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Originally popularized by David Blaine...

Street Magic has taken the world by storm. Magicians are taking the art to the streets--where the routines are fresh and the reactions are huge. The Street Magic performance style is informed by a central question first vocalized by David Blaine:

"What would I do and say right now if I really were magic?"

When a magician asks that question of him/herself the challenge becomes how to keep the performance real. You're performing unbelievable effects: levitations (David Blaine performs the Balducci Levitation), transformations, vanishes, mentalism...

You're in essence contrasting this world of illusion with the grittiness of the city. The result is some of the most real, in-your-face performance ever achieved.

Street Magic effects have to pack small and play big... High-impact, raw, real magic.

Below we've included an article on David Blaine from our "Perform" Section. Click here to read other performance articles.

David Blaine... Definitely born to perform.

by maxwell

Street Magic, levitation, stunts, and large scale illusion.

There is no more controversial performer in the world of magic than David Blaine. His meteoric rise to the top of the magic world is driven by huge television ratings and the unstoppable buzz of his converts on the streets. His critics call him a publicity hound, but they can't seem to slow the pure awe spilling from his adrenalin-filled spectators.

Don't look to Blaine to learn how to do magic. Look to Blaine to learn how to do performance... how to excite your audience (or in Blaine's case... how to excite the world). There is no performer of magic from whom more can be learned... except maybe Houdini.

Here's how Blaine climbed to the top:
  1. He performed high-impact street magic on the streets of New York City.
  2. He was exciting enough to get people talking about him long after they saw him.
  3. He got ABC to watch a video he made of his street magic.
  4. He levitated in front of the ABC execs.
  5. He got ABC to agree to make a special.
  6. He upped the anti by performing death-defying stunts.
What's next for Blaine:
  1. He's got a book on the way with a great marketing idea. There is a secret code hidden inside the book. Readers can break the code to find the location of a treasure he has buried somewhere in the US.
  2. He's got a list of stunts he'd like to pull off (including jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge if the City of NY will let him).
  3. He's working on a live touring show that will tour all across the country (US).
Biggest Stunts:
  • 1999 buried himself alive in a coffin for seven days and seven nights.
  • 2000 remained entombed between two blocks of ice for 62 hours
  • 2002 will stand atop a 2-foot-wide pillar (nearly 10 stories high) in New York City for two days and two nights, with no food, water, sleep, and nothing to sit or lean on. before jumping to the pavement with only some cardboard boxes to break his fall.
Q: What advice do you have for aspiring magicians?
A: "Don't let anybody tell you what to do. Just do whatever you feel, from your own instincts, and you'll be happy. When you're doing something you love, it's easier to succeed at it than doing something you don't." -David Blaine

Q: What is the "essence" of magic?
A: "Connecting to another human on a human level. To me, that's where the strongest magic has come from." -David Blaine in an interview with abcnews.com

Ultimate Objective:

"I'd like to revolutionize magic, make it unlike an art form anybody's ever seen." -David Blaine on ABC's 20/20
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