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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 15th, 2023
Hello Everyone,

First off, the only reason I am giving this 4 and not 5 stars is because I am mad at myself that I didn't market this as a magic trick sold at a magic store first.

I have been a professional magician for over 50 years and have been performing this routine for years. I will say that there is nothing wrong with the video you saw. Since I don't think of everyday items being sold like this, I really thought they had created the holy grail of card tricks here when I watched the video 100 times. LOL. I was fooled and that is great to the creator because I should have known better.

Having said that, this is a great trick for beginners, and I say that only because to me once you have the deck in hand it is too obvious to perform in front of most people without getting caught. And any magician worth his salt will catch you immediately if they are close to you and not on a video or at a distance. However, you may be able to get away with this with people if you have brushed up on your audience management skills.


1) What you saw IS what you get. I hate videos that don't show the entire uncut routine because they don't want to get caught. Well, my way of thinking is that if watching an uncut version is not safe, then how does that play out for you in real life.

2) No Stripper Deck, No R&S applied, no nothing. Well almost nothing. But everything they list it's not, IS TRUE.

3) BUY IT and you won't have to hope you find one of these decks in the real world, and to many of you that is a plus for sure. And to be fair to this creator, it takes time and is not always easy to find one in the wild.

4) Like I said above. I would give this 5 stars because it is a really cool idea, however, it is FAR from being a new idea. I guess you could say that this trick has been around for as long as cards have been around.

5) The effect is 100% better if you find a deck in the wild for reasons that I cannot say in this review without giving the secret away.

6) Keep the Locator box because YOU WILL LOSE this deck in with your other decks if you don't. I am in no way saying that you will not be able to find it, but I carry a lot of regular decks with me, and it would take looking at all of them until I found it. YES, It's THAT GOOD.

7) If you're someone like me that buys cards at Costco by the bricks at 3 to 4 bricks at a time, you already may know why I have given it 4 stars and more than likely done this trick hundreds of times because it is that good.

8) If you have read this far and still have no idea, then BUY IT. You will not be disappointed. Remember, I just wish I would have brought it to market first.

9) The deck can be passed out before and after the trick. But I personally wait until after the trick. Just depends on the audience and just in case be ready to do a different trick with the deck if they do one certain thing to the deck.

10) Resets immediately.

11) No forced card or cards.

12) Skill Level from 1 to 10 is ZERO. Yep, if you can't master this trick just watching the video without even opening the deck, maybe magic isn't your thing. Sorry, but just be honest.

13) You can use this deck for all of your regular non-gaffed deck routines as it is a regular deck for all purposes.


1) The only real CON that I can say is as soon as I saw the deck, I knew immediately which audiences I would do this for. Bars would come to mind. LOL. Low lighting but if you have bad eyesight then the same good of low lighting may be bad for you too.

2) Already sold in stores (Kinda) for under $4.00. But if you own 5 decks of cards in your lifetime then you really need this deck and I highly recommend that you BUY IT TODAY. This is still a GREAT routine. PERIOD.

3) I have bought many decks from regular to gaffed and the one thing I will say is that this in the only deck I do not need to ever rebuy because I know where to look and take my chances on the street. LOL. Plus, I have several already.

4) And Last: When I get the deck in the wild it is a far more deceptive deck. However, if you are a beginner then that little difference may be too hard for you so that again makes this a WINNER.

FINALLY: This is a great trick no matter where you get the deck from. I HIGHLY recommend to ANY magicians that do not understand how this is done simply by the reviews here. Mine and others. Read them all before you buy.

Two thumbs up for getting to the magic table first. But to be honest, I don't create magic and so I would have never released this. However, I WISH I HAD. Didn't even think about it. Releasing this deck actually kind of hurt me because I consider myself to be a Master Magician and I just love fooling other magicians and this was a go to for me. Now you're all going to learn it. LOL. Just kidding. Please enjoy and understand that this is still a GREAT TRICK for all magicians.


I hope this review helps and I apologize for the length.


The Magic Doc

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Apr 05th 2023 2:36pm
I agree, learned this principle many moons ago, it is not some ground breaking secret. Probably have a few of these lying around right now! $20 or this?? Nope

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Apr 07th 2023 4:48pm
This was an excellent review, you covered pretty much every question I person might have without revealing the method! So I’m just curious, as I have, or perhaps had, two ideas as to how this works, but I’ve narrowed it down to one, but I haven’t convinced myself . . . So just one question; can a 68 year old, with many many years of learning our art of astonishment effectively work this with my piss poor eyesight? 🤪

Thanks, and again an excellent review.

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Apr 07th 2023 9:52pm
Yes you can
Border collies!

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