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Inscrutable (2 DVD set) by Joe Barry

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Inscrutable marks the debut of one of magic's rising stars. On this incredible 2 disc collection Joseph shares some of his prized routines, moves, subtleties and thoughts.

Ranging from self-working miracles to the more advanced masterpieces, Joseph covers every aspect in full detail.

Including over 20 routines and more than 3hrs of footage you will learn some of the most powerful, practical and seriously fooling routines even caught on film.

Disk 1


Prediction v1

Prediction v2


Psychological spread force Simple math

They match

Spread switch

Spread triumph

Spread Strip out shuffle

Hofzinser's aces

Flow ace production

Count to aces

Think stop Subconscious poker 10-card poker stack

Disk 2

LLL peek

Centre deal

Stand up royal flush/ace selection Jazz gambling Demo

4 stop

Fair deal v1

Fair deal v2

In hands riffle faro shuffle technique

Out of this world


Matching the poker hand Memory poker

Spectator poker dealer Mental selection

Riffle strip out shuffle Table Faro technique

"Every so often someone walks through our door at Alakazam and I instantly know we have something special. From the moment Joe showed me his first effect I was totally hooked! Joes magic is devastatingly fooling, interesting in presentation & best of all achievable to us mere mortals. I am so proud to be able to offer you this fantastic 2 disc collection by Joseph Barry."
- Peter Nardi

"Some of the best card work I've ever seen; absolutely mesmerising, bewildering and above all inspiring."
- Daniel Madison

"Joseph barry is an exciting new talent on the card scene, combining original moves and bold methods with an insight into how lay people really think. You never know quite what to expect and you will be fooled."
- Justin Higham

"I met Joseph Barry at The Session convention. He blew me away with his card magic. All his effects are direct, simple and clear. It was a wicked pleasure for me to introduce him to different magicians over the weekend and stand back and watch their faces as Joe went to work, fooling them badly, again and again with simple and direct effects. Erdnase himself would be proud as there is simply nothing to suspect, let alone detect during his performance."
- Quentin Reynolds

"Joe where have you been hiding!?! Your new DVD is stellar! If you want pure hard hitting magic then this is it. A great blend of cards and mentalism which I love. "
- Ryan Schlutz

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Not reliable...for me Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 26th, 2013
First, I really like this guy. He's very charming, the DVD is delightful to watch. I found myself smiling at his performances. He has a very unique style.

However, this unique style is so far away from a style that suites me.

He relies heavily on "moves" that require insane timing and/or crazy audience management. There's also a few bold moves, justified by "As you look up, you're entire audience will look up." I don't know if I accept that.
If you shelved the trick "blizzard," you may be shelving most/some of these effects.

I use the classic force, and I use it well. I don't, however, RELY on the classic force without an "out." This guy uses moves that rely on timing even more than the classic force...he even uses a face-up version of the classic force.

Granted, all of this stuff requires practice. However, I just felt like a kid who has no friends being told to practice the classic force. Stranded. How am I going to practice this stuff? I don't bartend anymore so I don't have a few dozen drunks to practice. My audience isn't disposable, so the "practice" until you get it right thing for timing effects doesn't work for me. How many times can I ask my wife to pick a card with a classic force type move before I'm no longer getting an accurate sample of what a speactator is truly like? It's not the type of stuff you can practice in your room by yourself.

I'm going to have to keep an invisible deck in my pocket if I attempt any of these tricks. Gonna have to create an "out."

There are not a lot of "moves" in the traditional sense. There is, however, a lot of "fiddling" around with the cards in a manner that I feel only works for a very select set of people.
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Inscrutable Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 4th, 2013
Since the Elmsley count was introduced in the mid-fifties there has been a trend to add moves and counts to card magic, as well as complicating the effect to such an extent that a layman will be unable to describe what happened.

Some modern published routines are more akin to lessons in juggling than lessons in magic. I will call this the new school of card magic which has given birth to the move monkeys.

The old school of card magic (as I would describe it) had clear direct effects that were easy to understand and had a good, surprising climax. Most importantly the magician appeared to do nothing. The magic just happened.

The old school was influenced by people like Erdnase and Victor Farelli amongst others and their influences are found in later classics like Royal Road, Expert Card Technique and Greater Magic.

Can you name a card DVD or book published in the last ten years that does not include ace assemblies, collector or sandwich tricks, multiple false counts etc? Difficult, yes?

Well, here is one ....

Inscrutable is definitely old school. Strong direct effects that will fool magicians and laymen. And most of them are technically easy to do. Easy technically, yes (though there are some advanced techniques on Disc 2), but they do require audience management skills and a confident performer. Advanced beginner and upwards.

Joseph’s routines remind me of the direct presentations of Dani daOrtiz, frequently mixing devilishly simple methods to create miracles. Yet their styles are completely opposite. Dani is extrovert and in your face. Joe is quiet and unassuming. Yet both use their personalities and characteristics to maximum effect.

If you have seen disc 3 of Dani’s DVD set you will find some similar work on Disc One of Joe’s set. By studying both you will see two contrasting styles use similar methods and help you develop your own natural rhythm.

So what of the routines? Most are done from a shuffled deck in use - and shuffled by the audience too. A few require a set-up, most times you can do this in a previous trick or during down-time.

My favourite is the Math trick. From a shuffled (by the audience) deck you deal some cards in front of three participants. They each decide how many they get. You then toss small bunches of cards onto the table until someone shouts STOP. These are now counted, by you or an audience member. You announce that the total number of counted cards will equal the sum of the top cards of the three piles. These cards are turned over and their values added. The totals match. To a layman this appears totally impossible. This routine would work well with the effect where a participant cuts the deck in three piles, you turn over the top cards of two of the piles and can deduce the value of the top card in the third pile.

Disc Two features a number of gambling routines and demonstrations. Some are simple in method and some require advanced skills. All are direct and best suited for sitting down around a table with clients after a gig.

The downside for a working professional is that most of the routines require a table. Most close-up pros prefer routines that can be done in the hands both for strolling and visibility reasons. Having said that I have a number of routines that require minimal table space and a few others that do require more space. The latter I keep until after the meal when tables are less cluttered.

Aged thirteen, young Master Barry bought, at a local bookshop, Expert at the Card Table, Expert Card Technique and Scarne on Card Tricks. These were his only influences for the next few years and their theories and advice permeate through his work.

I highly recommend this two DVD set, for the overall directness of effects and the devastating miracles you will create for your audiences.
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Mr. Barry is amazing. Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on August 14th, 2014
So, my gal pal bought me both sets of his magic at the same time. After looking through this and Inscrutable 2, I find his work mind blowing.

Allow me to start by saying, I'm very much into this style of magic. I've been a David Berglas fan boy, and this fits the style of card magic I perform. Joe's magic seems effortless and that is something I strive for.

Disc one is by far my favorite. Rainman went directly into my card work along with the Predictions. I already did a type of spread force, but it was nice to see how another magician uses it. overall I give this disc a 8/10

Disc 2 has a utility peek I use A LOT. LLL is the gem on this DVD. I liked the other routines, but I find myself only using that peek out of all the material. I give this a 7/10

In my opinion as a card worker, there are two types of card magic: effortless and skilled. I loved skilled card magicians, I think of myself as one, but when I'm trying to entertain audiences I try to make it seem effortless. You would never find me doing Dan and Dave style magic at a paying gig. I love Dan and Dave's work, but I don't think audiences would appreciate in real world performances. I think Eric Mead made some great points on this debate, but I digress.

My point is that this material looks effortless, thus more magical. I use this material in my routines and get paid to do so. I give this dvd set a 9/10. I love this style, his work, and the routines.
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price too high for mediocre, beginner effects Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on August 27th, 2015
All the tricks are pretty mediocre mostly for beginners. You may like it if you don't want to work hard or practice , just want to amaze kids. But for mature audience it's boring. Even all his 4 spectators were kinda bored during the performance. This dvd should be worth $25-30 maximum.
2 of 4 magicians found this helpful.
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