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> Mnemonica Trainer by Rick Lax

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 8th, 2019
In my real life, I am a professor of ancient languages (especially Greek). A good part of the first semester I spend teaching students how to memorize. I am no stranger to mnemonics, tricks, tools, and systems for learning obscure bits of information. This is by far, the best system I have ever come across.
If you want to learn the Mneumonica stack, this will help you in ways that no other system will. It is visual, auditory, and even kinesthetic (if you handle the cards). It will not do the work for you-but it will make the task so much less painful, less time consuming, and less difficult.
There are miracles waiting for those who memorize this stack; things that spectators will talk about for years. This is a tool that helps to open the door to these miracles. By all means take advantage of it. Take a professor's word for it, buy this trainer and you will never forget the stack; your audiences will never forget you.

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Mar 08th 2019 2:29pm
Ah, what a pleasure to read this. :)

Yes, when I was a kid I went through a lot of memory books and memory systems, too. And if you are a professor who needs to memorize a lot (or teach others to do so), I can see some of the other 'more versatile' memory systems being helpful. But as you can see, if the goal is just to learn the Mnemonica stack, as you say, this system is helpful in ways that all others just aren't.

I really appreciate this review because from the outside point of view, I can see somebody looking at this for a second and saying, "looks like a bunch of silly images, what's different about this?" But as somebody who has experience with different systems, you can see what's different.

And of course, if you are somebody reading this and you've tried other systems in the past and then you try this one, you will see the difference IMMEDIATELY . :)


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Mar 08th 2019 5:39pm
Thanks Rick,

I appreciate your kind comments. I can tell you that as a person who teaches people to memorize, your system is simply fantastic for this particular set of information.
The teaching you engage in is wonderful, lots of energy, clear instructions, and review, review, review. It is not that hard to move something into long term memory. Once it is there, you will have it for life as long as you review or work with the stack every once in a while.
This is gold, and I appreciate you spending the time on it. Is there any way that we could get a PDF of the drawings? That might help some students.
Thank you for your work,


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