Eternity by Emran Riaz (Gimmicks + Download) An IMPOSSIBLE prediction of ANY number, ANY word, literally ENGRAVED in a medallion they've been holding THE ENTIRE TIME. LIMITED SUPPLY. ORDER TODAY AND GET FREE SHIPPING.
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Sub Rosa by Ariel Frailich - Book Sub Rosa is a wonderfully deceptive and versatile utility technique that you can learn in seconds and master in minutes. It can be applied to a huge variety of closeup and stage magic and mentalism: transpositions and transformations, predictions and divinations, Torn and Restored and penetration ef
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A Lifetime in Magic Volume 2 by Devin Knight - Book Volume 2 continues where Volume 1 left off, with detailed explanations for over 20 Devin Knight masterpieces. It starts with three stunning effects that appear to be as near to real mindreading as you can get. Devin explains little known principles which will enable you to reveal repeatedly which ha
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Hidden Eye by David Luu (Instant Download) A great mentalist's dream COME TRUE . NO expensive devices . Perform anytime anywhere
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Jinxed by Peter Turner LIMITED EDITION (2 DVD Set) Over THREE HOURS of creative mentalism methods and techniques taught by one of the most influential mentalists of our time. LIMITED AVAILABILITY. NOW SHIPPING.
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Personal FX by JB Magic and Wayne Dobson - DVD 3 business cards are removed from a small leather holder. The cards are laid out in a row. Spectator puts their PHONE on ANY of the 3 business cards. Next they place their KEYS on either of the 2 remaining business cards. The last card goes back inside the wallet. As clean as it gets, the spectator
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Mystery Key Test by Amazo Magic - Trick A suspenseful key test, in which a prize awaits the person selecting the correct key. A transparent case is shown -- the magician opens it and inserts a bill that he says will be the prize. A padlock is presented, and a key is shown to open the padlock - 4 other keys do NOT open the lock. The bill i
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LOTZ of MAGIC for KIDZ by John Breeds - Book John Breeds' previous book, the best-selling, How To Create Kids' Magic, is still acknowledged as the best book of its kind. David Kaye described this publication as "...the A to Z of all aspects of being a professional children's entertainer". It embraced the business of earning a good living as a
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A Lifetime In Magic Vol.1 by Devin Knight eBook DOWNLOAD Magicseen Publications is delighted to announce the publication of the first volume of a trilogy of eBooks featuring the amazing mentalism and magic of internationally renowned performer Devin Knight. Volume 1, has 130 photo illustrated pages, features full details of 9 routines from Devin's persona
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Publicity, Press Releases, Sales Letter Copy Writing, Social Media Promotion & Video Marketing Success Secrets by Jonathan Royle Mixed Media DOWNLOAD Compiled by Jonathan Royle, this is a massively powerful multimedia package containing dozens of step-by-step training manuals together with videos, bonus audio training material and even specialist software. When studied and put into practice, this material will help you make far more /$$$ profits
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Inscribed (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) By Agus Tjiu & Ma Arif Inscribe is the most innovative master prediction system in the market. From the beginning an envelope sealed on the clear box and remain untouched until the end of the routine.Then we gather information from audience as the routine you create. The best part is, the audience is the one that open th
In stock. $500.00
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