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Apollo Riego's Midas Coins Across + Bonus Effect A.R.C.A. (Apollo Riego's Coins Across) (Instant Download)

An open palm coins across!
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Apollo Riego's Midas Coins Across

Effect: This is a visual coins across that uses a technique which allows you to keep your hand open as you visually see the coins traveling across one at a time. The last coin vanishes from the performer's hand and reappears into the spectator's closed fist for a surprising finale! With instructions in a first person perspective, you will have an easier time learning and perfecting the routine. Get ready for Midas Coins Across!

Bonus Effect:

Effect: Most effects rely on sight, this one will play magical notes to your spectator's ears as well. Watch and listen as you hear and see each coin jumping across into an empty card case one at a time with the final coin making the jump into the box while the spectator has his/her hand on top of the card case! The method will fool your spectator's auditory senses!

*Please note that you may need to purchase additional supplies for Midas Coins Across which is available here on PENGUIN MAGIC!

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Awesome Coin Effect Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 17th, 2017
I was very impressed with this routine because of its simple to follow instructional video provided by the multi-talented Apollo Riego! I saw him lecture a few months ago & was blown away by his flawless sleight of hand
skills, dance moves, martial artistry, and his humble nature. The routine isn't too demanding & it's hard hitting for laymen & even magicians. Add to cart now! You won't be disappointed!
4 of 4 magicians found this helpful.
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One of my Favorite Coins Across Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 22nd, 2017
I have been a working magician and Mentalist for well over 30 years and not only have I performed lots of magic but I have seen lots of magic too. Having said that...

I LOVE this routine! The Coins Across Premise has been around forever but I must say that this is one of my favorite handlings. Apollo Riego is a real worker who has performed in the trenches. He is a creative thinker as well as innovative in his approach to the art of magic and entertainment. I've seen him perform live many times and have even graced the same stage as him once or twice. He is one of my favorite performers.
I highly recommend Apollo Riego's Midas Coin Across. If you perform coin magic and you want your spectators to scream with surprise and delight... You will definitely add this to your arsenal. This is a unique coin routine with a unique handling. BUY THIS DOWNLOAD NOW... OR ELSE!!!
3 of 3 magicians found this helpful.
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Apollo Riego's Midas Coins Across Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 11th, 2017
Ok, So I wasn't sure at first if this is something I could add to my walk around routine. For the price I took the chance and was happy I did. First off this isn't a "self-working" routine....Yes, You do need "something" to help with the Magic happening. You might already have this in your prop draw or worse case invest $10 to add this to your routine. You'll need to practice, But the gimmick needed makes the routine seem like "Real" Magic. Truthfully it fooled me first time I saw it. Then advance to the instruction portion, I was like No way....1) Once you have the moves down, very easy to do. 2) Excellent over the shoulder learning, So you can practice as he's teaching you. 3) The in the hands finale, is like doing sponge balls in the spectators hands but with coins!...But looks impossible, But in this routine will blow people away. 4) No filler here, Just the meats & potatoes to learn this routine. 5) BONUS Routine, Excellent once again in the hands routine. 5) If your experienced, You'll be add this to your real world performance within a day or 2. There are a few moves from Sanders, Stone, York, etc...All Magicians was credited throughout the video and at the end credits. For myself I'm adding this to my walk a round within next two weeks or so.
2 of 2 magicians found this helpful.
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