> Octopalm: Anti Gravity Gel by Jim Bodine

Octopalm allows the average Joe to look like Ricky Jay! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 18th, 2014
Octopalm is a miracle in jar for closeup workers. The uses for Octopalm is literally only limited by your imagination.

You also get a 90 minute video that you can watch online or download, featuring the creator Jim Bodine. He does some live performances for laymen and also teaches how to use the gel and then some of his pet routines.

Eric Jones also joins Jim and they go over applications that include coins, dice ( Dr. Edwin Sachs's dice routine), matches and playing cards. Eric goes over the one hand top palm ( yes, you'll be able to do that difficult sleight with Octopalm ), second dealing and bottom dealing.

Even the venerable salt shaker through table gets revamped with a SIGNED coin and they BOTH go through the table! It's a stunner to perform.

For those of us that fell in love with Jay Sankey's classic Mr. Clean Coins Across, but couldn't do it because the Tenkai ( Goshman ) pinch was not doable, Octopalm not only allows you to do the routine, but the angle issues are eliminated ( unless they are laying non the floor below you;-)

Chris Kavanagh

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Sep 22nd 2014 2:04am
I most definitely agree with all 'Chris' said. I purchased two containers of 'Octopalm' but cannot find where the 90 min.DL video or otherwise can be found? Any help appreciated.. I looked in my buyers que. etc. It does'nt even show that I purchased it?

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Sep 22nd 2014 7:36am
The link to the video is listed on the jar.

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Sep 22nd 2014 8:18am
Greetings my friend 'HarryKeller'...
I thank you soo much!
Yup bigger than life with the 'access code' (smacks head)
I thank you again!

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Sep 27th 2014 9:03am
can you feel it on yours hands? can the people you are performing for feel it or does it seem like its not there just smooth like skin?

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Oct 26th 2014 8:26am
Yes, it is detectable... it obviously changes things... but I don't think I've ever been asked 'Can I feel your hands?' after a performance so I don't see that as an issue. Quite frankly, rarely do people ASK to inspect anything although I'm a fan of tricks where I don't have to hide anything once I'm done. It's funny... reminds me that the local library had an amateur perform recently and he had to 'yell' at the kids to not cross his magic line on the carpet and look/inspect his stuff afterwards. If these guys are performing then maybe I'm ready :-)

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