A bullet-proof weapon that leaves spectators rubbing their eyes. https://t.co/wRL8b..

IG Series Episode 2: Sultan Orazaly's From Nowhere video DOWNLOAD Nowadays, there are more than ten thousand consumers of magic tricks; they are none other than workers, magicians, hobbyists, and enthusiasts. Each with different needs. And this is where we come in. Introducing our new line of release: the Instagram Series. In this series, the tricks are designed s
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B-Roll Playing Cards Lights... Camera... Action! Behind every performance captured on film, there is the backstory, the alternate footage... the B-Roll. The countless hours practicing, performing and refinement of your show. B-Roll Playing Cards is a tribute to that secret side of us all. The alternate story. The creati
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CANiVOR by Arnel Renegado (Instant Download) A soda can TAB visually restored
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Canivor by Arnel Renegado - video DOWNLOAD A soda can TAB is visually restored! Canivor is an effect where the audience sees you rip the Soda Can TAB off and visually restore it. EASY-TO-USE GIMMICK EASY TO PERFORM Arnel teaches you everything you need to perform this amazing effect. Download the video and start performing Canivor today!
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GHOST VISION by Andrew Mayne Andrew Mayne, creator of Gut Buster and ghostbills, presents a 21st century paranormal effect. Using an unprepared borrowed camera phone the magician reveals spectral images of ghosts and premonitions from beyond. Your spectators watch the display as a dark silhouette crosses the room in real time.
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PHOTO SHOCK by Jay Sankey (DVD and Gimmick) SPECIAL OFFER: Order PhotoShock TODAY and receive Jay's amazing coin bending effect called "Wrapture" - Make a borrowed quarter bend around a borrowed penny. (This is a download and will appear as Photo Shock in your MyPenguinMagic access area)!The performer introduces a photograph with a bill wrap
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Time Camera by ASKA & NEO - Trick Not your conventional camera trick, this one's on steroids and is SUPER HOT! EFFECT: The magician takes out a deck of cards and the spectator freely chooses one card. The remaining cards are now returned to the empty card box. The magician takes a small lens out of his pocket, and attaches it to the
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SNAPPED (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Justin Flom and The Other Brothers - Trick An incredibly visual vanish! "The Other Brothers make real magic look like camera tricks." - Shimshi The first release from OB Magic Company! From the minds of Justin Flom and The Other Brothers, SNAPPED is a brand new utility device that allows for spectacular visual vanishes. With no slights neces
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LightPaint by Mathieu Bich and Gentlemen's Magic - Trick What if you could reveal the selected card with a borrowed cellphone? With just a picture or a video, you will be able to reveal the spectator's card in a flash! The picture can be shared on social networks right after. EXTREMELY VISUAL AND MODERN LightPaint is the first Gentlemen's Magic release, a
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Magic Photo Camera by Mago Flash and Nahuel Olivera - Trick This camera makes many objects appear in funny ways, thanks to its built-in squeaker! Effect: The magician shows the empty camera, closes the doors, and from inside, an object appears. This happens over and over again. You're able to produce quite a bit of funny stuff, as there's plenty of room! Eac
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