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i-Lite CUP v.2 RED by Viktor Voitko

i-Lite CUP v.2 RED by Viktor Voitko
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Trick + Props + Downloading video instruction


"This is a GREAT idea. Congratulations! "Jeff Hobson. Veteran Las Vegas performer for 15 years. Headliner with the largest selling,touring magic show of all time, The Illusionists, with 2 seasons on Broadway.

"My friend Viktor Voitko created a perfect trick for Christmas parties. It is colorful and self-working... if  you like "lazy" tricks, you'll enjoy it as much as I do."Kate Medvedeva.President of the Russian Association of  Magicians, she was the head of the close-up jury panel of the World FISM Championships in 2012 & 2015.

Beautiful, memorable routine will adorn any magician's performances on stage, and at the wedding, and in the restaurant and a children's holiday.

You catch an empty hand colored lights ( or only a red lights ) and throw them in a glass, fill the glass with lights and then use the tube you can interfere with the lights and drink! After the lights will glow in your mouth!

You can show how with colored lights (you catch different colors at a time) and one red light. This device has four different programs.

Two programs (long and short) with colorful lights and two programs (long and short) with red lights.

Long Draft program - did you catch more than 20 lights and throw them into the glass. Short program - you throw 10 lights.

You can control the appearance of lights and a drop in the glass.


i-Lite CUP set is included:

1 x Special Plastic Drink Cup 

1 x Special Drinking Straw

2 x USB charger 

2 x LED LIght Tips

2 x Glow Tooth LED Light

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Beautiful effect, terribly mismade! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 18th, 2019
This effect is beautiful, pleasing and can be very funny. However, it is poorly produced and it doesn’t match the video!

I’ll begin with the problems:
1. First and foremost, in the beautiful multicolor light programs, the lights are preset to fall into the cup in the repeating cycle of white, red, green and then blue. However, the thumb tips can only produce red, green and blue lights, not white! Where is the white supposed to be coming from? Terrible oversight!
2. The activating button, which must be pressed each time a light is “dropped” into the cup, is in a difficult and unnatural location to press when holding the cup one-handed while you are producing lights from the air with the other. In the ad’s video, the performer is clearly activating the cup in another way! Terrible oversight!
3. There are no real instructions, video or otherwise! There is a simple chart that briefly indicates the settings for some, but not all, of the switches, and a multi-language warning to charge the devises, and that’s all! Everything else you must try to figure out on your own! Terrible oversight!
4. The included cup cover cannot be placed on the cup! Why is it included? It cannot be used!

These are the major problems. There are smaller ones too that I will not go in to.

However, I did give the effect 3 stars. The reason is that the effect is so visual that a determined magician can work his way past all the problems and still manage a beautiful performance with it. I did!
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