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Nitrate Backwards B'Wave (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Big Blind Media

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NITRATE is a totally self-contained packet trick... just pop the four provided Bicycle Cards in your pocket and you're set! No deck required. Easy to do, but truly mindblowing! Nothing is added or taken away. No sticky stuff. No difficult moves.

NITRATE: You remove four face down playing cards from your pocket, and tell your crowd to imagine they are the Kings!

One of the King's is mentally selected and, incredibly, when the packet is turned face up it is the shown that this is the only King you have!! The other three cards are blank!

So far, so good - but now you offer to take this to another level. With just a click of your fingers the chosen King TURNS BLANK... and the three cards that were previously blank have now become the other three kings!!

Powerful, visual magic that is super easy to perform.

Comes with four special Bicycle Cards included!

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 20th, 2017
I love Cameron Francis and all of his packet tricks however I consider myself a beginner when it comes to different types of counts like the Elmsley count and things like that. I've come across it over the past year and a half and I've always struggled. This is definitely not for beginners at all as not only do you have to do the Elmsley count but you have to do 4 to 5 different counts throughout the trick. I like the idea however I was also expecting it to be similar to the concept of BWAVE as this is advertised as backwards BWAVE.. The first thing Cameron talks about in the video is that it is not a mentalism type packet trick like the original Max Maven version which is my go to top favorite trick. What's even more disappointing is the video does not evening really teach you how to do the counts if you've never done that before or if you struggle with them in general. He does go over them but only spends one minute similar to a performance versus thoroughly going over how to do each one and then just moves on to the next thing. The cards cannot be handed out unlike regular BWAVE where are you can hand everything if you switch the card you put face up in your packet during the performance and switch it at the end with a real one. These you cannot have examined at all so you have to go on to something else from it.

Those are the cons and pros are it's very short as far as the video length only 15 minutes or so so that's good as I hate long videos that can be summed up to the point I just wish the teaching was better especially providing other ways for it to be accomplished for beginners with handling like this. At least explaining the handling they do use in more detail. It comes in a beautiful packet and envelope it's a really nice package cellophane little thing that will keep it protected. If I learn it and never able to get down the special accounts that you have to do in order to do this trip I will definitely be using this going into panic or vice versa.

I love CF work but come on man please next time like your old packet tricks like NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH (my fav), include other ways to do as you did before, it if people are unable to do those kind of moves as it is not advertised that you'd have to do 4-5 complex counts unlike regular BWAVE that requires no counts. I get that you have to do it someway but there are other ways and you are the creator! I will still purchase your stuff and help that you provide some support for this

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