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Surya's Device Pro by Sorcery Manufacturing

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Surya's Device is the next evolution in ITR technology, this is not to be compared with any other ITR release from the past. This takes IT to an entirely new dimension, opening up a new realm of possibilities. Unlike the ITR that depended on an external anchor point, this device is self-contained and perfect for the close-up or street magic performer, no wax balls to worry about makes this a dream come true!

All the routines with this device use only borrowed props, you start clean and end clean, there is literally no reset involved or required, as long as you have the device with you, you are always ready to go.


  • Surya Device
  • Miracles DVD

    On The Miracle's DVD
    Eight Amazing Routines
  • 3 phases of the Haunted Pack routine
  • 2 phases of a brilliant breakthrough with the linking rubber bands.
  • The Flying Ring Routine.
  • The Zero G. Currency Floating Bill routine
  • Plus Two Amazing P.K. Effects
    Including lighting tips, Refill install information, Vectra Upgrade refills available, thanks to a special arrangement with Steve Fearson.

    This device is a game changer for the close up performer, many of the past classic routines are now possible in a practical way. The fact that all the props can be examined before and after the routine is just the icing on the cake. We think you will really enjoy using this and we see this device becoming a long term classic just like the ITR. We hope you enjoy using it and look forward to seeing all the amazing routines and innovations that you end up creating, this device is only limited by your imagination.

    All the routines are practical and easy to do.

    No reset required, you are always ready to perform.

    All the props can be borrowed. Starts clean and ends clean.

    Surya's Device is the Next Evolution, a Tool designed by a working professional, for working professionals.
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    THIS IS THE NEXT EVOLUTION IN ITRS!!! Report this review
    Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 18th, 2014
    Hi guys!

    Some of you might remember me as the guy that gives a super, in-depth, detailed review of my experiences with the products that I have purchased from here or another site. Usually, I'd like to take a few months to a year or more, before I review a product, but recently, I've purchased WAY too many products to give every product on here a review (3-4 years of “magical” purchases throws a guy like me, back on reviews; thus I don't write a review as quickly as I used to). That having been said, I bought Surya's Device on September 9th, 2014 and am currently writing my review on September 18th, 2014. The reason why I'm judging Surya's Device so quickly (not a year, not a few months, not even a few weeks!!!) would be due to the fact that THIS DEVICE IS A WORKER!!!!! (I'll elaborate more on this to help you make a more informed decision, later on in this review).

    Having been fortunate enough with my income, I own just about every ITR that there is out there (James George's first/Original ITR, Original Micro ITR, New Micro ITR, Kevlar Boss Reel (I have half a dozen of these), Alpha reel, Titan ITR, Webspinner, Thread Bullet (I have a dozen of these lol) Kevlar Pen, The Locking ITR, Spider Pen, Spider Pen Pro, Deck TR and now this! Whew.. What a long list). If you're like me and have the extra cash floating around to spend, then do what I did and buy them all! That way, you could adapt to every situation that's out there! However, if your budget is limited, or you think that I'm overly insane with all my purchases, then I have here, some very helpful information that will help you make a more informed decision for which ITR device is right for you!

    Traditional ITRS require an external anchor point and contain a restricted walking distance. There are hook-ups to get around this restriction, but I only know of a few that are practical enough for the everyday environment. Unless you're very knowledgeable with ITRS and could come up with several routines utilizing your ITR, then you're restricted to certain environments such as a stage, for example. Dont get me wrong, I've seen various adept performers performing routines in walk-around situations and even bar type venues using either an external anchor point or a body hook-up. However, I've seen more external hook-ups used with a traditional ITR (not bad if you're in the correct performing environment with ample space) than a traditional body hook-up with an ITR (I know a TON of body hook-ups with traditional ITRS, but none of them are as versatile as Surya's Device). Hook-ups such as the ones taught on Invisible, Fearson's adapted ITR hook-up, Defiance, Centrifugal, and even an effect that I still use and rely on until this day, Oblivion, DO NOT EVEN COME CLOSE TO SURYA'S DEVICE AND IT'S VERSATILITY!!! All of the DVD'S that I have listed above, come with workable material, BUT some of those DVD'S have only one or two great eye-popping effects on them; some only have one, followed by a ton of other fill in effects and some have all eye-popping effects, but sadly enough, none of them are as practical as Surya's Device (what I mean by that, is they either contain a massive setup, require a certain environment where people won't get in the way of your performance, OR you're super close and ready to perform a close-up miracle for your spectator(s), but you have this HUGE uncomfortable move that you'll have to pull off to get into the effect and you have to do those moves WHILE your audience is watching you). With Surya's Device, not only do you NOT have to carry around a wax ball, but you have NO EXTERNAL ANCHOR POINT AND THE BODY HOOK-UP NEVER, EVER, EVER, GETS IN YOUR WAY!!! There are NO UNCOMFORTABLE moves to get in and out of, NO CERTAIN ENVIRONMENT BECAUSE PEOPLE GOT IN YOUR WAY OF PERFORMING, NO MASSIVE/TRICKY SETUPS, AND ALL ROUTINES ARE MINDBLOWINGLY PRACTICAL TO THE POINT WHERE YOU COULD PERFORM WITH BORROWED OBJECTS AND END ABSOLUTELY CLEAN!!!! The best part is, like I had mentioned earlier on, is that there's NO WAX TO WORRY ABOUT and NO DISTANCE RESTRICTIONS since an external anchor-point is NOT being used.

    So is this Evolutionary???

    Comparing Surya's Device to the Spider Pen, Spider Pen Pro, and the Deck TR, I'd say that it depends on an individual's perspective, but for the most part (and in my opinion) it would be evolutionary due to the fact that you could perform impromptu effects on the fly WITH NO SETUP; that ALL ROUTINES SEEN IN THE DEMO VIDEO ARE PRACTICAL, USABLE, WORK IN EVERY PERFORMANCE CONDITION FOR THE WORKING PERFORMER, AS WELL AS THE ADDITION OF NOT HAVING TO RELY ON A BATTERY (again, don't get me wrong, my S.P.P. is still on the same battery it was on alittle over a year ago and works perfectly fine, but you never know)!! The S.P., S.P.P., and Deck TR, are evolutionary in the sense that they are powered by a motor (with the addition that Deck TR could be programmed to assist in animations, opening doors to a ton of new applications) allowing the performer to walk EXTREMELY SUPER DUPER FARAWAY FROM A FLOATING OBJECT (virtually, you have NO distance restrictions at all) making the S.P., S.P.P., as well as Deck TR, evolutionary compared to that of a traditional ITR that carries with it, a distance restriction. Even with the unmentioned aspects of the Deck TR (that I will not get into), Surya's Device is by far, THE MOST PRACTICAL DEVICE THAT I'VE EVER USED!!! I'LL BE USING ALL THE ROUTINES TAUGHT ON THE DVD WHICH I ALMOST NEVER DO!!! I WOULD HAVE GLADLY PAID DOUBLE THE PRICE FOR THIS AND THE INCLUDED ROUTINES!!! HELL, THE TWO RUBBER BAND EFFECTS TAUGHT ON THIS DVD ARE WELL WORTH THE PRICE OF THE DVD ALONE! IF THIS WERE A STAND-ALONE DVD WITH ONLY THOSE TWO EFFECTS ON IT WITH NO ITR OR OTHER ROUTINES, I'D STILL BUY IT!!! THIS IS MOST DEFINITELY WORTH YOUR CONSIDERATION!!! MOST SUPER HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR THE WORKING PERFORMER THAT WOULD LIKE TO PERFORM CLEAN, PRACTICAL, EASY-TO-DO, MIRACLES (WITHOUT UNCOMFORTABLE MOVES), IN ANY ENVIRONMENT!!!! XD

    (P.S: I've performed the two rubber band effects taught on this DVD for a few people and man... I've yet to have anybody not swear and say “give me that, let me see that!” Only laugh and curse out-loud when they can't reconstruct the impossible. Btw, YES, Linking the rubber bands IS THAT CLEAN!!! You link them, then unlink them, and you IMMEDIATELY HAND OUT THE RUBBER BANDS!!! NO QUESTIONS, NO DISTRACTIONS, NO DITCHES OF ANY SORT, AND NO FALSE MOVES!!! IT'S A MIRACLE!!! AN EVOLUTION INDEED!!!).

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    Great idea .. not so good engineering Report this review
    Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 10th, 2015
    I don't know if this can be considered a revolution to reel devices like others said. Maybe if it was well built then yes but It not and it breaks quite easily. Nice idea but I wish more thought was put into it. If you decide to buy it you will see how it's cheaply made and poorly assembled and how pieces can easily pop out of their position.
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    Finally! Report this review
    Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 17th, 2014
    This is the device that I have been waiting for. I have been using my own methods to accomplish similar effects but it just wasn't as smooth. I am glad that this was made. Other "game changers" that have come out overror the past two years don't come close.
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    Breaks Report this review
    Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 7th, 2017
    I agree that it's very good and workable in the real world but mine broke within minutes and I haven't used it since. If this was even remotely durable I would double my rating but it's just too fragile
    5 of 5 magicians found this helpful.
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