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In-visible by Albert Ho (Instant Download)

If you don't have the Invisible Deck, you can imagine one!
Price: $3.00
In stock: Download INSTANTLY.

You deal the cards, they stop at ANY card & remember it. You'll fail to find their card. You introduce the "Invisible Deck", they take their "invisible" card & place it in the visible deck. They say some magic words & Snap! Their invisible card is now visible.
They DON'T tell you what their card is AT ALL.
You can do this any time, anywhere, any deck.
Totally impromptu.
No setup.
No special deck.
No stooges.
No pinky breaking, passes.
No difficult sleights of hand.
No jokes.
You can also do this when you want to give someone a mental or psychological experience.
Welcome to In-visible !

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 1st, 2015
I made this purchase because I loved the idea of this trick for those moments where my grandmother hands me her 50 year old bridge sized playing cards and says "do that trick with the invisible cards." I do believe that a spectator walks away feeling nearly as fulfilled as they would with the Invisible Pack trick. So anyway, I know I could improvise my way to doing this effect on my own, but I bought Albert's instant download to see if he has some clever handlings. Well...he doesn't really. First, the effect is presented in a different language with subtitles. The kid speaks English, so I'm not sure why he couldn't just have his spectator nod and smile for our benefit while presenting it in English. I'm not sure that we needed repeated, slow motion explanations on how to do a regular straight cut, nor why he calls it a "double cut" when it's not. It's just a straight table cut. No sleight. Same thing explained in the magician's hand. These are presented before the explanation as though they are "moves" we are learning. So...basically, if you watch this video and say to yourself...how do I make this look less ugly during the magical moment...the answer is "he makes it look plenty ugly in the unedited version of the effect, and you'll have to make it look just as ugly unless you know a good way to make the magic happen. One thing I liked is his charlier cut at the moment of card replacement. It looks nice and camouflages a bit of the method.

I do not like that "no pinky breaks" is listed in product description. This might technically be true, but only technically.

$5....not really....seems like one of 10 tricks on a $20 dvd. However, I never really thought of this and I feel better paying this kid for the fact that I'll now be improvising the same effect.
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