This is strong hypnotism you can be performing TONIGHT. The clever method makes it SO EASY.

Michael Kaminskas LIVE (Instant Download) A large assortment of clever close-up and some nifty knuckle-busting moves. SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. DOWNLOAD THE FULL LECTURE TODAY.
In stock. $29.95
chop-cup classics coin-in-bottle coins cups-and-balls michael-kaminskas penguin-live sleight-of-hand triumph
Mark Southworth LIVE (Instant Download) Valuable tips and techniques to vastly improve your close-up, walk-around magic. SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. DOWNLOAD THE FULL LECTURE TODAY.
In stock. $29.95
8-ball cards chop-cup close-up double-cross mark-southworth penguin-live
Chop Cup (World's Greatest Magic) video DOWNLOAD Ever since the Chop Cup was invented by magician Al Wheatley (whose stage name was Chop Chop, which is where the trick derives its unusual name) in the early 1950s, magicians have devised increasingly clever ways to use it. The basic one-cup one-ball approach to the classic Cups and Balls has held t
In stock. $14.95
chop-cup download
Transformer Chop Cup by Sean Yang - Trick "Super practical! So many applications! What are you waiting for?" - Horret Wu (2015 FISM champion) With just a cup and a ball, you can perform vanishes, reappearances, penetration effects, etc., with minimal knowledge of sleight of hand. That's probably a key reason why the Chop Cup has become an a
In stock. $34.95
chop-cup organic
David Regal LIVE (Instant Download) One of the cleverest, and most prolific magicians alive comes to Penguin for a 2-HOUR lecture. DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE LECTURE INSTANTLY AND SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC.
In stock. $29.95
card chop-cup close-up cups penguin-live stand-up
The Chop Cup - Brad Burt, DVD Here is a complete treatment of Brad Burt's FAVORITE magic effect! This is "Power" magic that can be used in many situations. Imagine a one cup cup and ball routine. Imagine that a small ball vanishes and reappears in amazing ways. Penetrates the bottom of the cup. Then....TWO HUGE SOLID BALLS ONLY
In stock. $22.50
chop-cup close-up cups dvd stage street
Leather Chop Cup (with Balls) - Trick A new prop produced by Jieli World Magic Limited in2013.Made out of quality leather. This Chop Cup is the perfect size for handling; easy to reset for re-use.Included:1 Red Magnetic Knit Ball1 Red Knit Ball1 Leather Chop Cup
In stock. $49.95
chop-cup cups-and-balls parlor production stage street vanish walk-around
Coffee Cup Chop Cup (3 cups and 2 balls) by Leo Smetsers - Trick Magicians from all over the world fascinate their audiences with routines -- using just a cup and a ball. Chop Cups come in all sorts of sizes and materials, but usually they look like magic props. Now, from the creative mind of one of Holland's most prolific magic artists, Leo Smetsers, comes a cup
In stock. $28.69
chop-cup organic
Fechter's Aces with Obie O'Brien (2 DVD Set) Meet one of magic's most influential people, Obie O'Brien!
In stock. $43.75
card chop-cup close-up coin dvd mentalism transposition vanish walk-around
Sankedelic book Jay Sankey The notes from Jay's 2001 lecture tour! 9 honest-to-goodness miracles with cards, borrowed bills, sugar packets, credit cards, finger rings and even a chop cup! Including: Raising Sugar Cane-the cleanest torn & restored sugar packet in the world! Pandora's Envelope-a signed card VISIBLY appears i
Out of stock. $9.60
book card chop-cup close-up coin credit-card mentalism money-trick parlor production restoration ring rope stage street transposition vanish
Maui Book Carl Andrews - Trick Carl Andrews, a leading professional magician in the USA,  has provided much advice and recorded experiences valuable to all magicians from his career in this attractive book, together with nearly 30 effects and presentations for close-up and stand-up. Cards, coins, balls and dice are some of t
In stock. $22.50
card chop-cup close-up coin dvd sponge-trick walk-around
Entertainment First by George Schindler - DVD George Schindler has more than 50 years of professional experience as a magician and entertainer. On this DVD he shares his lifetime of knowledge as he performs and teaches the routines he has used throughout his career. George is an outstanding performer, author, ventriloquist, comedian and public
In stock. $35.00
card chop-cup close-up comedy dvd penetration silk-trick transposition vanish wallet
An Audience With Paul Daniels by Paul Daniels - DVD Paul Daniels is one of the most successful magicians of the 20th century. He made worldwide headlines with his top rated television shows, extensive live performances and the fortune he acquired through magic.After many years as a television celebrity, Paul created an autobiographical touring show t
In stock. $19.95
chop-cup close-up dvd penetration production stage street vanish
Tales From the Street (2 DVD Set) by Kozmo - DVD A guide to performing magic on the streets.On this 2 DVD set you will learn the real secrets about how to stop, build and collect. You will learn the importance of that first routine, how to choose the routines to use in your show, theory on building and keeping the audience. All the answers are her
In stock. $70.00
card chop-cup close-up coin dvd street
Dominique Duvivier Strikes Back (4 DVD Set): Intimiste Vol. 2 - DVD This show was a smasher during the 2 years it was performed at The Double Fond.Incredible! Four DVDs: 1 for the show and 3 for the explanations, more than 7 hours of magic! Cards, coins, drinks, chop-cup, etc. A phenomenal number of routines (a 1 hr 38 min show) including the Duvivier's style mythic
In stock. $115.00
card chop-cup close-up coin dvd silk-trick
Evolution (Chop Cup) by Kuniharu Kubo - Trick Evolution will change your image of chop cups.Evolution enables you to SHOW the cup empty. Then WITHOUT loading, production takes place.Spectators actually SEE the cup empty. This makes the effect of the chop cup even stronger.The gimmick is so clever, and functions almost automatically. You do not
Out of stock. $152.10
chop-cup close-up cups dice dvd production stage street vanish
Cubism by David Forrest - Trick CUBISM. It's a chop cup - but not as we know it! Years in development, Dave Forrest has finally realised a personal ambition and is very pleased to be able to offer magicians worldwide the most organic chop cup in existence! A beautiful, professionally made leather-bound chop cup complete with TWO p
In stock. $56.25
chop-cup dice dice-trick die
Electric Chair(2 DVD set)by Paul Roberts - DVD Here for the first time on DVD is Paul Robert's version of the famous ELECTRIC CHAIRS routine. A number of spectators are chosen at random and asked to sit on normal chairs. The magician then has the ability to control them with a series of shocks leading to them to performing a whole host of stra
Out of stock. $29.96
card chop-cup close-up dvd mentalism production ring-trick stage vanish
Crochet Balls (Multicolor 1.75 inch) by Mr. Magic - Trick These four balls are of a high-quality wool weave and are quiet while in use. This convenient size works well for palming and a variety of effects. At 1.75", each ball is red/white/blue.
In stock. $7.46
chop-cup cups-and-balls refill
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