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Book Of Champions By Jacob Smith (Instant Download)

The booktest of champions!
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If you're looking for a truly powerful, fresh and astounding take on a classic then you're at the right place.

Imagine a book test that looks like it has to use some kind of special book, complex preshow or special gimmick with none of the above.

With this book test you will truly be able to pick up any book, have you participant open to a FULL page of text and even have them change their minds from words on the page.

Even after changing their minds multiple times and agreeing that it's impossible for you to know anything about what they are thinking, you know their word they settle on...

Here is the kicker...

You now also know facts about the words they almost thought of and can even recall their mental journey!

They are astonished!

NO SPECIAL BOOKS! (though it is optional)
NO PEEKS (though you can use it with similar methods)
NO SET UP (variations vary)

Just under forty minutes of in-depth training and ideas that you WILL use!

Start looking like the greatest mind reader on the planet, anytime and anywhere today!

P.S. Also included are bonus ideas as well as one special Iphone idea that's guaranteed to be a go to effect that's always on you!

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Overpriced Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 3rd, 2016
I should have went with my gut instinct and avoided this, but decided to give it a shot....big mistake.

This is basically a collection of couple of book test ideas/techniques that are other people's creations. All incoherently thrown together in this 37 min video download. There is no real detail provided...however, any seasoned or well read mentalist will indeed know the main method already.

There is also nothing of value outside the basic method. If you do not know the method already, this could have SOME value for you, but not worth.

There is a "bonus" at the end, which requires an iPhone, but he doesn't even SHOW you how to do it, because he is using his iPhone to record...why wasn't this thought of when planning? DUH.

Also, when you are shooting if something isn't working on video (i.e. you don't have chalk for your chalkboard or you have low lighting), don't just keep shooting and put a graphic on the screen apologizing for the mistake...RE-SHOOT THE DARN THING!!! This is SO unprofessional.

Through the performance the performer is standing at profile and almost with his back turned to the camera!

I would not feel as cheated as I do had this been a or PDF download.

Again, other creators ideas thrown together to make a buck.
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Great collection of ideas and principles Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 2nd, 2016
Jacob has taken many principles from some of the best in the field and brought them together in the form of a book test. I was familiar with all of the little subtleties and nuances from these creators but it was refreshing to see them used in this way. Definitely a "why didn't I think of that moment". Even if you aren't familiar with some of the techniques used in the method, it would be a great place to start learning as Jacob does a fine job giving references and additional foods for thought. This book test allows for multiple chances of hits which is better than "You're thinking of a word? Okay, your word is..." Overall, this is good material to spice up your book test as I know mine was lacking until now.

What I was most excited for in this release was the bonus Jacob was kind enough to include. I have been using iPhones for effects such as iCurveball by Oz Pearlman and Gallery by Marc Spelmann but the updated iOS limits Gallery and I've had a small problem with iCurveball's method (not going too deep but it's difficult to perform this under certain circumstances). Jacob's contribution allows you to reveal a thought of song, person or photo from someone's phone in the easiest and cleanest way possible. Another "Why didn't I think of that?!?". This has sparked my interest in bringing these effects back to my close up act thanks to this little idea. Much appreciated Jacob.

Totally worth the investment.
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Recipe for AWESOMENESS!!! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 23rd, 2016
This is totally jam packed with information!

First off Jacob teaches an excellent way to divine a word your spectator has chosen! He also goes into great depth in what material to look for to find even more subtleties and techniques to make this even stronger!

Secondly his bonus effect is great as well! It is an impromptu mental effect using an iPhone.

This is some pretty great stuff here, a great starting point for a beginner or even a place for someone more seasoned to gain a very well built routine.
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