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Jinxed by Peter Turner LIMITED EDITION (2 DVD Set)

Over THREE HOURS of creative mentalism methods and techniques taught by one of the most influential mentalists of our time. LIMITED AVAILABILITY. NOW SHIPPING.
Price: $180.00
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This new DVD set is Peter Turner's latest and most practical work to be presented to the magic community. As with much of his material, it's not intended to be owned by everyone.

Only 700 sets will ever be produced.

If you have ever tried to get hold of material by Peter Turner, you'll know how his training material sells out in record time only to become highly collectable, as mentalists fight over getting access to the rare copies that change hands from time to time.

How do you define genius thinking in magic? It's the ability to hold all the current thought in a field of study, then step right out of it to create new techniques or approaches that have such a large creative leap, that they can change the direction of thinking in that field. Peter Turner embodies this ability. His methods are creative and bold and his performances are faultless. He truly gives an experience that will stay with them forever.

Jinxed is Peter's contemporary take on Annemann's core work in mentalism. If you are serious about developing your abilities in mentalism, now's your chance to add Peter Turners knowledge to your collection.


Is this material practical in the real world?

Yes, that's part of the reason Peter Turner is so well respected. He doesn't just talk the talk. You will see his material in action, how he presents it and how you can too.

Will I have to learn his full routines to gain from this training?

No. We think that you probably will want to, but that's not the point. Jinxed is full of practical techniques that you can build into your current material, if you don't want to add in full routines. If you have ever been lucky enough to see Peter lecture, you will know how excited mentalists get, after the lecture, as they discuss how easy it would be to build in his techniques to their current material.

Is this hard to master?

Like anything that's really worth learning, you will need to practice. However, Peter's style is organic and conversational.

Jinxed is about connecting with people, just as much as it is about mechanical secret technique. Peter's style makes learning and performing feel natural and effortless.

If you are new to mentalism, it's a great way to develop your performing style, that will influence and improve your learning across all your future training.

Jinxed is, without question, one of the most important and greatly awaited releases in mentalism is finally here.

Say the name Peter Turner amongst a group of mentalists or mind readers, and every conversation stops right there. You get everyone's attention right away. Why is that?

Peter has carved a name for himself within the magic community as not only a unique performer, but a devilish thinker.

Peter has a definite way with words. If you want your performances to become legendary stories retold between laymen, and to be remembered forever, then listen to everything this man has to say. Regarded as one of the most influential mentalists of our time, he has consulted on countless projects for TV and stage.

Running time:

Disc One -2:02:59
Disc Two -1:25:42

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Jinxed - A Honest Review Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 9th, 2014

* A Question and Answer (3/10):

This effect is a weak opener, just more of the same if you're not new to mentalism. There's nothing new or that hasn't been already explained on Practical Mental Effects - Use of env*******s by Annemann himself. The rest is just Peter's acting and a lot of talking.

* Life Equation (8/10):

Very decent and smart effect. Definitely my favorite of DVD 1 and one of the few I would probably use with a few tweaks here and there so the methodology doesn't become obvious, otherwise it can't be repeated for the same group twice.

Also, there's no explanation as of performing it for stage so I assume it can only be done for one on one mentalism.

* Rosie Red (4/10):

Even though the performance looks amazing and the concept it's not bad, there's a BIG catch to it - and it's obviously writing down. Might as well use any other kind of p**k device and get the job done, looking much more fair also to the spectators.

He later discusses the Slate # 2 which if anything at all, it's not a bad idea but it's completely unreliable to perform to anyone that's a skeptic and it's not surefire
(as a lot of the material on the dvds) so that takes away points from it.

Also, Peter says more of his "If I dont fail it doesn't matter" and I doubt you would honestly want to say this on your paid gigs all the time.

DVD 1 - Average Rating = 5 / 10

* Finger Finger (2/10):

More than "Finger Finger", I would call this one more like "Filler Filler". Just a very and well known old f***e applied to the effect, nothing absolutely new and as most of the dvd's material, it can fail most of the times.

Nothing more to say about this one, could be better left out of the DVD. Sure, Peter as usual says he doesn't care about failing but I wonder if your audiences would really be happy with performers failing all the time, I guess not.

* Cigarette Divination (5/10):

The method for what is shown in the video performance is so obvious that it's the first one that came into my mind as soon as I saw it. Of course, nothing is examinable by the spectators.

Peter provides a handling with an imaginary box of cigarrettes which hits 50% of times with an unjustified procedure that makes it work half of the times you try it.

Not everything that shines is gold.

* Locking Keys (2/10):

Although the premise of the effect is interesting, the method is made up of 2 parts, the first one is reliable and explained in classic mentalism books, but the second part is something that is completely unreliable.

Another one with great presentation that ultimately disappoints.

* A Slate and a Number (9/10):

The closer is a nice routine that relies very heavily on DR, it's pretty risky as you're playing with the perception of several participants, but it's a very well thought effect which I enjoyed in general. Best effect of the second DVD for sure.

DVD 2 - Average Rating = 4.5 / 10

Overall Rating = 2.4 / 5

* Conclusion

It seems this whole "Mentalism is not about method but presentation" has been taken too seriously by people like Peter, who has released in here a bunch of effects that don't live up to the overhype of this DVD or to the title of the original Practical mental effects book, as I would doubt the presented effects are practical if any at all, let's hope for the sake of Mentalism, this doesn't become a trend.

At almost 200 USD, I would recommend to stay away from this and either buy the original book from Annemann or even Richard Osterlind's 6 Set DVDs, you will learn a lot more from his vast years of experience.

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Kinda of disappointing for the $$ spent Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 5th, 2014
I've been a big Peter Turner fan over the past year or so, and have purchased several of his books and one other DVD set. Jinxed was a bit of a let down for the price. Peter is a creative and original thinker who combines multiple methods and very clever presentations. But some of the effects in Jinxed look kind of contrived, especially on disc 2. Not nearly as natural as some earlier releases (Devil in Disguise). I actually think the Peter Turner Penguin lecture is a far better presentation with more impressive effects and thinking.
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Well worth every penny Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 12th, 2014
The seven Performances on JINXED are with strangers on the street or in venues in Greece and the explanations for the effects are back at Titanas Magic with Vangelis Haralampous.

The DVD is broken down so that you can "play all" or just view the effects individually. If you choose to "play all" that viewing will also include the introduction and prologue. The explanations that follow each trick are more than just a simple "how to" but more of a "behind the scenes" theory about Peter's craft and how he's arrived at his ideas. Behind the scenes discussions include: building confidence, the gypsy peek, multiple outs, be bold, invisible force, updating the old, combining methods, versatility, peeks, mixing principles, Annemann plot, slate #1, slate #2 and more.....

Volume 1

0. Prologue - (15:09) Peter and Vangelis talk on the Titanas set. Peter sets up his premise for the DVD set and his appreciation for Theodore Annemann. The thing with these tricks on JINXED is - you're basically learning how Peter presents these classics. So don't expect to "learn" some revelational new methods on these DVDs. And I would argue that 90% of the magic that comes from these effects - the "reason" why they look like "magic" is Peter's presentation and his ability to work with strangers.

That is to say, usually with these new DVDs your excitement in purchasing them is to get to the "how" and you're hoping the "how" will help you. Peter isn't giving you new "how" he is giving you his approach and his take on perhaps many effects you have cast aside as "outdated" or "un doable."

For Peter it's not about "how" he is doing it, but rather "why" he's doing it and how it relates back to his performance.

In all fairness - I bet some people will be disappointed that there aren't more earth-shattering revelations here. But I think if people are willing to really examine the content, of what Peter is trying to get across - this is really an argument to revisit the books on your bookshelf and to not dismiss the classic effects because they seem to use an outdated element. Peter strips all that away and asks "why did this work -THEN - and how could it work now?" What is the "thing" behind THE THING?

For instance, I read a mentalist routine once in a Karl Fulves book where the Magi leaves the room and then goes into a bedroom and closes a door so that his house guests could choose a random object. The "secret" was that the Magi stared through the keyhole and watched to see what "item" in the room the house guests chose. I could dismiss that effect and say "well, house doors don't have keyholes you can see through anymore." True, but... what's the principle? Having a way to "spy" on the room. What would we do in today's culture? Set up a Nanny cam! Put a hidden camera in there with a feed coming straight into your bedroom!

One last thing - as these tricks involve mentalism and mind-reading - these effects are more geared to the walk-around, or the table hopper magician and not for someone who does magic for friends and family.

1. A Question and an Answer (Performance 9:27/ Explanation 17:31) / a hybrid from Practical Mental Effects where Peter divines a written answer that is sealed away in a stack of envelopes.

Review: masterful in Peter's hand, Peter combines a cold-reading with a divining method using a "secret" most beginning mentalists already know.

2. Life Equation (Performance 6:02 / Explanation 25:18) using a cell phone calculator guide the spectator through a series of special numbers to arrive at a personal integer that is later predicted by the magician.

Review: a hybrid from 202 Methods of Forcing. Again, another very familiar method. I think this trick was in my very first beginner's magic book from the 1950s. (Simple Tricks for the Young Magician by Green) Like the previous effect - you're learning Peter's routine and watching how a master crafts these classics for the modern age.

3. Rosie Red (Performance 2:43 / Explanation 47:05) this is a slate prediction effect that requires an audience.

Review: a reworking of an effect from Practical Mental Effects. Admittedly when I learned Peter's method for this effect, it was kind of a let down - it's not an effect I would do - but what I loved was the explanation after the explanation. In the video that follows Peter covers a myriad of equivocate and forcing techniques.

Volume 2

1. Finger Finger (Performance 4:37 / Explanation 12:41) an impromptu number guessing game.

Review: a variation of an effect from The Jinx. At first it doesn't feel like a "trick" and Peter does not sell it as such, more than it's a way to build rapport with a spectator. But if it hits - it hits BIG

2. Cigarette Divination (performance 2:37 / Explanation 17:02) The spectator removes a random amount of cigarettes and you are able to discern how many they took.

Review: a variation from The Jinx originally done with matches, a wonderful foresight effect that anyone who does bar magic or cigarette magic will instantly adopt into their routine.

3. A Lock and Keys (performance 4:12 / Explanation 13:11) Peter guesses a spectator's written cellphone unlock key from a series of cards.

Review: Peter's take on Anneman's "Seven Keys to Baldpate" & Henry Fischer's "Lock and Keys." A trick using a cell phone adopting a method devised before the telephone was ever invented.

4. A Slate and a Number (performance 24:10/ Explanation 7:12) Peter performs this with three spectators divining numbers, pictures and birthdays.

Review: a passed over effect from Practical Mental Effects. Peter develops a beautiful routine you can do with a group of people - easily a closer that would solidify you as a mental savant.

End Review (5:04 minutes) "This for me is a little about telepathy as it as much about empathy" Peter Turner.

My advice - buy the book "Practical Mental Effects" along with this DVD.

Here is my video review:
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less is more Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 4th, 2014
Good idea to pick up Annemanns work, it still works, the routines are o.k., the peeks are intresting but nothing new, Peter Turner talks too much and mixes stock reading, astrology...,many words, sorry thats too much, his earlier releases were much stronger, especially Devil in disguises,
I'm sorry to write this, I think he is a likeable and charismatic person but less is more!
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Best DVD Purchase of the Year! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 15th, 2014
I have personally been a Peter Turner fan for a VERY long time. Jinxed IMO is absolutly Brilliant! Peter has a way of always coming up with REAL world material that is an aresenal of gold. He gives you and I the tools to go out, and KILL in the real world. For me so far this by far my favorite purchase of the year. Get it while you can before they are all gone!! Trust me you won't regret it!!
10 of 12 magicians found this helpful.
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Love it! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 18th, 2014
So glad I bought this. I have a few of Pete's products that are limited and there's always something that blows my mind. This product is full of practical useable effects that comes across as the real thing.

Recommended to the serious mentalist.

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5* material, 2* price... Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 4th, 2014
First off i'd like to say that i own freeform mentalism by pete and none of the material is repeated on these dvds. there is a lot of stuff on here that is modern(even though it's annemans material)and will work in the real world. you can use many of the effects to pick up women too. i know that sounds corn buy if you ever wanted to set yourself apart from the herd this would be a great way to do so.

these dvds, i would give an easy, and well deserved 5* rating but that mountain of a price is just absurd . $90 a pop for a dvd is just insane. for that price it should be on blu-ray and be personally signed by pete...

p.s. if you're a noob at mentalism stay away. go with marc spellmanns download.
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Jinxed is amazing. Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 9th, 2014
Let me start by saying that I already own most of Pete's work and that I am a big fan of his take on mind reading. The effects on the DVD are great but I mostly enjoyed Pete and Titanas talk as I think that's when you really learn how to be a better performer and maybe a better person as well lol. Thank you to Peter and Titanas for the project and thank you Penguin for the super fast delivery to the uk.
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Amazing Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 16th, 2014
Peter Turner's material is always great but the Jinxed DVD set is at a new level. There are some amazing effects he teaches with every nuiance explained. But even his offhand comments are gold. I do not see how anyone could not watch this and not be a much better performer and mentalist. I would get this before this limited edition is no longer available.
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Even Annnemann wouldn't want to Miss this! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 9th, 2014
WOW! Peter Turner does it again! Every time I think I know what I'm doing... Peter turns around and says, "Wait, there's more." This is a brilliant DVD set. I will using many of the effects on this. I highly recommend this product. In fact, I highly recommend anything that Peter Turner puts out.

It would help to get some of his books so you understand the way he thinks. ALL the effects are tried and true!!!!
Thomas Jones
AKA Tommy Burnett
7 of 9 magicians found this helpful.
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