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DAT Challenge Duplication by Jakob Smith (Instant Download)

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DAT Challenge Duplication is a Drawing Duplication from the young, creative and mature mind of Jakob M. Smith.

An answer to creating a fun, engaging and remarkable challenge of mind reading for our audiences. It can be tongue and cheek or be played absolutely serious.

Imagine your audience electing a skeptic to oversee your experiment and making them begin to question their skepticism in front of everyone’s eyes real time. Everyone cheers and applauds as chip away at their skepticism real time, with the elected skeptic verifying everything is fair as you replicate a memory an audience member apparently of their choosing is thinking of.

Next you replicate the drawing they have in mind from their memory with a big visual drawing duplication.

Finally, you end by going one step above the final challenge posed to you and everyone, including your skeptic, is blown away by you going beyond what they could have even imagined!

Does it require dexterity and complicated moves? No, it's semi-automatic and has been as simplified as possible.

Is there work before the show? There can be, but not in the way you are probably thinking.

Is this sure fire? Yes.

Is this an act in your pocket? Yes.

If you're a parlor or stage performer looking for something that fits in your pocket, costs about a buck to produce and has an entire theatrical presentation where you convert a skeptical audience into a believer then this is probably for you.

"This is a beast routine, people! Jakob had something very nice here"
-Ross Tayler

"Very nice routine – a clever linking of some of the coolest techniques in mentalism into a coherent and dramatically satisfying whole."
-Chris Philpott

"Jakob has put together a well-structured presentation of a multi-phase drawing dupe effect. He combines bits and pieces from various sources, all credited, and turns it into an effect that can easily be a closer to any act.”
-Greg Arce

"DAT Challenge Duplication will be DAT one thing you do and DAT one thing that they will all talk about."
-Dale A. Hildebrandt

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Interesting Production Quality, solid idea Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 20th, 2016
The method presented is actually very clever. You basically have a show in your pocket with this idea. I will be using this for sure.

The production quality was interesting. It wasn't bad, but it was different. At one point there was a cat walking behind the Jakob while he was describing a portion of the method. There were also moments that could have been shortened and a bit of rambling here and there.

My favorite part of the dvd was the portion of describing a memory with a spectator long before you get to the any drawing duplications or reveals. It to me is possibly some of the strongest portion of this routine. You reveal the memory without fishing or any of the traditional methods to reveal a memory. There is one condition about the memory but its so far off that people wouldn't think to go there while backtracking.

The title of this is the Dat drawing duplication... In traditional drawing duplication terms this isn't a drawing duplication so much. The audience isn't going to be drawing something, but in this routine you do reveal using a drawing. That was one weakness to the routine. I was expecting this to be a true drawing duplication, but that it was not.

Overall I gave this 4 stars because the production quality was interesting at times. Jacob seemed at times to be most comfortable especially during the dream description portion and that's the portion I enjoyed the most. Overall this is a very very good routine, something that you could instantly add to your show and with the proper scripting and timing could be something everyone leaves remembering.

Jacob, is a talented professional who cares about the art and the subtleties of his craft. He takes a deep dive into this routine. I would recommend this to any beginning to intermediate mentalist looking to add something to their stand up show that is fully 100% a worker.
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