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Temporarily Out of Order by Patrick Redford - Book

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Temporarily Out of Order is focused on memorized deck magic and stack work. It reintroduces The Redford Stack to the world and explores its many possible transformative features. The Redford Stack may be easily arranged from either a shuffled deck or a freshly opened pack of cards. It also transforms into a Parallel Stack, Stay Stack/Mirror stack, Si-Stebbins Stack, an alternating red-black stack, and more. Amazingly, the exact same sequence that sets into Si Stebbins returns the deck to the Redford Stack! The stack appears random and yet is packed full of features.

There are poker deals, blackjack deals, spelling effects, coincidence effects, faro effects, and much more. You'll learn a few of Patrick's favorite false shuffles, false cuts, and two sneaky deck switches! You'll also learn a handful of tricks that can be done while secretly setting up a borrowed deck into a stack! Many of the effects presented won't require the user to memorize the Redford order. This will allow it to be put to use immediately. In addition, there are many effects presented that aren't dependent on a specific memorized stack order, and may be performed with any memorized arrangement!

"Patrick has pushed stack work to a different level. I love what he's done with the pseudo-memorized and the memorized deck."
- Bob Cassidy

"Patrick fooled the crap out of me."
- Tom Gagnon

"I love the idea of a stack that you go in and out of. Bloody Genius! Only Patrick could create such a thing in such a practical way!"
- Ken Dyne

"Patrick has devised another beautifully constructed and truly deceptive set of routines surrounded by a wealth of knowledge. The title effect, 'Temporarily Out of Order,' is a reputation-making marathon of impossible moments. His work on the methods within this book are worth studying."
- Ben Seidman

"Loved it. The title effect, Temporarily Out of Order, is one of the best card tricks I have ever seen."
- Jon Armstrong

"Temporarily Out of Order is filled with gold."
- Mike Powers

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Great Book, Incredible Possibilities Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 22nd, 2017
First of all, before this book, I had never learned a memorized deck and had no intention of doing so. Then I saw what it could do, and I was sold. The tips on memory work were incredibly helpful. I found myself knowing the deck inside and out in very little time. Not only that, Patrick teaches how to get into and out of the stack easily. The stack can morph into a mirror stack, Si Stebbins, alternating red/black, and has a few story effects built in, and I'm nowhere near done exploring the possibilities with this deck. Not to mention it contains a lot of great, workable effects.

Money well spent.
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A Must Read for Card Mechanics Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 1st, 2017
Simply put, this book is amazing. I have been reading it for almost a month now, and I still haven't finished. Within the pages of this book are powerful techniques, methods, and ideas. Some of the tricks like Twain, Velleity, or King Me, are worth the price of the book alone.
Be forewarned though, the material presented in this book will take a considerable amount of practice. To properly perform the majority of these tricks, you must memorize a full deck-stack. And having good card-handling skills (like faro shuffling) is a must as well.
The book itself is beautiful, high-quality, and well laid out. I consider this a must-read for anyone interested in gambling demonstrations, deck manipulations, or memory work.
Five Stars!!!
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Ingenious ideas Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 19th, 2019
The quick conversion between Si Stebbins and Redford stacks is brilliant. I decided to memorize the stack, although I already know and use Memorandum. But there are several amazing effects which can be done even without learning the stack. And the full deck false overhand shuffle has instantly became one of my favorite tools for the memorized deck work.

There is also an online appendix with videos, where several effects are presented and taught by Patrick.
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