These cards have a vintage horror vibe, and a brilliant new marking system that you can read from far away.

> Without this World by Kiko Pastur

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 14th, 2017
This version plays fast and strong. I like that there appears to be no procedure other than simply dealing two piles of cards. The revelation at the end builds nicely to the conclusion.
If you know card magic well, you will figure it out by watching the full performance demos. If less familiar, the quick instructional part should suffice, while novices may need the detailed explanation at the end.

The video additionally teaches a simple shuffle control, and performance tips, but falls short on information about the need for casually showing the deck shuffled prior to performing this effect.

During the quick instructions, Kiko made a big mistake that he later corrected. I will never understand why an instructional video would include blunders except in an outtake reel. It should have been easy and inexpensive to shoot it again wtithout the confusing mistake. This happens a few times in the video.

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Mar 16th 2017 12:16pm
Thanks everyone for your reviews! The truth I was not expecting so much hype for this version, but I'm glad for your comments.

I apologize for not being word-perfect in English, anyway I hope to improve it soon. Besides that when I recorded the explanation it was unexpected for me and I didn't have time enough to prepare it better. Anyway if you have any doubts I will be happy to answer them in Penguin "Private Magic Questions" of this trick.

Some of you argue that Paul Curry's classic is still better and I agree that the classics are unbeatable generaly speaking. This version may provide that you can do it at a faster pace and more directly and openly, that is, in certain contexts or styles you may find it useful or that worth it. It also has some psychological subtleties, like the final question about where the reds or the blacks are, which can add a specific dramatic twist or impact.

Regarding the subject of shuffling previously, although in some versions is the strong point, in this version doesn't interest too much in order to not slow the pace at the beginning. A quick magician shuffle I think it is enough. On the other hand although the deck is not really shuffled it doesn't explain for the viewer that all the cards match at the end. In fact when the spectator distributes the cards randomly in two piles somehow is mixing/shuffling them.

In any case there are several systems to make false shuffles like the ones I explain in the video, or also for example letting three spectators shuffle each three different parts of the deck (so that when retrieving them the necessary order is maintained), or maybe you can do the "unshuffling shuffle" trying to give the impression that it is the spectator who finally shuffled it. The deck can also be genuinely shuffled and then retrieved (Lennart, David, Cull, etc.)
Therefore in the unlikely case that the spectator wants or demands to shuffle the deck, I think the trick can be done equally.

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