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Zombie Ball (2PARTS) by Uday

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The magician covers a large ball with a cloth. Then, while he holds onto the cloth just by the corners the ball begins floating off the table and moving around seemingly on its own! To end, the ball comes to rest back on the table and the cloth is removed.

Foulard not included

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Uday's Gleaming Globe Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 24th, 2011
Since I didn't particularly like the Vernet Zombie I decided to write about Uday's. This ball is a little larger than the average zombie ball and it is beautiful, a chrome/mirror like finish that I thought I might not like because it might reflect the gimmick (wire) but it did not. It worked like a charm. The foulard that came with the package was beautiful too although you do need to iron it to take out the folds.

The only draw back that I could find in this product was that because the ball has such a highly reflective surface, you have to be sure and remember to wipe away any finger prints on the ball before performance time. If you order Uday's Zombie Ball you will like it a lot too.

I DO recommend that you pick up a DVD on Zombie. The DVD I have is "World's Greatest Magic: the Secrets of the Zombie Ball". It's great (5 stars)!

Penguin Magic is a wonderful place for all my performance needs!
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ZOMBIE BALL BY UDAY Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 3rd, 2017
Every single magician should own one of this zombie ball. Absolutely amazing and mind blowing. The way its made is fabulous. Very good quality. I highly recommend this trick to all parlor magicians. Uday's items are very cheap so get one of these. You should also look at other tricks he manufactures such as blendo plus
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Disapointing gimmick Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 5th, 2015
The ball is nice, the silk is nice. The gimmick is almost useless. Really disappointed, worst penguin purchase yet. The gimmick does not use cork, but a plastic part that does not full fit. The ball is loose and wobbly. I had a zombie for years and was looking to upgrade. Wish I didn't.
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Quality issues: Seam is too visible , minimal instructions Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 23rd, 2020
- The Uday zombie ball is 5"inches in diameter which is the size I prefer and is not as common as the 4" in. balls. So I took a chance on this one , hoping I'd have a decent back-up ball. But as it is , I would only use this Uday ball as a practice ball to avoid denting my performance ball. Unfortunately, the seam where the two halves fit together is very visible. The two halves of the ball I received don't fit together securely. I'll add a few small dabs of wax or sticky-tak placed around the inside rim to hold the halves together more securely. The quality of the Uday ball doesn't compare well to the better zombie balls I've seen or used. In my experience, some Uday items are good quality props, some are not so good. I think Uday's quality control is an issue. This one is not so good , but I'm just going to use it as a practice ball.

- The part of the gimmick that connects to the ball fits loosely, as noted in another review here, but is fixable by using a bit of electrical tape to pad it , or replacing it with the usual thing.

- IMPORTANT to point out: minimal instructions are included with Uday's zombie ball. From these instructions you would not get a good idea of how to perform this properly if you weren't already familiar with the effect. It's really almost like no instructions on HOW to perform the effect, just a brief explanation of the basic mechanics of the trick. Not a big deal for me as I'm already familiar with it , but this would be disappointing and inadequate for someone who has never worked with this effect before. If you haven't performed Zombie before, I would suggest looking for a Supreme Magic Co. publication by Lewis Ganson called "Ganson's Magic Teach-In Series: Zombie , the Floating Ball". It's out-of-print, but there is an e-book/pdf version of it available if you can't locate a used hard copy of the actual book. The Lewis Ganson Teach-In on the Zombie is also part of "The Complete Ganson Teach-In Series" by Lewis Ganson and L&L Publishing , which is available from Penguin. And/or get the L&L instructional video "World's Greatest Magic: Zombie Ball" available from Penguin.

- Note that the listing above says: "Foulard not included" , but the one I received DID have a foulard included , solid black. The foulard quality is not bad , although I don't think solid black is the best choice , I would use a solid color foulard. I already have a foulard from Losander , so I'll use this for something else. In his lectures, Losander recommends using a foulard with a solid color on the front and black on the back, so you could find a solid color cloth of the same size and similar material (silk/polyester) , then sew the two together.

Overall, I can't really recommend the Uday zombie ball except as a practice ball to avoid denting your performance ball when you're rehearsing. ** 2 Star review because of the minimal instructions and the highly visible seam on the ball.
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