These cards have a vintage horror vibe, and a brilliant new marking system that you can read from far away.

> Without this World by Kiko Pastur

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 14th, 2017
The explanation video is weak, but that doesn't matter. This is such a clever way to pull this trick off. Reliable, elegant, bulletproof.

It might not fool your magician friends, but if you play with the patter and the approach, this is a total reputation maker.

Easy in, easy out, fun to do. Well done.

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Mar 14th 2017 12:08pm
An improvement on the original?

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Mar 14th 2017 4:04pm
Any difficult sleights?

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Mar 14th 2017 5:46pm
"The explanation video is weak", yet you give it five stars.

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Mar 15th 2017 12:17am
Wonder if its like paul harris's take on this effect?

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Mar 15th 2017 2:18am
Hey, thanks for your questions and interest! I am happy to sharing and talking about my sources in this version.
I think there are some considerable differences with respect to the version of Paul Harris (Galaxy).
Actually my main source of inspiration (besides Paul Curry) has been the version that describes Pete McCabe in the book "Scripting Magic". In that version there are only two piles as well and the final display move is the same (which I love it because it is very open). However, in McCabe's version it is necessary for the magician to count openly one of the piles (after spectator dealing) in order to get 26 exact cards in each pile (it means that some cards from one pile are moved to the other one to correct the difference if necessary). In addition it also demands to go showing the cards one by one until arriving at the 13 of each pile... That is, the packages were openly manipulated once they are dealt. So, when I worked in that version I found too many movements and requirements, so that it became slow and suspicious for my taste.

So I changed certain things so I did not have to count or deal the cards one by one (not depending at all depend on the number of cards in each pile). So the pace of the trick is very dynamic, open and direct. Once the cards are divided into two packets, the magician does not pick up any packets (on the dealing grip), but instead show and displays the cards directly from the mat.

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Mar 16th 2017 6:14am
Hey Kiko, when you say that the magician does not pick up any packets (in dealing grip), that may confuse people. We DO need to pick up one half - ok, we don't DEAL the cards (so it's not dealing grip) but we DO pick them up. I realise this is a subtle BUT significant difference and I believe it would be better if it was very clear. I think the effect is still great, you explain it well and the 'moves' are subtle - it is only important that anyone buying the trick knows that there are moves involved so that they can understand fully what they are buying without any ambiguity. I appreciate that if you were writing in your native language it would be easier for you to be very precise with your explanation (even though I lived in Spain, I could not explain this accurately in Spanish!) So please forgive me for pointing out this subtle point, because it is meant in the spirit of brotherhood and with all respect.

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Mar 16th 2017 10:34am
Hey Goldeneddie, you're completely right! Thanks for the clarification! What I meant is that the piles are not pick up (in dealing grip or in any other grip) to put them together, that is to say, once the piles are separated/distributed, the pile don't contact each other until the final extension is made.
So indeed, I missing out this point in the previous message. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for your kindness and feedback!

As for picking up the piles, you are right that the method requires taking one of them (but not the two piles) in dealing grip or similar (even if it happens briefly in a casual way and we don`t deal the cards or show or reveal them from that position). In any case your clarification is significant. Thanks again!

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Mar 16th 2017 3:21pm
Although he may struggle slightly with the English language I think Kiko's main problem is that he is assuming that the magicians he is addressing will be familiar with the original Paul Curry classic "Out of this world". If you are conversant with the original effect then I am sure that you will find Kiko's tuition to be more than adequate and that you will quickly learn this absolutely beautiful improvement on the original. In 50 years of performing OOTW I have seen and played with many variants of the original. None, for me, had the cleanness and directness of the original. They were all variations but none were improvements. This one is!

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Mar 17th 2017 4:43am
Hey again Kiko, respect to you for your open and healthy response. Your philosophy, your magic and your English are all impressive! :)

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Mar 28th 2017 6:57pm
Hey chrissomerville, your comment - clarification about OOTW - convinced me to purchase this effect. Thank you and thanks to Kiko. I echo the comment made by goldeneddie.

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