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Engraved by Andreas Sebring

Engraved allows you to predict a written message, a name or a number engraved on an amulet. With inspiration from Al Koran’s Golden medallion, Andreas have created the method MetalWriting. What make
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Engraved can be used as a souvenir, a keyring, a necklace or a watch - ordinary objects in the world today. But by changing the picture in the amulet, it could be a unique artefact with a spectacular story. It comes with 20 different pictures that fits into the amulet and 20 different routines and presentation plots. With them, the object change. Thanks to the timeless and clean design it can be used today, in the future and also as a reminder of the past.

Engraved can be presented as a prediction, a premonition, a finale in a psychic reading, a magical amulet, a magical effect or as a magical humoristic effect. Thanks to the wide possibility with the method of MetalWriting, anything can be engraved. This open up possibilities that hasn’t been possible with previous methods. One advantage with Engraved is that the amulet can either be in full view or hidden during the performance. The different hook ups, methods and techniques make Engraved easy to use and suitable for most performers and situations.

Engraved comes with over 20 routines and ideas, from Andreas Sebring, Peter Turner, Colin McLeod, Luca Volpe, Lars-Peter Loeld and Bob Cassidy. You will also get multiple methods collected in a Toolbox, that help you to create endless amount of routines.

"Engraved" is simply the most versatile set of gimmicks for the classic Medallion effect that I've ever seen. Highly recommended for the professional psychic entertainer."
Bob Cassidy

“Amazing, Andreas have engraved something in my memory that I will never forget, neither will your audience”
Jon Stetson

“The work and preparation you have put into making a stunning new product are to be commended. With so many people coming out with inferior products, or those that have been done before, it is so refreshing to see a brand-new idea put out!”
Richard Osterlind

”A powerful new concept that will change the world of mentalism. I’m impressed with your originality and the quality of your work”
Richard Webster

”I have been around for a long time, I have seen amazing things, but it is very rare to see something innovative and new and this is what I have seen with my own eyes – MetalWriting by Andreas Sebring. I was stunned by the speed the engraving appears on a medallion. It beats me, I have absolutely no idea how this phenomenon is done. I am hugely impressed. No doubt this will astonish audiences”
Uri Geller

“Engraved is much more than a supremely crafted effect – it’s your rare opportunity to make an unprecedented emotional connection with your audience – don’t miss it.”
Neal Scryer

“Quite. Simply. Brilliant. This is the most exciting technique I've seen in a long time. MetalWriting have taken a beautiful piece of classic mentalism and made it perfect. Al Koran would be the first to join me in giving these guys a standing ovation for what they've achieved”
Colin McLeod

“Once in a while something comes on the market that really gets me excited and I want to include in my act. When you open your package, you will be amazed by the quality and the amount of things you get. Everything is custom made from the different writing devices to the incredible gimmick itself.”
Paul Romhany – Vanish Magazine

Engraved includes:
The amulet with 7 engraving surfaces for multiple performances
A key ring chain and a necklace chain
The extra jewelry set containing 3 different chains, lobster clasps and magnetic locks
Gimmicked clip board with a whiteboard surface
Engraving tool (pencil)
Engraving tool (Dry erase marker)
Instructions and material to construct a stage sized pad
The loading pouch with three secrets
The reset equipment
The reset material Zilvex, enough for 300 shows
Two booklets with 20 routines and ideas
An instructional DVD

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Very good for mentalism Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 30th, 2018
Opens up many possibilities in mentalism and magic. Fairly easy to use, just need a knack for it. Refills last for about 100+ performances and you can get more from Andreas himself. The only downside is you have to carry a board or notepad, the writing gimmick, and the amulet.
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