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Psychotic Surgery: A Card is folded and cut into eight pieces, one of which is given to a spectator. The remaining seven are restored and the piece fits.

Starcle: A circular hole is torn into a paper napkin. When the torn out piece is opened, it has changed into a five pointed star.

On Again, Off Again: A ring penetrates on and off a piece of rope.

Rising Dough: A coin passes through three coins to arrive on top.
Penned In: A borrowed dollar changes into a IOU while held by a spectator. The bill is discovered rolled up inside a pen, also held by the spectator.

Natural Selection: Spectator randomly chooses a card which matches a prediction.

Match Twist: A matchbook laid on the magicians hand seems to move by itself, yet it is completely unprepared.

Shape Shifters: You and a spectator tear up colored tissue paper in two different shapes. You switch colors, but retain the original shapes in your minds and restore the shapes in the wrong color. Weird.

Traveling Cash: Two rubber bands are stretched around your fingers making a makeshift rubber ladder. A borrowed bill is folded by the spectator around the top rung of the ladder. The bill then proceeds to travel, one rung at a time, from the top to the bottom of the ladder while the spectator is holding it.

Includes Much More: The Increadible Shrinking Rubber Band, Joint Venture, and The Inpromptu Linking Rubber Bands!
20 pages of detailed, illustrated instructions.

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