to one of the world's most creative professional magicians, what would it be?

If you've never been to a magic lecture, there’s never been a better time. Sunday March 9th at 7:00pm, we're live-streaming Peter Samelson LIVE in a spectacular 2-hour interactive online lecture. Watch, ask questions and learn things you won't find in any book or DVD.

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  1. Purchase the Peter Samelson LIVE “product”. This is your ticket.
  2. On Sunday March 9th, anytime before 7:00pm Eastern, click the “MyPenguinMagic” area at the top of the Penguin site. You'’ll see the livestream appear 1 hour before showtime. At 7pm sharp, Peter will hit the stage and begin his JAM-PACKED professional lecture.
  3. Sit back and watch over 2 hours of DVD-quality live streaming magic from the comfort of your own home.
  4. Ask Peter questions and discuss the tricks DURING the lecture.


Reserve your seat anyway. Within 24 hours of ending, you’ll be able to download and/or watch the full lecture on-demand, and go over all the great routines and subtleties as many times as you want. It’ll be waiting for you in your “MyPenguinMagic” area.

Magicians flock to see “workers” give talks. Why? Because these guys see and learn things that you won’t find in any book or DVD. Yes, you'll be learning some incredibly powerful A-material, but the INVALUABLE stuff will be the insight you learn along the way.

This lecture is for everyone, from the beginner to the professional and for magicians and mentalists alike. Don’t miss it!

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Great lecture for real workers of magic. Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 10th, 2014
If you perform effects with rings, rope, cards, coins, flowers, imps, coins again because there is a lot of great work with coins, thimbles, cups, handkerchiefs, cigarettes, or you want to consult on theatre or movies, and you are or want to be working for real audiences and getting paid...Watch this lecture. The title truly says it all. Peter shares his personal effects, his take on classics, and in each he shows the little changes he makes that make them more magical, that justify all the moves, and that entertain.

This lecture is chock full of great ideas and little moments to add to anyone's work. I have taken away many subtitles that I know I will use, and I usually perform mentalism. Peters material is tried true and tested on literally thousands of audiences. And he even shares some new thinking for a mental piece that he is still working out.

Also, Peter performs his classic work from Theatrical Close Up as well as sharing the rebirth of "Smoke" which is a beautiful routine with coins, smoke and a glass that he hasn't shared for a very long time. Peter ends the lecture with a performance of his classic snowstorm (the one that inspired most snowstorms performed today). Go watch it, you will earn something...
3 of 3 magicians found this helpful.
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One of Penguin's BEST lectures! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 9th, 2014
Peter Samelson brought his "A" game and tipped the real work on magic you WILL use!

Anytime and actual full time, working Professional shares his secrets of connecting with an audience, you will become a better performer yourself. That's exactly what happens with these lectures when you incorporate not just the tricks, but the thinking behind presenting magic, whether one on one, street, strolling or on stage.

HIGHLY recommended!
3 of 3 magicians found this helpful.
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Really good! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 21st, 2016
I really like this lecture. Peter has some really good stuff on here. Well worth the money.
Did this review help you? Do you want to respond to this review?
Small Changes Theory! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 31st, 2014
not mind-blowing magic in here, but Peter's theory of Small Changes is OUTSTANDING, it worth the price.
Did this review help you? Do you want to respond to this review?
Just OK Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 24th, 2014
I usually don't write bad reviews... but - though he does some good magic, and just good, not awesome... I personally just didn't like him or his style or teaching, doesn't mean he is bad but not my cup of tea, maybe why he didn't get many reviews? Sorry...
1 of 8 magicians found this helpful.
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