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Insider Secrets Book Bundle by Tony Clark

A great book!
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Tony Clark's
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Book Components:
This book package is jam-packed with a culmination of Tony Clark’s 30 years of first hand experience as a professional magician, producer and consultant as well as from some of the worlds best magicians he had the honor of learning from. Tony will share priceless time test Insider Secrets that will help you improve your act , career and business in the quickest time possible. *Also includes video links that take you to visual examples of what Tony is teaching. A great way to learn!

*In addition to Tony’s printed hardbound book and digital version, you will also receive Tony Clark’s Secrets of winning Work Book and Secrets of winning audio recording. This comes from Tony Clark’s highly acclaimed Act Development Power Pack. He passionately teaches his techniques on raising your act to the highest level possible. You can use this information and tools to prepare your act for a contest or to get your act to a polished level by a specific date. You will achieve massive improvements to help you attain a successful career as an amateur or professional stage performer. 

The wonderful element about this motivational, educational and inspirational system is that you can use it again and again to keep raising your act to even higher levels.
Plus! you get 5 Insider Audio Interviews!

Insider Interviews include:

William E. Andrews: Mentor
Bill was Tony Clark’s mentor , business advisor and friend who helped launch his professional career. In this interview you will learn a wealth of knowledge from Bill who was a past National President for the SAM as well as a retired Vice President of the cosmetic giant Revlon. You’ll learn secrets to achieving quality in all aspects of your life.
All things Tony Clark himself has applied to achieve amazing results. Now you can you!

Jim Steinmeyer: Worlds greatest mind in modern magic
Jim is one of the world’s premiere magic and illusion designers. He also creates Illusions and special effects in theatrical shows from Broadway to Las Vegas. He has designed illusions for Doug Henning, David Copperfield, Siegfried and Roy, Harry Blackstone, Orson Welles, The Pendragons, Lance Burton, Mark Kalin and Jinger and many others. He will reveal the secrets of how the great magicians became great.
In this interview we talk about ethics and how to properly utilize and get the best out of a consultant.

Norm Nielsen: Magic Legend 

A legend in the world of Magic,Norm is probably the most respected artist around the world. His legendary manipulation act is one of a kind. Find out how he created his act and took it around the world.

Jack Goldfinger: Magic Castle Entertainment Director 

One of a kind advice from the Magic Castle’s entertainment director. Learn what he is looking for in an act and the proper way to submit yourself for consideration to be booked at the Magic Castle.

Richard Barrett: Comedy & Magic Club’s Entertainment Director

Richard shares advice and insight to the type of acts that fit into this legendary comedy club as well as the proper way to submit yourself for consideration of being booked there. 

Plus a Free
rare video interview with the Legendary

Mr. Electric – Marvyn Roy!

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One of the BEST books in magic. Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 17th, 2017
This book is amazing, I rank oit upon the top with Tarbell, maximum entertainment & The Fitzkee Trilogy. Tony Clark's insider secrets is like a mixture of all those books put together. Do you want to learn how to walk on stage and be a professional or learn how to address an audience then here is the key! I highly recommend this book to full timeers and Beginners. If you think this book will be your quick fix to be a full time worker you're wrong, its. Guide on how to work hard put time and effort in. So please take your time read this book and use the knowledge that Tony shares. It will make a difference! One last time I highly highly highly recommend reading this book!
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One of The Best Magicians Working Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 1st, 2017
Tony's long standing working career as a professional Magician speaks for it's self. Not to mention, producing live Magic shows in addition to his own performing.

I like taking advice from someone who has been working for 20+ years as a Magician. I learned and applied some of his advice. There is so much information in the book between the written and digital book, the audio interviews and the FREE Timing is Everything DVD, which has powerful Magic in it. There is something for everyone.

So, if you are looking to improve and take your act to the next level, please know that this book will help you get there.

I keep up with his products and will continue to learn from a Pro!
1 of 1 magicians found this helpful.
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Excellent Material Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 15th, 2017
I don't do a whole lot of reviews, but this book and package deserves one. I have no idea how someone could read all this and believe that there is nothing to be learned here (as in the review listed below). There are some bits in the book that you probably already put into action, but there was still so much to be gained for me, even after being a performer for many years.

For me, some of the most satisfying stuff to read were things that I have been thinking and saying for years, but that Mr. Clark has actually put to paper and released into the world. Magic would be a lot better off if this book were considered "required reading". There are a handful of other books that should also be read carefully (Fitzkee, McBride's Show Doctor, 5 Points ect.), but this one ranks right up there. I couldn't recommend it more highly.
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I really dislike giving bad reviews... Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 17th, 2017
But the Tony Clark package had no real content; he gives advice, but it's either common sense, or hollow like a shell advice, no depth.

I purchased this through Magic Apple (great people) and this was through one of the many things I bought from the money I gained through hard earned Magic gigs to create a more steady flow on land, I don't feel like leaving everything behind, and going out to sea weeks at a time to earn a living. (If you do, get Cruise Magic 101, it's one of my favorite books, and has depth and tons of content). I was relying on this book being my answer, not leaving a big hole in my pocket as it did.

Read it twice to make sure I'm not missing the picture, and outside of his tip "send a thank you card if you can get the clients address for events" (which I already do a variation of, I Frame pictures of each client after the event is done and give it to them as a present...) I learned absolutely nothing in the book.

DVD sadly didn't pull me in neither. Maybe I want performers who pull me in and bring the magic down to earth, or I could be a snot-nosed adult who was raised from looking up to Daniel Garcia, and my friend Eric Jones.

TL;DR Sorry to say this Clark, but your stage Magic IS AMAZING, but your book package is not. Cannot recommend to anyone.
2 of 5 magicians found this helpful.
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