Like a special-effect, animate a misprinted card, & then hand it out!

The Vault - Neither Blind Nor Stupid by Juan Tamariz video DOWNLOAD Neither Blind Nor Stupid is easy to do and a real fooler for magicians and laypeople alike! From an almost lost mentalism principle in Anneman, this routine is a masterful and thoughtful lesson in magical structure that takes a self-working effect and turns it into a masterpiece of showmanship! Juan
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The Vault - PLACEBO by Mark Calabrese video DOWNLOAD ONE OF THE EASIEST AND MOST FOOLING CARD TRICKS IN THE WORLD! Imagine the following. From a borrowed, shuffled deck, the spectator names ANY card. They place the deck behind their back, reverse ONE card, place it in the middle of the deck, and the reversed card is, in fact, the card they previously
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The Vault - Code of Silence by Gary Kurtz video DOWNLOAD The World's Easiest Invisible Coding System! Gary Kurtz has created the perfect invisible coding system that you can teach to a friend, the CEO of a company, your wife, etc. in just minutes. There is no complicated memory work and nothing for them to do! In fact, in the first two phases of this rout
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The Vault - No Touch Aces by Juan Tamariz video DOWNLOAD An easy-to-do, hands-off Ace Assembly where the spectator does all of the magic! Four Aces are placed on the table, and a spectator selects ONE of the Aces. Three cards are placed on each Ace, forming 4 piles - each having an Ace and three other cards. Magically, all of the Aces magically travel fro
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The Vault - In and Out by Luca Volpe video DOWNLOAD Like having an entire mind reading act in your pocket! Amaze your audience with a revised twist on a classic of mentalism! Give them a personality reading before revealing their thoughts in the most amazing way. All of this is In and Out, a small act in your pocket! Watch their stunned reactions! No
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The Vault - A.E.2.0 by Peter Eggink video DOWNLOAD Power demonstration of solid-thru-solid! Effect The magician borrows a bill from the spectator. The bill is folded in half, and a pen or pencil is placed in the fold. Instantly and visually, the pencil penetrates through the bill, but this time the pencil melts through in slow motion! This is so vis
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