1. Have a great trick? 2. Build Your Dream Team 3. Publish and sell it

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Publishing a magic trick is easy. Type it up, go to Kinko's and Abracadbra! You've got "published notes". Easier yet, put a free trick on Penguin, and watch the download counter roll.

Actually selling your ideas is slightly more difficult.

Magic products that succeed are almost always a team effort. The exceptions are when the creator is also a graphic designer, video editor and gifted performer.

"We sell more magic at PenguinMagic.com than any other shop in the world." - Mandy Hartley, Paper Crane Magic

At Penguin

we bring together the best magic products in the world to keep our top-tier customers at the top of their game. Among great magic tricks, the attention we give is what gives best-sellers their springboard to launch.

If you have a great new magic trick ready to publish, you won't find a better platform than Penguin.

Plus, when you publish at Penguin, you get:

70% Royalty if your product is exclusively at Penguin

60% Royalty if your product is availabe elsewhere

From our 30-40%, we take care of order fulfillment, credit card processing fees, free shipping, and many other day-to-day tasks. Your royalty is pure and simple.

Your own private discussion forum!

  • Meet your fans

    Selling magic is different than selling a t-shirt. The relationship only begins when you make a sale. Penguin provides you the tools to not only have a private discussion with your customers and students, but to allow them to help each other, and even help push your idea to new heights.

  • Answer questions from curious customers
  • Instantly and privately share updates and improvements

Your own custom magitar

Up-to-the-second sales tracking

Seeing the impact of your marketing efforts is a critical skill when selling on the internet. Our custom sales tracking tool can help you watch your sales up to the minute.

Tons of customer reviews

We've always known we have the best customers in the world, always giving great, honest reviews with tons of real-world feedback about products. Magic creators love checking out the Penguin product pages for their tricks to learn how they're working out in the real world.

Automated weekly payments

No need to ask! If you got sales, you'll have money on the way to you every Thursday by noon sharp.

Real-time inventory management

If your product requires a gimmick, includes a DVD or comes with any supplies, you can make sure we've got enough to fulfill your orders in real time. Anytime you see the numbers get low, just send more over.

Free order fulfillment

Many non-magic fulfillment companies charge a percentage, and up to $3 per package they send, PLUS rent for warehouse storage. At Penguin, shipping magic tricks around the world is our business, it's what we obsess about. No fulfillment fees.

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