The greatest rubber band trick ever?

> Gidrah by Dan Huffman presented by Patrick Redford

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 31st, 2014
I bought this trick thinking it would be an amazing addition to my street magic. The effect is quite good but the method isn't fantastic. It is quite similar to various other tricks like "Transmission" by Marc Spelmann. On the other hand, it is quite inventive and is a good solution to a few of the problems some mind-reading tricks hold. The explanation video is quite difficult to understand, mainly due to visibility and lighting. There are a few slights in here which are a bit tricky and will take quite a lot of practice to pull off. If I have the chance, I would get a refund.

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Feb 02nd 2016 12:20pm
Experienced workers recognize linguistic clues such as the complaint of "(I thought it would be) an amazing addition to my street magic" mean "here's a clever use of a classic method that will feed a family of five." It's going in my cart right now,with a prayer of gratitude for those who think magic = methods.

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Jun 20th 2016 3:40pm
Experienced readers recognize doublespeak, such as "Experience workers recognize linguistic clues..." as a bombastic way of saying "though I don't own this trick and have no experience with it, I can tell you don't know what you're talking about and I do, so I'm getting it". Good luck.

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Aug 23rd 2017 5:24pm
Experienced humans recognize that this comment thread is full of pretentious BS.
The effect is great. If you think otherwise, it likely just over your head.

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