Max Maven's legendary reputation-maker, available for the first time ever.

> Trost-Worthy by David Regal

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 19th, 2020
I had been using half of Twisted Sister for B'wave. Then I printed my own faces and peeled cards, and glued the printed faces to the backs.

Who knew I could accomplish a "similar" effect with cards that could be completely examined?!!!

The first few times I tried this effect, the spectator and I took the cards behind our backs, but I thought I might be accused of switching or ditching cards. (You don't, btw.)

Now, I have both of us take our hands under the table to mix them up, get a random selection, etc.

This way, it's obvious that the only cards used are the ones they see at the beginning ... and let me reemphasize ... they can examine EVERYTHING at the end of the trick. No ditching or switching.

I also like David's two additions to the original Trost trick.

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Jan 20th 2020 6:51am
Thank you for the review. I LOVE "B'Wave" and "Prediction" and I'm a big fan of Mr Maven (thinking about ordering a book or two of his). I also like "some" of the tricks by Rick Lax (Contact & Diamonds Forever). I enjoy the simple packet type tricks to show to strangers in a bar that I go to. Most aren't interested in anything long and drawn out and these are perfect... hit em quick and move back on to karaoke. I'm also a beginner and a senior and don't have very good handling skills and not into props or gimmicks that might take up space.
Anyway.... that's where I'm at and I felt like your review had my name on it and I again just wanted to say "Thanks".

T. Burgess

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