Like a special-effect, animate a misprinted card, & then hand it out!

> Predixion by Max Maven

An amazing effect but you can add some touches for the very clever specators!!! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 16th, 2018
I love predixion.I learned this effect from Max's color series of mentalism.This is such an easy and very powrful mentalism card effect.But......Some people are more clever than the average person.You cannot do anything about it.And if you perform this effect a lot like me there is a chance that you will deal with a very clever person.I am performing the trick with the EXACT same execution as Max does.I performed it for a friend and after the effect was done she said to me.The 2 cards that i landed were not random.They were the 2 first cards from the deck...I was in my mind like HOW ON EARTH after the time misdirection she noticed that?My new handling uses some extra things.I take the deck out of the box and as i walk i palm the 2 top cards(the force cards) i give the deck to a spectator and i say ok shuffle the cards.As i take the deck back i add the 2 cards that i palmed on the top.Then i give the deck to another person and i continue with the trick.Belive me if you try this is someone is really clever and says ok these are the 2 top cards you just say you shuffled the deck before we start anything.I belive that this is the foolproof execution for this amazing effect.Do this,and you will remember me!!!!!!!!!
Note:Max if you read this comment i can give you my house if you want for the explanation of your brick effect!!!

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Sep 06th 2020 6:26pm
Very good thinking. I knew what the method was going to be as soon as I read the description of the trick and had the same idea that you did. You are right, there are some very sharp laymen out there, who will see through the obvious and solve the trick, no matter how clever and well-disguised a magician might believe it is. I use your palming solution for several tricks, for example, a Poker Player's Picnic, from the Royal Road to Card Magic. It makes the trick 10 times stronger, especially if you make it clear and emphasize that THEY shuffled. Thank you for sharing your excellent thinking.

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