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Fortune Tarot by Woody Aragon (Instant Download) A stunning masterpiece with multiple phases and a brilliant theme from the master of semi-automatic card magic. START LEARNING INSTANTLY.
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Quadrare Caan Opus by Diamond Jim Tyler (DVD) Two amazing effects into one stellar stand-up showpiece.
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Miracle Magic Square by Tenyo Magic - Trick An arrangement of numbers on a square grid where all the numbers in each row, in each column and the numbers in the diagonals all add up to the same number is called a Miracle Magic Square. This is a mental magic masterpiece that uses a magic square theme. This trick can be performed very easily and
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Numberic Cards by Taiwan Ben - Trick Imagine taking your mental demonstration to a whole new level. EFFECT: Numberic Cards is the perfect mentalism effect to carry with you at all times. Show your spectator several cards, each displaying many numbers. She freely thinks of ANY number on ANY card. 100% FREE CHOICE! (No forcing and nothin
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Cubic (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Francis Menotti - Trick We absolutely love Francis Menotti. He comes up with material NOBODY else would possibly think of, and his effects are always intriguing to audiences. In Cubic, Menotti combines the best of cube magic with... the Magic Square, and the result is an UNFORGETTABLE routine that is as well suited to clos
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In Plain Sight (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Matt Johnson Have you wanted to perform The Magic Square but have been afraid to do so? Problem solved! The Magic Square - an extraordinary piece of magic and mentalism that layers the improbable over the impossible. For Britain's Got Talent sensation and long-time beard aficionado, Matt Johnson, The Magic Squar
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The Ultimate Magic Square (That's Magic version) by Chris Wasshuber - Trick A spectator is asked to throw three fair dice (this is an absolute fair throw, or even just a mental throw - no force here). From the number fairly thrown you construct a perfect magic square. For a kicker the cards are put together and a message appears written on the cards: "That's Magic!". You ge
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Epiphanies by Colin McLeod - Book For the last two years, Colin McLeod has been off the radar. He's been working hard behind the scenes on his real world performances, both for TV and stages around the world.What you'll learn in this book is the material he's been refining during that time. These are the real methods, concepts and i
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Rootsavant A6 (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Phill Smith - Trick Imagine being able to demonstrate, not only a mental ability normally reserved for the most renowned geniuses, but then being able to break down exactly how you spent every moment of complex thought, right down to the exact second. Rootsavant explodes the traditional magic square and creates a reali
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