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> Bound by Joel Dickinson

If you were to watch the whole performance you would figure this out 100% Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 11th, 2019
I am not really big on reviews especially since most of the tricks I have bought from penguin have been extremely good. This trick fits in that category and I really like it. I was already performing the first part of the trick long before this trick came out. The reason I gave it a 4 stars is because it is not worth 10$. 10$ is cheap but this trick should have def been around 5 bucks. The reason for that is because once you see the full performance you most likely won't have to watch the remaining of the video because as a magician you will figure the trick out instantly. This is definitely not a magician fooler and will not really work on anybody that is suspicious. I definitely think that people made a bigger del out of this trick than it actually is. If I were to ask you to come up with a concept to do this trick, this is exactly how you would put it together as well. It is really nothing to impressive. I will definitely try it out on people but there is a moment where the spectator cannot see their card and if they ask you to see it then, the whole trick is ruined. It is 4 stars for me because it is pretty good but it is really not all that.

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Jan 13th 2019 3:12pm
Well, as my father used to say, "That's what makes horse races." Permit me to insist that the trick is CERTAINLY worth $10 ... or even more ... even though part of it revealed a method I had long forgotten. IMO repeating the effect as described certainly cancels out methods in its logical construction. The "moment" Selvedin alludes to is easily addressed by placing a very small sticker on the back of the signed card. When this card is pulled out of the pocketed deck for the first time, cover the sticker with your finger(s). This will raise audience doubt about whether it IS the chosen card ... then reveal the STICKER as a convincer and reveal the card as proof positive. Thus, when the card is inserted into the deck for the second time the STICKER guarantees that it is the signed card! I speak in code for the those that know.

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