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CRIB! The Art of Hidden Info by Richard Osterlind (Softbound book)

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There are many principles used in mentalism that are ageless. One cannot be a serious mentalist without a thorough knowledge of these subjects. One of these is the use of the crib. Cribs are often an integral part of book tests, expanding anagrams, card effects and a vast amount of mentalism material. CRIB! The Art of Hidden Info is a comprehensive look at the subject.

Richard begins by talking about the general uses of a crib and why it is often the best procedure for the effect. Next he examines the use of slates, pads, clipboards, books, writing instruments and all other manner of clever ideas in hiding and using a crib. These are explained with clear photographs to make everything crystal clear. After reading this book you will be able to create the perfect crib for whatever routine you need to perform!

Besides explaining time-honored methods of cribbing, Richard also introduces a number of his own cribbing ideas that not only gives you innovative information, but will stimulate your own mind to invent your own cribbing methods and even possibly give you the incentive to invent totally new effects!


Finally, Richard’s Instant Magic Square routine, which many have pronounced as one of the best Magic Square methods, is featured in the book with all of Richard’s latest ideas in presentation.

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Interesting with excellent Magic Square routine, but not Osterlind's best Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 17th, 2017
I was just thinking to myself recently that no one has done an authoritative guide to an essential mentalism tool, the crib. And then my wish was granted, and I saw that Richard Osterlind's newest book was devoted to cribs. He's my idol, and more than anything, his DVDs and downloads converted me from magician to mentalist, and now there's no turning back. The gentleman is a legend personified.

So it pains me to say that this is a beautifully laid out and written book with a split personality: the part on Osterlind's Magic Square is great, while the stuff on cribs disappointed because it didn't fulfill my desire for a comprehensive treatise. And it is somewhat on the pricey side--$40 for 50 pages. Sure, Osterlind gives some classic cribs, but those of us who have done this for a while will learn only small subtleties. By his own admission, he steers clear of electronic cribs because he doesn't like using electronics. This is sad because I use an electronic method that he doesn't mention and reject that is amazingly useful and perfectly deceptive, more deceptive than a phone, tablet, or paper crib. He also briefly mentions the use of the Himber wallet, but there are other wallets, for example the Stealth Assassin, which are equally, if not more, useful. And finally, he doesn't mention folks like master-of-the-crib Jasper Blakeley a/k/a Kochov and even Dan Harlan, who in Tarball 76 tells you how to generate a thoroughly modern crib.

The Magic Square discussion--a prime routine for the use of a crib--is vintage Osterlind and excellent. He makes the math child's play. But I pondered whether that routine was included because the main material was so light.

Overall, a 3/5 for the cribs, a 5/5 for the Magic Square, for a four-star rating and worth your money if you are a neophyte to cribs or want that killer Magic Square routine.
11 of 12 magicians found this helpful.
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Crib🤷‍♂️ Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 14th, 2019
Not at all what I was expecting. Not at all practical, with nothing as far as
methods. Just difficult crib sheet idea that would be easily detected.
The perfect square part is very complicated.
and not at all easy. I found a much easier method offered on Penguin as an instant download.
7 of 8 magicians found this helpful.
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