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Tarbell subscription

With the subscription, can you still download each lesson after the subscription ends (and for that matter, can you download the lesson as it arises during the subscription)?

Also, is there a discount if you purchase the entire subscription at once?

Thank you.

Asked at 01:57pm on October 29th, 2019 by wingibbons (0 karma)
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Sorry I put my question in the answer part seen here. I searched the Pengguin site and found the answer for myself. NO DISCOUNTS. Each lesson is like the numbers in the original Tarbell series not as presented in the hardbound books, so basically it is a chapter at a time. Whether this covers all eight book volumes or is only the smaller non-expanded version is not stated. the course at $1995 a month takes about two years to complete. Each course begins annually and runs with a class group (Cohort).
Here is what the Penguin ad reads:
Enrollment deadline: February 8th at 12pm Eastern.

When you enroll in the Tarbell Class of 2020 by subscribing before February 8th, you'll immediately get the first lesson, then continue getting a new lesson EVERY WEEK (Friday at noon) until you graduate (approximately 2 years). You can cancel anytime without penalty, otherwise you will be billed $19.95 monthly.

I calculated this as $478.80 for the set, which may or may not cover the last books by more recent contributors. It is more than the set of books and much more than one can download the original smaller set. HOWEVER. Dan Harlan and Farquar are excellent magicians. I do not know about Farquar as a teacher, but Harlan has always been superb when it comes to teaching his own creations and since this is intended to be a large part of the modernization of the Tarbel works in this updated course it should be worth it to many to at least start the course to see how it is for you. As it says in the ad, you can stop at any time and still keep the downloads you have paid for to the point you drop out.

Answered at 01:18pm on November 4th, 2019 by Magi_Ken (6 karma)
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Each video is added to your account permanently as it is released in the course.

I'm not sure if I understand the second part of your question.

Answered at 09:11pm on October 29th, 2019 by joshburch (396 karma)
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Is each "lesson" a chapter i the book or is it a faster pace; for instance, each month covers one volume of the book?

Bottom line, how many months will it take to complete the eight volumes, and therefore, what is the total price if purchasing a month at time? Is there a savings and by how much if purchased one month at a time VS as a one time subscription>

Answered at 09:29am on November 4th, 2019 by Magi_Ken (6 karma)
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