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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 25th, 2014
I know many of you have rated this very highly. Unfortunately I can not. I have not met the performer nor am I familiar with his work other than viewing the download. I downloaded it becuase of the high ratings it had received.

I must say I am also older and like classical magic and mentalism. I have been a magic demonstrator for Magic Inc., Midwest Magic, Hollywood Magic, and Hollywood Toys and Costumes for over 20 years. I have edited over 60 magic books and have been the featured close up performer at the Magic Castle. I say this not to impress but hope you will take my criticsm to heart as one who has been around this for some time. Most of these comments deals with the presentation for the purpose of learning.
First - I had a very difficult time with the spoken language and the accent. There were times I just couldn't understand the guy.
Second I do have a bias and I am not a big fan of tatoos and piercings. However I do understand that many of the younger set does not have a problem with this. But, what getting the tatoos has to do with what is being presented is beyond me. The same can be said for all the sessions holding a guitar.
Third - While many effects are presented, there isn't enough interaction with people as examples of the work. More demonstrations would have been helpful.
Fourth - He comes with recommendations from mages I know and trust. Kenton Knepper for example. That is good. The effects are good and the discussion of their construction is workable. However, they just didn't blow me out. This would be in contrast to someone like Docc Hilford whose material I do use, find clever and when first seen by me creates a sense of awe. Maybe just a style thing for me. But his material is more to my style.

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Jun 18th 2019 8:11pm
Probably the single worst review I've read to date!!!
I personally think Tattoos are sick & gross, but you knew he had those before you bought the video. Presumably, you also knew about his accent, so why are you bitching about those AFTER the fact?

Also, why don't you at least sign your name to the review if you've worked at all these prestigious places & edited some 20 books? Then perhaps your negative review would carry more weight. I mean, do you think Turner is going to somehow retaliate against you all the way from the UK?!

You say you'd like to see more interaction, but how much? What is "enough?

Then you go off on a tangent about Knepper & Hilford which is totally irrelevant to this review.

If you broke down his video point-by-point, or effect by effect, or even said "At 15 mins in this or that trick were lame. At 30 mins he does a good effect, but after five minutes, he's back to X,Y & Z for the next 20 mins which doesn't work because of this that and something else" your criticism would carry more weight.

But the only thing I got out of it is you didn't like his guitar, tattoos or accent, and he's not Doc Hilford. Which is all rather un-helpful, incredibly unprofessional and actually really lame on your part.

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