> The Raven Starter Kit by Chuck Leach

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 25th, 2020
The raven is amazing, easy to use, simple set up, amazing tricks.
The only down side is, beginners may have issues with noise.
It’s loud. Best reserved for video or a very loud environment.
Experienced magicians will know how to combat the sound and perform it anywhere.

great product!

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Dec 01st 2022 12:30am
It depends what you are using. I recommend picking up some steel core quarters. There still is a very minor click but have never had anyone say anything.

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Feb 15th 2024 6:05pm
I have had a couple of these and while it's comfortable to use it's loud. Not the the part that's in your hand it's the part that's connected to the main body. This piece of the equipment should have been updated a long time ago. Yes they would have to charge more for it but that's okay. I would rather pay the extra money and have a completely quiet system instead of well it's not loud enough so I can't preform this. That's junk. Even if it needs to be invented being the first of its kind, do it people will pay. Anyhow didn't mean to ramble on but I agree with you it's too loud and needs to be seriously updated to more state of the art material.

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Mar 23rd 2024 4:38am
the guy above shouldn't write reviews AFTER drinking....the gimmick being "loud" is absurd. This literally does the magic that takes YEARS to master and sound is the complaint? For 10 minutes, do this:
- when you get to the part of your routine or your build up if only a trick (never just silently get up and nervously perform any magic. It's a SHOW first), take loud. Find a way to yell...Maybe at an audience member not smiling for example. It breaks walls and covers the sound. Once you have your way to insert noise and at a heightened level specifically, practice doing it in the mirror for 10 minutes
- you will now have it doable but like everything in magic, it's always workable; or said better, practice makes perfect.
great product. use in every routine for the most part.

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