The greatest rubber band trick ever?

Mark Southworth's Double Cross - Trick The trick that gets the single best reactions? Nick Locapo says Double Cross every time. 0 IN STOCK. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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Presence by G (Props Included) One of the strongest effects we've ever seen. Your spectator's signature vanishes and appears under their hand. 5 IN STOCK.
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Slate Killers by Bob Cassidy (Instant Download) Eerie and mystifying, spirit writing is POWERFUL STUFF. Learn how a living legend presents spirit miracles that destroy modern audiences.
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Spirit Slates Royal Spirits deliver a message to you!The magician, with the aid of these miraculous slates, can cause any brief message to appear. The slates are shown devoid of any writing at all before the trick begins. The name of a selected card, a spirit message from beyond, or anything else, then appears on one s
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Note by Matt Sconce (DVD + Gimmick) Modern ghost writing: Simple to do, and ALWAYS ready. The ULTIMATE party trick. Spooky or fun, your choice. NOW SHIPPING (ARRIVED EARLY). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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Spirit Slates Magnetic (Invisible Magnet) by Bazar de Magia - Trick These are terrific! In fact, we believe they are the finest set of magnetic locking slates you can see. The Spirit Slates have proven to be an extremely popular and versatile prop over the ages for stage performers, mentalists, and parlor prestidigitators.These Spirit Slates give you a hands-free, n
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Ashes On Arm (Instant Download) Get your FREAK on with this impossible revelation. Highly recommended.
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Phoenix Ashes (DVD and Gimmick) by David Blanco and Asier Kidam - DVD Phoenix Ashes revives and improves the "Ashes on Arm" trick with a scorching new method and presentation. The old "reveal a selected card with ashes" is a wonderful classic, yet the revelation of the card has always been handwritten.Phoenix Ashes allows you to reveal the burned card on your arm in a
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