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Confident Deceptions by Jason Ladanye

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Confident Deceptions is the masterful debut book from Jason Ladanye, a star student of Darwin Ortiz.

Featuring a potent blend of magic and gambling demonstrations, Confident Deceptions showcases Jason's unparalleled ability to carefully refine a routine until it achieves maximum impact. In total, there are 18 effects across the 240 pages of this hardcover book.

While some of the effects are challenging, Jason's detailed explanation and the accompanying photographs help simplify the learning process. The impact of these effects also makes putting in the work worth it, as their offbeat nature and clarity makes them seem truly impossible.

You will learn finesse points on moves you already know, as well as polished material ready to be inserted into your own card programs. This is a beautiful book worthy of careful study

Long out of print, this is the first time Confident Deceptions has been available in many years. While the material is identical, the paper stock has received a significant upgrade and it has also been resized to fit perfectly next to Jason's second book Game Changer on your bookshelf.

"A cardician whose passion for the subject is second only to the uninhibited skill he has worked hard to achieve. He brings a refreshing perspective to the subject. His material and virtuosity sparkle with raw power and energy."
- Michael Vincent

"A master of artifice, ruse, and subterfuge at the card table. Within these pages is offered up some of the finest constructions I've seen, masterfully routined for maximum impact and pure entertainment in the tradition of Darwin Ortiz and beyond."
- Jack Carpenter

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Definetely Extraordinary! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 27th, 2015
I will be honest. I had no idea who Jason Ladanye was until Blackpool Magic Convention 2014, and even then it wasn't for the guy himself. I am, what I like to call myself as, an Ortizian, meaning I have EVERYTHING (and I mean everything) of Darwin Ortiz', and I made it an oath to solely study his work; but then, whilst walking round the dealership, I noticed his name on this book. Of course it was only a foreword so I had a read. I had no idea that Jason Ladanye was one of Darwin's students!
This, obviously, made me spend the £35 that it was then and I sat down in the Gallion bar and read the contents. I was not unimpressed! It was like reading the book of a young Darwin Ortiz. And so, here is my review after studying this book over thirteen times in two years ...

First of all, the quality of the book is outstanding. The dust jacket is shiny and attractive, and even when you take that off the actual cover itself is (how can I put this?), sexy. The instructions are clear, the photographs are large and ... clear. Everything about this book, quality wise, is amazing.

Secondly, the effects in this book are just like Darwin Ortiz' ... strong and memorable. If I was to criticise these it is the fact that there are only eighteen! Having said that, his latest releases, 'Top Shelf Notes' and the upcoming '2016 Lecture Notes' will add another ten superb effects to his pot of supreme magic.
Quick Change Artist is the first effect in the book and was the first effect that I read the night I bought it, laid in bed. This is super effective and super fun to do. If I was to rate this effect it would be a solid 8/10 (compared to the other effects).
Lucky Fifty is a very commercial 'Magician In trouble' plot that is guaranteed to get a surprise. 8/10
Ladanye's Ambitious Card. Yet another Ambitous Card. This one is similar to John Mandoza's (in terms of effect climax) but takes on a world of its own. The presentation is what makes this one! 7/10
Arcane Control. Simple, clear, and consistent with Darwin's effects. 8/10
Thought Transference. If you know Darwin's 'Si Stebbins Set-Up' from At The Card Table then this effect is one you WILL perform. 9/10
The Set-Up. Along the lines of Darwin's 'Rouge Et Noir'. 9/10
Precision Aces & The Gathering. Two effects with the same plot lines, just different effects and patter lines. Two great adaptations of the Collectors Plot. 9/10 for both.
The Player. The ultimate story telling effect. 8/10
The Ultimate Exchange. It is thee ultimate. 9/10
Forging Ahead. Not my favourite in terms of methods, but certainly the audience's. 5/10 for my own performance sake. 10/10 for the audience.
Through and Through. An intriguing solution to one of Darwin's problems in 'Strong Magic'. Amazing. 8/10
It's All In The Hands. If you know a memorised deck, then this will certainly be added to your repertoire. 9/10
The Big Blind. Similar to Darwin's Positively Fifth Street but is in a world of its own. Incredible. 9/10
The Big Stack. Based on Darwin's 'The Cross' but with a surprise kicker. 10/10
Centrepiece. Another memorised deck gem that inspired me to learn a Greek Deal. Difficult but well worth it. The most obscure method for the most simple effect. 10/10
Bringing Down The House. The only Blackjack deal I know. Amazing. 10/10
Best For Last. Definitely the best in the book. A stunning 11/10

If I was to create a list of my top five favourite effects for the book I could easily accomplish it, however I will not because people like different things and so my five favourites may not be your five favourites. All I will say is that there is definitely something in this book for everyone. A lot of the effects require advanced skill; if you have studied someone like Darwin Ortiz in the past then you are skilled enough, however if you haven't then this book will inspire you to learn the more difficult sleights in the realm of sleights.

Also, now he has released a companion DVD that has all of the effects on (and teaches 16 of them). This will be very useful (as is the performance DVD that comes with this book). Pick this up. Read this book. Study this book. Try all of the effects.
I made the mistake of thinking that some of these effects were rubbish and how wrong I was. They are all great. Use all of them at least once.
Buy his two new sets of lecture notes. Now.

Overall 100%
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Your deck is your weapon. Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 24th, 2016
Do you know that feeling when you open up a brand new deck of cards? That anything is possible with that deck of cards in your hands.

With Confident Deceptions anything is possible. First, you will not learn this overnight. Second, learn the fundamentals of card control. Third, watch this 4 DVD set.

Ladanye Ambitious Card, Lucky 50, and The Ultimate Exchange would be a great start to finish any card routine. He teaches you how to perform your entire repertoire with the single deck. You'll need a few dirty tricks, i.e. envelopes, and whatevers.

Let's be honest, gimmicks are nice. Would you rather be a card mechanic instead. How did it feel, when you straddle your first motorcycle? You wanted to ride. You took lessons, got your license, and got your bike. Then you hit the open road. Confident Deception is the lesson you need to hit open road with.
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First Class Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 16th, 2014
Long overdue review. Fantastic book! A classic! High quality performances (on an included DVD), routines and strategies. A very strong 1st work. If you are a real cardman, then you already have this!
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A pretty sweet book! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 6th, 2013
Jason is a beast. If you didn't know that, go type his name into youtube and watch his videos. His bottom deal is phenomenal.

Okay so the book, if you've been around magic, studied and know the following: Pinky count, pass, cull, false transfers, palms and such then this book is for you. If you don't know those things... You've got some work to do to get the MOST out of this book. While there are some easy effects in here, the majority is going to have you working your fingers.

The DVD is great as well, it's not going to teach you step by step but instead shows you some of the effects where the timing is crucial to the effect.

One I'd love to showcase is his version of the two-card transposition. It's FACE UP in their hand when they close it which adds a really big moment here. So much changes with the strength of the effect because of this and I see myself performing this a lot. The best part, it's not hard at all.

You won't learn new crazy sleights but you'll be given of polished routines that are solid and built for reactions.

If you like Darwin Ortiz material, pick up this one by of his students.

If you need help with your pinky count: Highly highly highly recommend looking at Doug Conn's DVD Pinky Swear. Doug is AMAZING.
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Excellent! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 23rd, 2013
I agree with the previous review. If you like the material of Darwin Ortiz or Michael Vincent, then you will really like this. Although some of the material is difficult and requires advanced card skills, much of it is of an intermediate skill level. There is some really great thinking behind these effects. I particularly like the clean up that occurs in The Ultimate Exchange. Using the In-Transit theory and an offbeat moment, he manages to end clean. Did I mention that the magic is STRONG? I noticed immediately that his delivery and vocal mannerisms were exactly like Darwin Ortiz. This is not a criticism. We all adopt vocal mannerisms from the people around us, especially our parents, teachers and friends. Darwin Ortiz has been his tutor for 11 years, so this should not be a surprise. I only mention it because it jumped out at me immediately. Besides, Ortiz is one of the greats. His style fits this type of magic. Please don't ignore this book because you haven't heard of his name before. If you are a card guy, You should have this. If you enjoy outstanding thinking behind the methods, and strong magic, you will want this. Lastly, a DVD is included with the book containing 5 performances. The looks of absolute amazement on the spectators is testimony to the strength of these effects. There are moments when their reactions reveal the power of the material. The spectators are not only dumbfounded, there is almost a look of fear in their eyes. Reality has just been compromised!
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Excellent Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 7th, 2022
I purchased this book directly from Jason.

After reading through the entire book, I think that Confident Deceptions is one of the best books on magic I have ever read and is something I will continue to read again and again.

The material is extremely well constructed, practical, and within the reach of any magician with intermediate skill; each effect hits like a train and has handling that is minimalistic, motivated and covered by superb timing.
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