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Peter Turner's The S.T.E.M. System with special guest Anthony Jacquin - Limited Edition (2 DVD SET)

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Peter Turner has been privileged to work on television, radio and live shows around the world as a consultant, expert and off screen advisor to some of the biggest names in our industry.

Peter finally reveals to you the secrets and techniques used behind the scenes to make those performers' performances look miraculous.

This DVD course is invaluable for live performance, or for performers looking to improve the level of their online content, promotional videos and social media campaigns by taking them to the next level. For the first time you will learn techniques to make your routines impossible to comprehend for your audiences without having to creatively edit or cut out chunks of the performance.

Also covered in over four hours of in-depth discussions are techniques on Hypnotic work, building premises and scripting your performance so everything seems very fair and without question. The course concludes in a discussion with Anthony Jacquin, the highly acclaimed hypnotist and performer.

This course, hosted by David Penn, not only covers pre-show, all of the effects and methods discussed can be used real time in live performances. This is an in depth study into a world that few performers get to know about, an area of mentalism that is rarely talked about.

The techniques on this project are invaluable for performers that market their brand with videos, advertise on social media, appear on radio and television or just want to know as much about this beautiful art form as is possible.

This DVD set is not for novices or amateurs because the material here is so powerful, you will leave your participants' minds BLOWN!

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Very useful advice. Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 11th, 2016
Okay... I'm going to try and go as in-depth as I can with this review. This DVD course is a must have for anybody wanting to do things in video whether it's YouTube, Facebook or even a video to send over to potential clients or TV producers. If that's what you're after this course is a must have.

There is a lot of valuable advice in this DVD course which will help you towards making your videos. A lot of the advice in the course isn't handed directly to you it's something that you have to really study to get what you need out of it. This course Focuses a lot on P**S*** which is very very useful. Breaking down different parts of the DVD some of my favourite parts were he goes into detail on how to take smaller things and make them a lot bigger I really liked that and there were some very valuable pieces of advice in this section which I have applied to recent videos I have been filming, there was also discussions on how to approach and get people involved with your filming which was very helpful and I have applied these techniques a number of times when I have gone filming recently and they have worked amazingly well, there is also advice on how to prep people for your performance and how to make it look unprepared on the video (I am trying to say what I can without giving away too much) and that was some really useful advice which I can tell you from experience of trying these techniques out recently that it makes the video itself have a lot more of a natural feel to the viewers which I think is great. There are a few tricks taught but the tricks are not important part the important bits are the techniques behind the tricks techniques which you can take and run with in your own way, Peter even stated on the DVD his definition of a professional "somebody who's going to learn something and not regurgitate it and use it when they have been shown it but instead use it in their own way" so you're not being showing tricks you're being shown tools that allow you to create your own things which this is a constant Factor throughout the DVD.

Disc 2 focuses mostly on hypnosis, hypnosis p** S*** and there is an entire Google Hangout chat with Anthony Jacquin where there is some incredibly valuable advice on using hypnosis for videos and to use hypnosis to make your videos more effective, so if you do hypnosis you'll find the information in disc 2 to be like pure gold. Even though this DVD course is geared more towards people making videos some of the techniques taught can easily be adapted to a live performance scenario.
The bottom line is if you're looking to make videos this course is extremely valuable it's not for everybody if you're a beginner then I would probably recommend avoiding this DVD, but if youre somebody who is looking to get their own Web Series or to do some videos to send off to TV or potential clients this DVD course will help you a lot along the way.

It is very difficult to talk about this DVD set as they have been very vague on the ad copy and trailer but I hope this helps you.
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what did you expect ? Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 21st, 2016
if you like the style and methodology and type of mentalism Turner performs or teach then you will love this product ,add to that the awesomeness of Anthony Jacquin for those who know about him and that deliveres a well filmed and executed product
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awesome Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 8th, 2016
great stuff by turner...a must have
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