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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 27th, 2016
I purchased this with the assumption it's simply a slight modification of Professor Spellbinder's 'Winston Freer's Tile Deal' which in turn is a modified but examinable variation of Winston Freer's 'Tile Puzzle', which originally brought a frame into play with these kinds of puzzles. If you know the mathematics behind the principle utilized in these geometric curiosities, Tenyo has built a cleverly gimmicked frame and case that burns that bridge in even the minds of those in-the-know. Winston Freer himself would be stunned with this one. Well done Tenyo!

The entire puzzle (case and all) measures 4 3/4" X 5 1/2". The tile puzzle is perplexing enough for lay people , using just the 7 pieces, they can be tossed in any pocket (they're tough plexi-glass) and performed anytime the heart desires. The frame itself isn't needed for the geometric puzzle to work, its only purpose is to create the additional illusion of the puzzle's dimensions remaining unchanged as each additional piece is 'absorbed' into the puzzle. This is where Tenyo cleverness comes to play.

Of the new line this is my favorite and I think a definite Tenyo collector's piece. Very highly recommended. Pre-order now!

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Nov 25th 2016 8:55pm
I totally disagree that "the frame isn't needed". As you continue to add the pieces, spectators (including originally me) aren't quite sure if the dimensions haven't subtly changed, especially after the second piece. It's showing that the puzzle shape continues to fit in the fixed frame that sells the magic.

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Dec 06th 2016 11:29am
I'd agree that the frame is a key part of this trick in conveying that the size of the rectangle has not changed. The growing rectangle (e.g. nothing to compare its size against) isn't much of a trick.

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